HEALING MUSIC @432Hz ⦑ MBIRA WAVES ⦒ Meditation Music

New Healing Music Track from our new meditation music series - MBIRA WAVES. It features exotic sounds of MBIRA and its Drones, perfectly tuned to 432Hz frequency. Mbira strokes repeat after 1minute, and the drones slowly fades away. perfect to meditate along. We hope this new series will help!! Many Blessings!!

Source: youtube.com
Both mechanical sound pressure waves and electromagnetic light waves are only linear relative perception connected through interference patterns of the interactive boundary layers or nodal points of spherical intercecting grid points that appear as waves. Electrons form in the nodal interference crossroads between phase and anti phase spheres to create the trinity of matter through the perception of dimension of frequency. Solitons although wavelike in appearance of relative perception, are never absorbed by the environment and exist out of space time/time space, we perceive the visible realm as latency of the spherical interferance flash line sequence via Fibonacci dampening causing the formation of inertial boundary layers that interfere with one another and create the illusion of particles in motion, sort of like Christmas lights flashing on and off in series creating the illusion of movement.

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Back in the days of Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels changed the note of A from 432 Hz to 440 Hz. This is because it changed the music slightly enough to where it didn't match up with the body's natural frequency. Seriously. He found this out and changed it up 8 Hz in order to make horrible people from listening to music. What a dick.  Anyways, this is Bon Iver's woods tuned down so that A = 432 Hz. It really makes a difference. You'll notice how much of a deeper impact on your body this version has on you than the original.