Happy Valentine's Day! This is me silently hearing your responses in the comments.. ;)

After my crazy fun Galentine’s Day (night) celebration yesterday that went into the wee hours of the morning, I took tonight easy and went out to drop off some stuff at the library, picked up a couple of cheap tops at Clothes Mentor and got a gluten/dairy free pizza on the way home. I am now fighting to stay awake to watch the end of the USA Women’s Hockey match :) It is such a fierce rivalry with Canada, with amazing players on both sides!


I was one of the first people to finish a new knitting pattern on Ravelry, and the pattern author asked to feature my photo on the pattern page! I am over the moooooon.

This dork decided to beat her shyness and join @timebird84's masquerade challenge! So here's my story: I came across this book last year while I was actually searching for another. I wasn't even a Phantom fan back then, but I had always wanted to read the book, although it wasn't a priority. Still, I loved this cover so much that I just had to buy it. 😄

PS: I apologize for the mess on the background. 😂

There are three types of people in the su fandom on Tumblr

1. Those who spend hours researching and analyzing the show to construct complex theories and share headcanons

2. Those who spend hours making super amazing fan art of all the beloved characters

3. Those who suck at critical thinking and at drawing so they just reblog content from #1 & #2

(Thats me, I’m number three lol)

Anonymous asked:

Does your license plate really say Sirius Black???

LOL  Yes, my actual state-issued license plate really does say SRS BLCK.  I also have a Hogwarts Alumni sticker on the back of my minivan.  I know, cool car, right?  lol

Funny story.  I’ve always expected to hear a remark about my plate, but never had until the other day.  I was at Wal-Mart and going back to my car and there were these two girls, early 20′s I’d say, looking at the back of my car as they went to theirs and I didn’t really think much of it until I was loading my things in the car and they pulled out in theirs and the one girl calls out, “Hey, where’s Sirius?”

The other girl smacks her in the arm and loudly says, “He’s probably off somewhere with Remus, dumbass!”

I was so shocked that I just stood there and they were already gone when I yelled back “YES!” LOL

I am such a dork and there are Wolfstar shippers near me!  YES!!!  

On my way home from work, “Australia” by the Jonas Brothers came on shuffle and all I could think about was Calum lmaooooo. I just switched the pronouns and sang, “I’ll wait for him to come, he won’t break my heart ‘cause I know he’ll be from Australia. He’s so beautiful, he’s my dream boy.” So yeah, I love Calum but y’all already knew that.