morrigan flirting with a woman: genuine, yes you are very beautiful, you deserve good things & i’m happy to tell you them if i so desire.

morrigan flirting with a man: have you ever danced with the devil in the bare moonlight? ( do you wish for death & dismemberment in your future. this is your first & last warning )


I love the lady who runs a local Japanese restaurant.

We didn't order this. She just sent it to us.

She knows us, she knows my order the moment she seems me, and she knows it's us when we order cuz I have a custom order. I'm pretty sure this is a Thanksgiving gift.


princess diana with tourist jim mcginnis in hyde park near kensington palace, march 1997.

jim was on holiday in london and got lost while walking through hyde park one morning. “this woman was walking toward me and when i stopped, i asked her for directions and was startled when i realised it was princess diana. she gave me the directions and walked with me through the park towards harrods department store. we talked, she asked me what i did for a living, then i asked her if i could take a photo of us. another woman was walking by and princess diana asked her to take a photo of us. she asked me to send a copy of the photo to her. jokingly, she said ‘i think you know where i live’. i sent it to her and she returned it with an autograph. this happened about six months before she was killed in a car crash.”