ya'know, maybe the reason rural, small-town people don't trust national media is because national news outlets pretty much ignore 85% of the country.

nebraska is literally flooded, at least one person has died and three are missing, 60 thousand have evacuated... and the first cnn article about this went up like ten minutes ago and only mentioned flooding around omaha.

like. i'm from omaha and i'm frustrated by the lack of attention the rest of our state is getting. someone died, and you're not going to mention that? how was this not a story worth reporting this morning? are nebraskan farmers and small-town citizens not just as important as the californians displaced by wildfires, or southern/east coast people affected by hurricanes?

when we complain about nebraska being ignored, we're not really talking about not having shows set in nebraska, as much as we might want that. we're talking about this — thousands of people losing their homes, their livelihood, and yet no one seems to think it's worth mentioning.

when hurricanes devastated the south last year, nebraskans donated what we could to help those affected. we sent trucks filled with donated items and coordinated with shelters and organizations to make sure we actually sent things that were needed. i'm just saying, it would be nice to see some of that support in turn. even if it's just bringing attention to this.

edit: hey this isn't a conservative, alt-right, "fake media" post. it's about rural states and how both sides of the political spectrum ignore us. conservatives are guilty of this too — y'all pretend to care but don't do shit to help us. fuck off.

also, don't reblog this if you're racist, antisemitic, islamaphobic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc. this isn't for you.