Belladonna: I want to wake up with you every day for the rest of our lives. 
Emmett: I wake up at four thirty AM.
Belladonna: I want to see you at some point every day for the rest of our lives.

You've been visited by the random OC question fairy! :D ~☆

Does your character daydream? What do/would they usually daydream about? Do these daydreams say anything about them or their goals?


Oh, hello there fairy! ❤️❤️❤️ It's nice to see you again. 😘


Alessandra of Corval daydreams much in the same way Parker from Leverage *plans*, she turns problems around in her head, like 3-d locks, and if she pushes this tumbler the world goes *that* way, but if she lets that one slide we end up over *here*...

What's interesting about her daydreams is that they're almost never about a goal, but the *options*. She's not daydreaming about the treasure hidden at the center of a maze, but all the different ways the path might twist and turn and split apart around her.

She daydreams about how someone she loves might respond to bad news, until she thinks she knows the best way to soften the blow, how someone she despises would revel in success until she can figure out how to add a twist of a knife so their victory becomes, at best, slightly bittersweet.

(In contrast, Their Hawke, who seems at first glance a similarly manipulative type, does in fact daydream about being able to *stop*, at having a refuge, a moment of peace sitting next to a friend or a lover and not having to worry about what they're thinking, about what she's going to have to do next, about the consequences five steps further along whatever paths she's on.)

7kpp secret santa/ new years santa 2020-21

hello hello hello @altairtalisman !!

ive seen its been kinda a rough time so i really wanted to gift you something you’d like! especially since you were my santa last year, i really hope that i can return you that joy. i hope that this fits the bill!

aside from that, i really enjoyed combing through your 7kpp works, and falling in love with your characters through your work and bio. the character development for Hong especially through your two 31 fic prompts...its fascinating, and im shocked that you made me root for and like an immoral character so much. she’s not my usual cup of tea so i hope i didn’t butcher the characterisation, i did my best!

i’ve posted the fics on tumblr, Practical Matters and traditional intimacies ! traditional intimacies also comes with art which i commissioned from the talented @carnivalcat , and you can find the tumblr post here so you can reblog it if you love it!

all the best to you <3

ps: i’m glad i can finally kudos your fic off anon :’)

New Fandoms

The masterlist has been updated! I’ve also added the new fandoms!

I will NO LONGER be taking requests for: Black Butler and OHSHC.

(I will be deleting requests for these fandoms, I’m very sorry, but I just really don’t like writing for them and I probably would never have got round to them. Please feel free to send something else in instead!)

I WILL NOW be taking requests for every other of my fandoms and Mystic Messenger, The Arcana, and Seven Kingdoms: Princess Problem.

Hopefully that is okay with you guys! I’ve learnt a lot about what I like to write over this year and I want my work to reflect that. I think you would all be able to tell if I was forcing myself to push out content, so this should be better for everyone!

-Amy <3

Anonymous asked:

Random fact on each of the RO that no one has asked yet? for scraps of info> but srsly this is like THE game I keep coming back and checking coz when it's done it's gonna be AMAZING and you are AMAZING for keeping it up

Thank you so much

Have some summit secrets!

Ana- Once had a nightmare during the summit where she had to go to battle and the only sharp thing she could find was Cordelia’s embroidery needles.

Clar- Has a secret stash of stolen chocolates he has pilfered during various summit events just in case someone needs some emergency cheering up.

Emmett- Is trying hard to befriend the of Isle birds by leaving crumbs on his windowsill every morning

Gisette- (too many summit secrets to reveal) -, Ah, here’s one that can be spilled, she is bribing one of the Isle servants to keep tabs on her brother and report back to her

Hamin- Has found 80% of the secret corridors, entrances and window escapes in the castle.

Jarrod- He’s very proud of his hair and spends time every morning make sure it’s just right.

Jasper - He is a walking secret. But here’s one: on his secret path, he might steal the tea cup you use for himself instead of putting it back in the kitchen.

Lisle - He brought an entire piece of luggage dedicated to the trashy adventure and detective novels he loves, just in case.

Lyon - He has scared at least three separate maids, who thought he really was a ghost.

Ria - Every day she wakes up at least two fulls hours before she wakes up the MC, because she’s so excited about the summit and her part in it.

Woodly - He has a super sweet tooth, but he pretends he doesn’t because he doesn’t think it fits his image.

Zarad - He is amazingly popular with children. There aren’t very many on the Isle, but he has been spotted wandering around the castle with several of them following him like ducklings.

Free and/or cheap indie otome games

Here’s a list of free and/or cheap indie otome games. They’re great to check out if you’re curious about otome games and don’t want to pay money to do so, and of course if you already know you like otome games, here are some recommendations!

These ones are still demos/uncompleted, but good:

7 Kingdoms: The Princess Problem: the MC is female, very customizable, and there are male and female romance options. Can also be played without romance. The premise is that delegates from 7 kingdoms come together on an island and over the course of 7 weeks make alliances, which can be romantic in nature or not. You take a quiz in the beginning which determines your country of origin, which then affects your stats. Conversations with others are vital for your reputation and also affect your stats, and you won’t be able to do certain things or pass events without sufficient stats. The romance is pretty solid too, and the cast of characters overall is fantastic. It’s a strategy and political game as much as it is a romance. It reminds me of Long Live the Queen, if you’ve played that. The demo is the first 3 weeks of the game, and I’m completely floored by how good it is. I can’t wait for the full game!

Andromeda Six: sci-fi visual novel. MC can be male/female/nonbinary and the love interests are male and female. Very fun adventure story set in space with a great cast of characters. Only about half of the episodes have been released so far (5 of I believe 10 episodes) and they’ve been really good! Romance is also optional. 

Some completed free games: 

Our Life: MC can be male/female/non-binary, love interest is one guy (though more to be added via DLC). Very heartwarming, slice of life story. Revolves around the MC growing up with the boy next door, and the game takes place over three summers at various stages in their lives. The MC is insanely customizable, and things you’ve said and done at various stages are remembered and often referenced or can affect certain things. Really just a lovely game that brings a smile to your face. Romance is optional too.

Cinderella Phenomenon: female MC with 5 male love interests (romance is mandatory, unless you feel like getting a bad ending). This is one of my fave games, I’ll try not to gush about it too much. The story take place in a kingdom where people are being cursed with fairytale curses, which are inversions of fairytale stories. The MC is a princess who gets cursed with the “Cinderella curse,” going from riches to rags. The other love interests all have a fairytale curse of some sort which you learn about in their routes. The MC is not customizable because she is a straight up jerk and some of the correct dialogue choices are being mean to people. This story has amazing character growth of the MC (and some of the love interests too). It has a fantastic cast of characters, who are memorable and lovable. It’s a great story and how things change in each of the routes is so interesting and well-executed. You should definitely play the routes in the recommended order!!!

Red-handed Robin: female MC, two male love interests (I don’t think romance is optional). Robin (the MC) has stolen some diamonds and is on a train out of town with her friend/bodyguard and encounters her friend from childhood who is now a detective. Will he catch on to her? Fun little story with some puzzles in each chapter (of which there are three). The main trio are great. 

Lake of Voices: female MC with male/female love interests, romance optional. A horror-ish game. Can you get across this spooky lake alive? Good luck with that. Once you manage to get across the lake, definitely replay it and see how else the story unfolds. It’s a cool story with intriguing characters and an interesting setting. It has absolutely beautiful art.

Dark Nights: female MC with four male love interests. Also horror-lite. Some of the people in your town have been disappearing. You encounter 4 strange men and wonder whether any of them might have answers as to what’s going on. Quite a fun game with pretty art! Very funny titles for the achievements, the creators definitely have a good sense of humor. 

A few cheap ones: 

Rose of Segunda ($8.99):  female MC with male and female love interests, romance is optional. Charming little story set in a kingdom whose prince is of the age to be married and everyone’s invited over for his birthday. Will you try to go after him (romantically or otherwise) or will you be interested in some of the other guests? The MC is somewhat customizable and can be quite funny. The characters are charming as well.  

Because We’re Here ($5.99 per act): female MC, male love interests (romance not really optional). Set in an WW1-era fictional universe. Seems like a bad idea to have romance during a war, huh? Prepare to for ALL the emotions. This one is only half completed (Act 1 and 2 of 4 planned). I’m looking forward to the other acts!!

Have fun! I checked out some of the free/indie ones before starting to actually buy some of the more popular/mainstream (but also more expensive) games. All of these games are great.

Nightly reminder that you are amazing, you are kind, you are fierce, you’re an absolute delight to those around you, and life picked the wrong badass bitch to fuck with. I know life can be shitty and difficult, to put it lightly, but you’re never alone in your struggles. There are always other people who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Maybe not exactly, but similar enough to know how it feels. And there will always be someone there for you to help you fight against the curve balls thrown your way. You don’t need to do it alone and you’re allowed to rely on someone to help you get through it all, even if you don’t feel comfortable talking and just need a distraction. You know what I think? I think you’re hella strong for pushing past life’s bullshit and I think you’re an amazing and wonderful badass bitch who can kick life’s ass. It might be rough and it might throw a few good punches, but I know you can punch back ten times as hard!! I believe in you, go kick life’s ass and take care of yourself or I’ll hunt you down and give you so much comfort you’ll be smothered!! You have been lovingly warned.


That is something I hope you’ll remember. Life can try to bring you down, but I know you’ll stand the test.

Oh right, I drew a little something for you since neither of us can TNT shit in real life...

You get one sailing outfit and a ship captain to express concern!

Stained Glass Variation of the Truth

Or: If I time it right, the thunder breaks. Revaire Widow/Jasper.

I have to apologise for the lateness of my gift fic for @awaylaughing . This fic was borne out of coffee, frustration, sleeplessness and just me being a trash person. I think I started it in various spurts during the holiday season (and then was relieved when the deadline was pushed because I still hadn’t come up with anything good and also work. Nonstop work). 

My week off started and I wrote and deleted documents in spurts because they all sucked. I kept writing ~1000-2000 words and then deleting because I hated them.

And then I listened to Neptune by Sleeping at Last (a.k.a. one of the most beautiful love songs) and I was like, eff yeah, I can do this. Which resulted in a four hour frenzy of writing followed by a two hour period of editing, and I missed sleep for this because night shift has my clock all out of whack, and now I’ll shut up because I need a nap.

I hope the story was worth the wait! Thank you for letting me play with Aurora, and apologies if I took the character in ways you don’t like (DM me and I’ll edit it to your satisfaction)!

Happy holidays @distracteddaydreams​ ! I had a fun time trying to play with some of the characters I haven’t written before for you! I’m now thinking perhaps I should try to do more with Avalie in the future- her parts were quite fun to write! Because I’m me and had to be extra about the flowers mentioned: Daisies for innocence, gentians for sweetness, marigolds/ calendula for happiness, and pink roses for friendship.