Freakazoid rant #134556433575

You know i think a lot of the reason why 404 error hurt me so badly is that because it genuinely made sense of EVERYTHING that was missing from the freakazoid cartoon, and that it highlighted and brung to life the aspects of Freakazoid's CHARACTER that was missing from the cartoon. No character can be entirely perfect and happy and amazing all the time. And i think the illumination of the question of "what would freak be like if things weren't always lighthearted, funny and animaniacs-esque, and he went through shit like grief and true anger or sadness?" Is really important and well done in this story. Especially when told through ANOTHER question of "what would happen if freak and dex split?" And i had always wondered that for a while, and now i know. It's like, all my questions have been answered, in a FANFICTION. An INTERPRETATION of a SADLY NONEXISTENT EXTENSIVE LORE, that really truly would have been amazing if the creators of freakazoid had done a little more digging and polishing and had done it right, and not a goddamn clone of animaniacs except with a SUPERHERO.

Like it ALMOST feels like they ripped off the creeper and madman for very very VERY little.

Not that i dont LIKE the cartoon because i do with every fibre of my being and i wouldn't be here if i didn't, but they could have done SO MUCH with this show, and really tugged some strings, because like a lot of DC universe superhero stories, the superheros have kinda dark tales to tell, and 404 error really shows that even though freak is all adorable and cheery and cute and bright and awesome etc. Etc...that the darkness still applies to him too, and bad things and failure can happen to him TOO. And when you think about all these things, dexter being nerdy and unliked, freak being a technical glitch parasite, the way he was brought into existence, the threat of Gutierrez, who i always saw as the biggest, realest threat of the entire show, it just ALL culminates into something so POTENTIALLY fascinating and interesting and sweet and epic, something that feels VERY different from every other DC story, and I've always wanted to know what that would look like. A seriously genuine look at this character and his universe.

And there it is. And all i wanted to see after reading 404 error was a visual representation of it. I wished to whatever god may or may not be up there that i could just SEE this, and gawk at it's beauty but

It's nowhere but there, written.


And all one can do is make fan art but golly

Just think of the goddamn possibilities that this guy coulda had. And i figured, maybe a big ol comic series woulda done it justice, and it could really lay out and polish this character, but i know now it's harder than it looks and just...

Another thing that really got to me, was that the sweetness of the whole idea of freak's and dexter's relationship.

To have a guy that has such a low fucking opinion of himself, and then someone who has such an incredibly high opinion of that guy, so patient and loving to the point of obsession, is just...

Foreign to me. Probably because I've never seen it before or experienced that before and

And you know it just makes me think of the saying "There's somebody for everyone"

And yeah even though it's fiction..

I'd like to think that there's somebody out there like freak for people like dexter.

I just don't feel that way about other characters. He's just special like that.

If that makes sense. 🙂💖


Imagine making a better universe for a character in a fanfic 15 years after the character's creation than the actual creators did 15 years before the fanfic :')

🌟🌟🌟What a gem🌟🌟🌟