Forgotten | Min Yoongi x Reader (Part 1)

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Its angst. did u rly expect anything else from me?

Summary:  “I don’t care about the clothes, Yoongi! I just wanted to see you! We did not have to set up these reservations for a fancy restaurant, I told you that! This was your idea! Why aren’t you listening to what I’m saying?” You spoke boldly into the phone. You knew Yoongi was stubborn and not one to let up easily, so you anticipated his response. “Because you’re not fucking saying anything worth listening too.” And with that, the phone clicked, and he hung up.

A/N: Hi I’m back after what seems like forever. Did you guys miss me? kadljflsjflks. Also, I really tried focusing on the readers perspective in this part, the next part will focus more on Yoongi’s. I’m hoping you guys like this bc I havent written in a while and I might be a little rusty. Okay. THATS ALL. ENJOY. FEEDBACK PLS

main six and nicknames

warnings: none


Asra likes calling you by your name the most, they just find it more intimate as well as they love your name
If they want something though, they’ll call you things like darling, sweetheart, etc
Especially if Asra wants a few extra minutes in bed with you
Asra will get all giddy if you call them a romantic nickname, they’ll try to hide it though
You call Asra things like honey, my love, or my magician


Very domesticated nicknames
Julian also knows plenty of languages (7 to be exact) and will call you plenty of pet names from those languages
Specifically his native language, along with other things such as my wife/husband/partner or the light of my life
Julian blushes every time you call him a pet name, it doesn’t matter what it is
Whenever you call him Iyla, he melts
He loves when you call him my sunshine, my captain, or if you respond back with ‘yes my husband?’


Calls you plenty of pet names
She’ll call you things such as my dearest Y/n, my beloved magician, mine
She usually only calls you by a pet name in private though
You’ll call her things like my countess, beautiful, or something simple like babe
A small blush always creeps up on her cheeks


Will usually call you a shortened version of your name
Likes the classics like baby or buttercup
If she’s joking around, she’ll call you her partner in crime
You call her pet names associated with sweets
Shortcakes, honeybunch, sweetie
If you lean on her head while calling her shortcakes, she will not be amused


Very simple when it comes to nicknames, he’s not too over the top with it but you know he tries and loves you
He sticks to things like sweetheart, pumpkin, or my (your favourite flower)
Muriel turns bright red if you call him any nicknames
The more domesticated, the redder he gets
You call Muriel things like love, my lover, gentle giant


Does he ever really call you by your name?
Lucio calls you things like my dove, my pet or pet, my diamond/jewel, angel, baby, or bunny
His favourites are my dove, pet, or bunny
He calls you these the most, especially if he’s whining about something (usually you not giving him attention)
It boosts his ego way too much when you call him handsome or anything complimenting his looks for that matter
You also call him blondie or my knight in shining armor
Once you called him a goat and your life flashed before your eyes


Y/N and Bucky despise each other. But what will sleep, showers and mission do to resolve that?

It was roughly 1am at the Avengers compound, Steve and Sam had been on a mission all day. Steve and I were close. Brother, sister type bond, and he had messaged me whilst flying home on the Quinjet. He mentioned something about meeting an old pal...I of course agreed to greet them as they arrived. 

Hearing the elevator ding, I stood up, cracking my neck, and made my way over. First out stepped Steve, pulling me into an embrace; next Sam, patting my shoulder and finally

"Y/N meet Bucky, Bucky meet Y/N" Steve smiled.

"Nice to meet you" I replied, sticking my hand out to shake his. He started at me and then my hand, dumbfounded. I slowly pulled my hand away and turned to Steve.

"Well I'll let you guys get some sleep...see you in the morning" I waved off, embarrassed. 

...And that was how I met Bucky Barnes.

From then on, me and Bucky never got on, whether it was fighting over milk, or fighting over who caused the mission to go south. We could never get on.  In fact, the rest of the Avengers tried to keep us as separated as they could, knowing we would kill each other if we could. What didn't help however was the fact that our rooms were opposite each other.

I don't know why he hated me, it seemed he just had this fury towards me. Like my existence ruined his life. 


Saturday nights are usually the teams chill nights. No one has any missions or jobs. So, the group often put a film on together and relax, not thinking of anything but being together. Tonight was Steve choice of film, so as always, we all made our way to the living room. However, my night got ruined when the only seat available was, of course, next to Bucky. Sighing, I decided to just sit, not wanting to ruin the night for the others. I saw him roll his eyes but again, I didn't make a fuss over it, knowing he hates me anyway.

Half way through the film (which was boring, not going to lie) I felt a wave of tiredness wash over me. Keeping my eyes open felt like a chore so slowly but surely I fell asleep. Without knowing, my head was now resting on Bucky's shoulder. The whole team now looking at him smirking, and for some unbeknownst reason...he wrapped his arm around me. 

The next morning, I woke up in my bed, confused as to how but I guessed either Steve or Tony has carried me back. Heading towards my bathroom, I tried to turn my shower on but to my luck it was broken. 

"Jarvis, where's Tony?" I asked.

"He's in the lab Miss" he replied. 

I made my way to the lab and tried to convince Tony to fix my shower.

"Y/N, honey I cant right now, use Barnes, he's never in his room" he sighs.

"but-but Tony i-"

"sorry kid...later" he walks off.

Grumbling to myself, I push Bucky's door open and unsurprisingly, it was empty. His room surprised me though, it was dark and cold yet felt like it could be so comforting if it had love given to it. Turning on his shower, the hot water hitting my back, I finally relaxed and tried to not think about anything else. 

Minutes go past and I heard the door click. Fuck. I heard a sigh and then the bathroom door open. 

"I know it's you Y/N, Tony told me" He said monotone.

"I-um- I wont be long I-" and that' when I felt a gush of wind and the shower curtain open. Bucky stood there, everything on display.

I squeaked and turned around facing the shower trying to cover myself. 

"What? I need a shower and you're in MY shower" He replied nonchalantly. 

My heart was beating so fast. I felt his rough hands on my shoulder, massaging them.

"No wonder you're moody all the time, the tension in your shoulders...Christ" He said. 

Leaning into his touch, he continued to massage both my neck and shoulders. The shower together continued, both of us washed each others hair for the first time since we met, we both smiled.

================================================================================It had been a week since the shower incident and me and Bucky hadn't exchanged much words. We exchanged glances and hasn't fought but speaking was still a no-go. That was until the mission. 

We'd been paired up together on a mission, and the mission wasn't go right. I ended up on the floor with a bullet through my leg. Bucky had taken out the guy that did it and ran towards me. 

"shhh, you're okay. Show me where it hurts" He had concern in both his face and voice. Pointing to my leg, he nodded and picked me up bridal style, taking me back to the Quinjet. 

Once back at the compound. He took me to Banner to heal me up. 

That was when I realised he didn't hate me as much as I thought. 

That night, back in my bed, I couldn't stop the demons. The nightmare of the mission kept replaying in my dream. Waking up in a cold sweat, I needed a cuddle. I didn't want to wake anyone else up as they all were exhausted. The only people who left the mission early was me and Bucky. 

I raised my fist and knocked on his door. A sleepy Barnes appeared rubbing his eyes.

"Y/N? What's wrong?" He asked in his rough voice.

"I keep having nightmares and normally I go to Steve and we cuddle but i don't wanna go to him because he's exhausted but so is everyone else and I know you don't like me but i was wondering if I coul-" I ramble and instantly I'm flung over his shoulder. 

He plops me back down onto the bed and pulls the sheet over us, he right arm going under my head, his metal arm going over my waist drawing me into his chest spooning me.

"This ok?" he whispers in my ear.

"Perfect...thank you" I respond.

"for the record, I don't hate you. In fact, I never did. I don't know why I've been such a dick to you. But I'm so sorry. Truly" he kisses my forehead. 

"I never hated you too, I just always thought you did. i actually like you. You're caring to those you love, you're smart and you're incredibly handsome" I giggled.

"OH really?" He smirks, poking my side making me squirm and laugh more,

Eventually we both fall asleep in each others arms, no nightmares, just peace. 

And this was the beginning of an incredible relationship with James Buchanan Barnes.

angstpril day 20

prompt: The Silent Treatment

"Ahsoka," says a voice behind her. "I was hoping to speak to you for a second."

 Ahsoka jumps and twists around and for half a second is utterly certain she's seeing a ghost before—

She remembers.

Obi-wan hadn't been dead after all.

"What is it, Master Kenobi?" she says, trying not to betray her moment of panic. Obi-wan looks—well, as well as he can be. His beard and hair are still growing back in stubbly bursts, so his appearance is rather bizarre to say the least, but other than that he seems to have returned from his. . . mission completely unscathed.

"Ah," Master Kenobi says, and at least his voice hasn't changed much. "I was hoping for your perspective. I—it's about Anakin."

Ahsoka blinks. Once. Twice. "What about him?"

Obi-wan sighs. "He's, well—he's giving me the silent treatment. He hasn't said a single word to me since I returned. Quite a feat, considering we had to deliver the mission report together." He turns back to Ahsoka. "Forgive me if I'm overstepping here, Padawan. I was just . . . hoping for some insight."

He'd been expecting Anakin to be angry, she realizes. To shout and glare and make his opinions known. The silence is—throwing him for a loop.

Suddenly Ahsoka wants to laugh at him. She knows his mission must have been filled to the brim with action and exhaustion, but it's like he's forgotten that to them he was dead.

He has no idea what it had been like. How his corpse freshly fallen from the rooftops had haunted—still haunts—her dreams, how Anakin just suddenly went—mute, afterwards. As if his ability to speak had just disappeared. How she'd been so certain she'd lost both her Grandmaster and her Master that day, because Anakin was little more than a hollow shell, only getting out of bed and eating mechanically because Ahsoka needed him to.

How they both blamed themselves for Obi-wan's—death. Anakin because he hadn't sensed the shot, Ahsoka because she hadn't stopped his fall.

She knows Anakin still isn't talking. Master Che had told her it was a response to the grief, when it had first begun, and now because of the warring clash between the grief and guilt that still cling incessantly and the knowledge that it was a trick all along.

But she hadn't realized Obi-wan would take personal offense.

(Maybe that's unfair. But she'd had another dream, last night, where Obi-wan had fallen off the rooftop only for her to find Anakin's corpse laying beside him.

She knows she hadn't needed to witness Obi-wan's death for the mission to be successful. They could have just as easily kept her out of the way. But now his dead body is burned into her eyelids and she sees it every time she blinks.

She's . . . angry. It's unbecoming of a Jedi, but she is.)

"Giving you the silent treatment?" she finally says incredulously. "Master Kenobi, he hasn't spoken at all, to anyone," Not even me, though I think I might be the only reason he's still—still breathing— "since you—died."

There's a silence. Obi-wan opens his mouth once or twice before thinking the better of it and letting the silence stretch. 

Finally he says, "My apologies, Ahsoka. It seems I mistakenly assumed—"

"Yeah," Ahsoka cuts him off in frustration. "You did."

"My apologies," he says again, and turns to leave. Ahsoka watches as he disappears around the corner.

She loves her Grandmaster deeply, of course, Hardeen mission or no. And Anakin is just the same, she knows.

But this aching hurt will be both of their companion for a long, long time.

Sirius Loves Muscled Remus

When Remus returns to Hogwarts absolutely ripped, Sirius nearly trips over himself gawking, and can’t help but fall deeper in love with his best friend. Requested by an anon!

Fifth year Remus came back to Hogwarts a whole head taller, which was enough to shift Sirius’ body into maximum overdrive, his ribcage nearly shattering as his heart lurched towards his best friend. It was such a cruel joke, he thought, that of all the people in the world, it was Remus that he fell in love with.

But the jokes kept coming when the boys were getting ready for bed their first night back and Remus pulled off his shirt.

“Woah! You’re ripped, Moony!” James cheered, bolting upright from his bed.

Sirius turned around so quickly he nearly gave himself whiplash, his eyes blowing wide as he saw this new version of Remus in front of him, a statue belonging to the Greek gods.

So it’s marvel Monday...

What’re you’re thoughts on Bucky’s and Sam’s kinks?

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18+ | ᴋɪɴᴋs; sᴀᴍ ᴡɪʟsᴏɴ & ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs

pairing: (sam wilson x fem!reader) (bucky barnes x fem!reader)
summaries: what sam wilson’s kinks consist of | what bucky’s kinks consist of
request a fic: here

Sweet As Honey 18

Hello everyone! Here she is! Thank you all so much for being so patient with me and this chapter. I hope it lives up to the hype and the wait lol. I'd also like to say that I will still be writing and finishing this series as well as my other in progress ones. However, I'm currently feeling like I'm not that interested in Harry right now and I feel like it's mostly all the drama and everything going on with him right now so updates will be slow. Also I've changed my theme to a Marvel x One Direction theme because I've decided to take one of my Bucky Barnes plot and actually publish it. I'll still post Harry because of course I love him but he won't be the main focus of this blog anymore.

Thanks for waiting and reading. Hope you enjoy the chapter! X

Harry's good under pressure. At least looking from the outside in, he is. It's a skills he's picked up from boxing. Always pretend you know what's going on. No surprises, no shocks. If he's in a fight and his opponent is stronger or faster than he originally thought, he doesn't show it. Acting like it was expected, like he planned it rattles others and helps him maintain his grace.

He keeps that same approach when it comes to interviews.

Dulcet || jjk

↔Genre: romance; fluff; light angst; husband!dad!jungkook x mom!reader; domestic fluff; married au.

↔Warnings: themes of fear; mentions of pain; labor; injuries; pregnancy symptoms.

Being pregnant was difficult- but with the endless amount of love your doe- eyed partner offered in abundance, it was much more difficult to find even a hint disdain for your position.

The ever present insecurities and feeling you held the same appearance as a washed up whale with your protruding stomach and the constant mood swings was almost enough to conceal yourself

Not to mention your swollen feet buried beneath the aches of your back caused by supporting the added weight of your not-so-little one.

But even in the midst of surging hormones and the unwelcomed return of acne spreading over certain areas of your skin. Jungkook gazed at you with such a delicate love, it was as if he were admiring the stars twinkling above each night.

He unknowingly was the only reason you ever felt beautiful in his stolen shirt and tousled hair.

Though at first he looked to his elders the most in search of the best response to your love in the very beginnings of your relationship.

Jungkook adapted to the role as your lover perfectly, the love he showered you within multiplied almost effortlessly as he took to it as easily as the breath that filled his lungs.

And once you confessed you had fallen pregnant- he simply grew even more fond of you- if that was even possible. He didn't dare allow you to stray from his sight. Every chore or task no matter how small was never yours as he took care of everything- much to your dismay.

But he easily made up for the pout he left you in each time he softly pecked your cheek before doing the laundry or cleaning the dishes by being unable to bring his hands away from your bump or limiting his kisses.

Even with the few troubles all love guaranteed, your bond was nothing less than a dream most merely fantasized of.

So when your love decided to finish unpacking the final box into the nursery on one of his very limited breaks from his thriving career; you stubbornly ignored his loving whispers that claimed you were doing more than enough by simply caring for his baby- to help as a display of your appreciation for him.

The small, dainty box stood before you, almost as if to mock your round tummy that made it so difficult to move as you waddled towards it.

Your aching muscles protested the forbidden movement as you breathlessly tutted at the fluttering child within you and lifted the rather heavy contents with a dry chuckle.

"You don't want this to be easy for you and me. Do you?"

You teased softly as you placed your foot warily before you. Only for your heart to skip a beat once a hot pain prodded at your lower back in protest of the added strain. With a light whimper, you breathlessly called for your lover. "Kookie?"

With the mere breath falling from your lips, you summoned the striking depths of your poor beloved to your own- to find them inked with fear for his wife and child's safety.

He wasted nary a second to follow his heart's pull to your trembling form and gently cover you in his arms as he snatched away the box from your grasp.

"Be careful, love! You're supposed to be resting." He reprimanded you ever so softly without a hint of anger lacing his tone.

His body instinctively wrapped around your own as if to protect you against your own forgetfulness or clumsiness.

His slender fingers delicately interlaced with your own as he nudged you to softly rest upon the nusery's rocking chair. His body protectively remaining against yours.

"Your due date is only this week- you could've hurt yourself or the baby."

His dulcet voice reached your ears to scold you. His lithe form settled just between your legs to peer dark chocolate eyes over your round bump as his arms snugly fit around your waist.

Even with a smear of cerulean paint tainting his perfectly sculpted features, it was almost devastating how he appeared so similar to a prince in shining armor who's only mission was to rescue you from possibly inducing your steadily looming labor that crept closer with every minute. A small sting of regret nipped at your heart.

Your fingers brushed away a rebellious strand of his ebony hair that dared to obstruct your view of his shining eyes before he tenderly pressed his lips to your belly.

"I'm sorry, Koo." You gulped down the lump in your throat and your eyes fell from his- heavy with the guilt of striking fear in his heart that only beat for his little family.

His expression fell with a quiscent sigh. His hand enveloped your own as he reached over your protruding stomach to kiss you gently.

The fleeting taste of his delectable kiss elicited a small whine from the back of your throat which made him laugh.

"Please just be careful, baby. I'm not mad at you." He lovingly reassured you before his focus returned to the cause of this delightful trouble.

"Little one, I don't think we can wait much longer to hold you- even your mommy is getting as impatient as I am."

He displayed his bunny grin once your hand tightened around his own before you both giggled together in the intimate space that wrapped around you both.

With your loving husband showering you both in all of the love he could ever offer, you were confident even waiting to meet your baby could be endured.

Anonymous asked:


I was wondering if you could write a smut with period sex with marauders? If you are not comfortable with that I totally understand and I’m sorry to make you feel bad :/

Marauders x fem!reader

Warning : Period sex, fingering, daddy usage, petnames

Word count : 1435

I hope you like it love *mwah*