littlebirdinthevaleofarryn said: I still don’t get why (Rebecca) left at the end 😕 I didn’t see a reason to and she knew it would devastate Molly all over again.

I guess when you spend thousands of years running it’s a hard habit to break, particularly when you and your family’s lives are in constant danger. Don’t really know what her parents have holding over her head, either.

Plus, do you remember early in the episode when Rebecca says, “Molly” and Molly looks back at Rebecca all confused and says, “Rebecca?” with a little head shake? I think that’s when Rebecca felt like her fears were validated, a fear that Molly would never understand if she did tell her and would be weirded out by it all. And so maybe in the end she decided she wanted Molly to remember her as normal, what she always wanted to be, instead of seeing her as a “freak” like she thought of herself.