Anonymous asked:

It's Thanksgiving in the USA today. You're getting this because someone is thankful for your blog and/or presence. Feel free to forward it on. No obligations. Have a good day and, in Thanksgiving tradition, do eat something tasty. :)

;A; thank you so much anon? i really appreciate that!! I hope you eat something tasty too.

I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to take this opportunity to link a thanksgiving song I’ve been listening to:

it’s called “Burn Your Village to the Ground” by A Tribe Called Red. They released this for thanksgiving five years ago, I believe? I wasn’t really sure whether it was appropriate or not to post it since I don’t feel that I’m informed enough about native issues to speak on them, but ATCR are a first nations band I enjoy, so I figure at the very least maybe this can introduce someone to them on this rather uhhh fraught?? 😰 day. I was born/primarily live on haudenosaunee land, so it seems fitting.

anyways! the song is good, I like it a lot.

thank you anon! I hope you have a good day. :D