My brother aquaints himself a little TOO much with black culture for an indian guy. Like yes ik ppl think you're black a lot of the time. Yes ik we're partially afro carribbean in there somewhere but NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU TO ACT LIKE THIS OH MY GOD.. you're not black.. you cant claim black culture I'm


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Story: My Precious Angels (DREAM SERIES #1)

Genre: Nonfiction

Status: Ongoing

Story Description:

Life is just a temporary

Maximus Axel Miranda

A 15 years old boy who is fall in love with a rude girl

A man who have one only dream is to have a family but one day his dream can't be true

Why can't be true?

Why he always dreaming of having a family?

Who's this rude girl?

Anonymous asked:

Do...you need anything..?

"... I don't know..." She mumbled once she reached the clearing. There was an opening in the trees forming a circle, flowers filled the area and birds could be heard singing in the distance.

She wiped her eyes quickly, not wanting anyone to know that she had been stress crying. She wasn't supposed to cry. She was supposed to be strong. But at least she wasn't angry anymore. She just looked... Tired.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have reacted so harshly. You guys probably think Pixel's right, huh? Maybe I am a monster..." She whispered the last part to herself so that it was practically inaudible to anyone else but herself.


Accepted: Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds:   (MeWe) - [ T ] [ 18+ ] [ WW ]

Sloppy Seconds: Manor of Death is a literate, smut, master/slave, and alternative universe roleplay. It is MeWe based and is located in the Bermuda Triangle. Manor of Death is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. Aren’t you tempted to join such an alluring place? Fall into the temptation.