We’ve known the claim has been bunk for a good long while, but let us return to Ananke’s claim that the recurrence moves civilization forward.

Now, obviously we’ve realized that these are almost certainly lies and that the recurrence has mostly been a vehicle through which Ananke continues her existence. But in issue #38, Ananke gave a curious response to Minerva.

In the same issue, it was revealed that the letter from Ananke shown in issue #28 was meant for Minerva. An early bit: “This century is all it threatened to be. It is harder than ever.”

There are more examples throughout the books, but it had long been apparent that Ananke felt that the 21st century had made her task harder than ever.

But issue #38 was the first time when she remarked that perhaps it wouldn’t keep getting harder.

Enter “1373: The Transubstantiation of Lucifer.” Yes, there are small things to learn, such as two years clearly not being an absolute rule. But the real revelation is that Ananke has intentionally wrought mass destruction upon civilization in the name of making her job easier.

All this, of course, raises the question as to what other humongous historic disasters Ananke might be party to. I’d heavily recommend thumbing through @twatd‘s 6,000 Years of Murder for ideas (my mind instantly jumps towards the Indus Valley).

Once upon a time, Ananke told Cass that we could have had men on Mars thousands of years before the rise of Rome but for The Great Dark.

Then she says that she’s the remedy to this shortcoming.

But Ananke’s relationship with civilization is, in truth, much closer to that of her story’s Great Dark.