Typical Physical Traits Of Each Kingdom

Another one of those posts of info I’ve had for a while, but never got around to sharing here. These are just a list of the typical physical traits the kingdoms each have, or simply what most of the citizens would look somewhat like. Obviously, these are not all of them and features vary just like in real life, but this is just a rough guide for y’all to follow.

. Fire Kingdom: warm skin tones(ranging from light-dark, though the average is a nice even tan color), dark or bright hair in warm colors and shades, slanted and imposing/striking eyes, well-built

. Air Kingdom: light-colored/pale hair, tan-darker skin tones, slim/slender and generally pretty tall with lanky body types, slanted/narrow eyes, markings that are either wispy/feathery or tear/water drop shaped(though this is a rare feature among citizens)

Water Kingdom: varying hair colors(usually in cool colors/shades), skin usually pale/fair though tone depends on location(those in the lower-class/poorer areas tend to have way darker skin than those from the higher-class/near-surface areas), varying body types though most are on the average side, narrow/almond-shaped eyes, slight pointed teeth

Earth Kingdom: warm and earthy tones for both hair and skin, thick and full hair/eyebrows, round/square-ish shaped eyes, full figures, earth-related markings, tattoos to symbolize one coming of age(these hold a special/cultural value within the kingdom)

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May I ask a bit about magic, if it`s ok with you? So... 1. What are the limits of each type of magic? 2. What are the main pros and cons of each type? Maybe something like: 1)pathos (I call it mind magic, lol) affects your own emotions too, so it can become a mirror of some sort? 2) with illusion it`s a bit difficult to distinguish what is real? 3) elemental makes you a bit "wild" or more attuned to animals than humans (or mortalis in our case)? Side one: what type of magic do you like the most?

Of course! 🥰 And you’ve got a couple of the pros/cons, more clarification below 😄

This got a little (read: very) long so under a cut. ❤️ (And alpha-lore disclaimer haha, but most of this stuff should stay the same in the long term!)

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You ever just- not want to write the story and spend a few hours creating a list of the creatures and flora that inhabit the world instead?

Haha, well I’m a bit more excited to write the story right now (working on a split scene in Chap 3 👀)  But I do have a list of some of the creatures and flora that you may happen across as the game continues, especially those related to each Clan!

If you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer C: (dependent on spoilers, granted 👀)

Thank you for the ask! ❤️

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I have two WRU questions that you may or may not have answere already! I'll put them separately cause idk if you want to answer the second. 1. What does a "maintenance" designation entail?

Also:  My second WRU question, TW CURRENT EVENTS 2. How would WRU deal with a pandemic situation like the current one?

I have answered them, but it’s been a while and they may have gotten lost in the tag at this point, haha

1. Maintenance workers don’t leave. They exist at WRU and they are not resold, because they are trainees who are never quite up for resale for a variety of reasons. They have their own set of rooms, deep in the lowest levels of the Facility, where they have one big bedroom with bunk beds where they all sleep, their own large group shower area, and a ‘living’ room with couches, some games, and a TV that plays only preapproved pro-pet programming on a loop. They are encouraged to befriend or bond with each other because their health outcomes and life expectancies are better that way.

They eat the food the handlers eat, brought from the cafeteria, so they actually eat better than regular trainees.

They are sent through WRU during their ‘shift’ to clean up messes - blood and worse. They also go through each training room after training sessions to clean and resettle for the next trainee to be brought in, so they are in constant motion while they work. Any attempt to speak to current trainees is harshly punished. 

Maintenance never sees sunlight. They will never leave the lower levels. They all wear shock collars that will go off if they attempt to get on the elevator or go outside. 

They didn’t break - or didn’t break correctly, at least - and so they will never, ever be given the chance to show that WRU’s process might not work 100% of the time.

2. Basically, what I said is that WRU goes into near-total lockdown for a while, with a skeleton crew of handlers staying on 24/7 to keep training without exposure, while aboveground WRU transitions to work-from-home. Deliveries are delayed but not canceled. And by now, they would be up and running again with extra protocols for security and safety, and maintenance working even harder to disinfect. 


How about mel for the worldbuilding ask!



  • Full Name: Melanie Ironwood
  • Gender: Trans Female
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Pronouns: She/Her


  • Family: Prof. Ironwood (Grandfather) is her only living parent
  • Birthplace: Lumina Town, Irithyll
  • Job: Owner of the "Mountain Oasis"
  • Phobias: The death of someone she loves
  • Guilty Pleasures: Pastries are her passion


  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Sins: Gluttony and pride
  • Virtues: Kindness and justice


  • Introverted
  • Organized
  • Open Minded
  • Anxious
  • Agreeable
  • Reckless
  • Patient
  • Reserved
  • Leader
  • Empathetic
  • Pessimistic
  • Traditional
  • Hard-working


  • Otp: Frostine from @greyciees
  • Ot3: that one's hard... still Frostine, but also Glacia? Ice cold threesome, let's go!
  • Brotp: Marie
  • Notp: Diantha. She DESPISES the fact that she has both an Aurorus and a Tyrantrum on her team.
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What do you think about the idea of pets being specifically trained for and used in high-risk professions, like retrieving people from burning houses, or in a search and rescue kind of deal with avalanches or after earthquakes, or even being used by the military for dangerous operations? I mean they’re pets, so they’re kind of disposable compared to the people that would normally do those jobs, but I imagine a lot of tense situations and angst with their owners/handlers who may struggle with the relationship of a person and a pet working closely together and saving the other’s life, but still being expected to treat the pet like a pet. And ofc a lot of good whump bc dangerous situations. Thoughts?

Yeah, that’s something I’ve thought about before. I don’t see much as far as search and rescue, because part of the reason we use dogs/animals for that if their greater sense of hearing and smell as compared to ours, so they’re more likely to be able to hear someone still moving under snow, or catch their scent on a trail if they’re lost. 

But I could see more like clean-up/recovery teams after natural disasters. In the world I write in, human pets exist but are explicitly a luxury for the very wealthy in a world with a wide, WIDE disparity between the rich and literallyeveryoneelse. Pets are rare enough compared to the overall population  that most ‘everyday’ people have only seen a celebrity with one or maybe have never really seen them at all. Politicians who have them don’t have them openly because overall public opinion is very against them, but also sort of resigned to their existence. There’s a lot of political finger-pointing on whos job it is to fix it or if it even needs fixed.

But I imagine a military contractor or two probably has some ‘mercs’ that aren’t really employees at all.


Planning My Novel: Connecting Souls

Guys, I don't know how interesting my story sounds, nor do I know whether or not the plot works anymore to communicate the theme in the best way.

This is my one-sentence summary:

Kelly stumbles into a world after having to run away from a group that are suspects to her family's disappearance.

This is me describing my story:

Kelly stumbles into a new world after having to run away from a group that are suspects to her family's disappearance. She is given a creepy guardian in the beginning who is meant to help her, but appears sparingly and is a mute, so she is saved by a man named Peyton who tells only one man can help her, and sends his son with her to help guide her to him. Along the way, she meets Princess Iza and her bodyguard Casimir when her family's disappearance aligns with the problems in their world. Kelly struggles with saving her family, or her newfound friends, as she adjusts to the tipsy-topsy world of Fidetone. She learns that her guardian is friends with the ruler and wants to get through to him, because the ruler is responsible for not only her family’s disappearance, but all of the missing inhabitants of the world.

Does this sound interesting to anyone? This story is centered around Kelly trying to spread her wings a little and trust in others outside her family. It’s also about relationships.



The school exists both as a physical place in the rest of the marvel universe as well as a pocket dimension that Rosie created for it that is only visible to those who reside at the school. Visitors, and hostiles, will only ever see the 20 acres that originally existed before Rosie took up residence proper back in the 90s.

It’s believed that the creation of this pocket dimension also ended up branding the school as an interdimensional crossroads and also makes it semi-malleable. Those who have taken permanent residence at the school are able to create their own spaces within this pocket dimension including building complexes, further ecosystems, points of interest, landmarks, and even cryptids.


The Lopius family has 3 different mansions to catter their massive family

Land: Majority landweller

Seaside: Majority regular seadweller

Deep sea: Deep seadwellers only + Lusus caretakers and the biggest mansion

Each mansion has nannies to take care of grubs that someone in the family adopts

Side note:

My headcanon for Deep seadweller is more or less that they're built to withstand the preassure of the deep sea and more likely to be mutant of any bloodcaste with rare cases of them ends up being mermaid/waterbound

Rulana is helping the family because she's the only troll in the Cavern that takes care of the mutant grubs

Anonymous asked:

How rare are hybrids in your Wing AU? Like, 1 in 5 million Avians? 10 million?

So there’s 7 billion avians alive in the Wing AU, just like real life. Only around maybe 10,000 of those are hybrids. So it’s like a 1/8192 chance. Their percentage in the population is literally 0.01220703125%.

However, the chance goes up to half of that if both the parents are false hybrids (purebreds that look like hybrids) or a rare purebred species (example: phoenix!Aragon and Arthur, who had two drastically different wing colors, had a 50/50 chance of having a hybrid if they were to have a kid).


8, 10, 15 for Ursulina + Felix


8. Felix calls Ursulina "sweetheart" and she calls him "honey". I think it just developed over time as their relationship grew.

10. Ursulina.

15. They both wake up around the same time, though during really bad times(the Dread War, D'leah being a Miraluka popsicle for Arcann), Ursulina would wake up first and just not sleep well in general.


Thinkin about how succubus/incubuses can shift between gender at will and most tieflings are descendants from succubus/incubuses...

Why not give tieflings the ability to shift between gender at will? It’s a hallmark ability for the demon that created their race so why not give it to them?

Tieflings are already a huge presence in the queer community for obvious reasons so why not make them even more inherantly queer?


Transphobs and terfs will be blocked :)


[[ Sometimes for warm-up you just gotta draw a....well y'know.

A lipless cannibal.

A troll designed by @kanlaughingalonewithawatermelon made using the troll designs I've been working on over the years. He's actually not a bad guy, despite the.....the everything. If anything he's obnoxious and nosey but that's the worst it gets.

I mean, there's also the hunger. Don't worry about it, he only ate a guy once, he learned his lesson. He's got it under control. ]]


The Dark abandoned circus! A true mystery in this world.. An entire circus and fair ground suddenly appears one day in a thick fog and carnies inside come out to play~!

  • The fair ground is a large circle with the large circus tent in the center and the old rides, shops, and games surrounding it all all sides but the entrance.
  • The area is surrounded by a large metal fence that Ringmaster Foxy unlocks when they appear in the new location and locks back up when they disappear again.
  • The main paths to each area are made of stones to the tent while all the other paths are just plain dirt paths.
  • The circus tent is the tallest structure in the area. (due to the Ferris wheel collapsing years ago.)
  • The circus tent has dirty white and red stripes.
  • A old circus train sits partially under the tent and the train cars act like the carnies personal rooms/dressing rooms.
  • The carnies that live in this circus are, Ringmaster foxy, Magician mangle, Ballora, Clown springtrap/Rekker, BB, and JJ.