“WHaaaa?! They... would break me...I’d disappear in between..“ *internal mind bleeding*


Beefcake 1x2 offer!!! WOW! This just broke Rosetto’s brain. AND MUN’S AS WELL.~

And that is why I had to draw this, even if it took me too long cause i know NOTHING about anatomy~ (cries in a corner)

Rosetto’s mind right now belongs to the nsfw blog. @ask-monkey-and-dog

(THIS COMMENT MADE MY DAY. WOW. Rosetto never got this much beefy attention before in her life. She needs mental adjustment right now xD)

"Whatever your error today, you can fix it with a smile or five.. there's no reason that you shouldn't be. The world is literally a more beautiful place when you do.. all that happiness in one place makes for a better world. If nobody told you today, you are not made up of your mistakes or the things that hold you down.. you are a lovely, divine person that is deserving of world's. Don't accept any less than you are worth cause you are worth the world.. smile today."

If you don't smile, a turkey will kick your ass this Thanksgiving and stick bread in YOUR ass, haha - eUë