Six out of thirteen South American countries are currently controlled by the right wing. Let that sink in. Six out of thirteen. Fascists are having the time of their lives, and what’s happening in Brazil comes to validate their hate speech, homophobia, racism and misogyny. Six out of thirteen South American presidents think violence is the answer to all the problems we have over here. Violence in the form of dictatorships.

In case you didn’t know: we have a history with military dictatorships over here, and ALL of us are still living under their repercussions. People were kidnapped, tortured and killed just for opposing these regimes, and their families still don’t have the chance to give them a proper burial. And entire countries are being ruled with constitutions made under these periods.

It’s fucking scary, because this whole thing is coming back. But this is why it’s important to get involved and actually do something if we’re against what’s happening right now. Get informed. Find out ways you can help in your communities. And RESIST. I know it feels horrible, but you are not alone. The rest of the continent is with you. And we won’t let them win.

And sip the sunlight from your eyes. Oh sing me awake with all the things well do today.

Another one for this series, this time inspired from “Not Yet” by The Amazing Devil. I really like how the bottle turned out~ Madeleine and @joeybateyofficial are just seeping into my art brain non-stop.

6"x6" Gouache and Micron Pen. May 2020.

Not yet time for Wizard April but I wanted to share this long overdue commission! Sorry for being so M.I.A. lately! You guys have no idea what’s to come in the next few months 🤩

This month became more of a Magictember (maybe this can also be a thing!) instead of the intended Classictember, but it’s been fun seeing your artworks over at Insta!

So bye bye September and happy October! 🎃


So I just called ALL my Rep's in my area because the whole thing for #NetNeutrality is just around the corner. Around April 20th (about) I believe the bill that'll guzzles the money out of peoples pockets into those greedy corps will go into affect. So you know, kinda important we protect ourselves and keep Net Neutrality? So we don't have to pay extra free to get 'faster' lanes and whatnot? Yeah, I wanna make sure everyone calls. Protect Net Neutrality from those corporate snakes please and yes. ^^

Here's a link if you need to find your Rep's. Just tell em you support Net Neutrality. Also if ya wanna donate to help the cause or anything, here's a link for that too.… Have a wonderful day~<3

Anonymous asked:

How does it feel to know you’re literally God in the Avatar fanfiction community?

D'awww, you flatterer. When the ascension begins, your faith shall be rewarded, your death swift.

(No but really, this is not what I anticipated when I put up Chapter One of Little Zuko a little over a year ago and got my First Three Comments™. Y'all are AMAZING, I love this fandom so much, what even is this you crazy wonderful people you. <3)