The dark settles in faster these days,

bringing along a blanket of snow.

Have you ever stared at the very first snowflake and wondered how everything began?

Maybe you long for summer days,

a warm yet cool breeze

caressing your face.

And the sun, blindingly beautiful,

shining 'til the very last hour.

But the winter is when I feel at ease,

wrapped up in dreams of sweet memories

of me and you,

stories that we made and lived and cherished,

promising ourselves that we would never forget them.

And now here we are,

yet another winter night,

I stare at the blanket of snow

that covers my view,

a beauty so unlike

which you deem to be true.

So I sigh and hope

that one winter morning,

perhaps we wake up

in the the chilling cold,

but you shall feel warm;

the warmth of your

preferred summer hold.

@silveringrose here's to hoping that you have a wonderful experience this holiday season and that you find everything you are looking for. Love, your secret santa :)