university asks

  1. How far along are you in your studies?
  2. How far do you plan on pursuing academia?
  3. What made you want to attend university?
  4. What do you study?
  5. What do you wish to accomplish by studying at university?
  6. What do you want to do with your degree?
  7. What’s your dream job?
  8. Has university been what you expected it to be?
  9. What’s the most important thing you have learned about yourself at university?
  10. What surprised you the most about university?
  11. What classes are you taking this/next semester?
  12. What has been the most interesting class you’ve taken?
  13. What has been your favourite class you’ve taken?
  14. What is your favourite professor like?
  15. If you have to write a thesis, what are you going to write it on?
  16. What is your weird academic niche?
  17. What’s your favourite thing about academia?
  18. What’s your least favourite thing about academia?
  19. Would you go to a different university if you had to choose again?
  20. Would you choose a different subject if you had to choose again?
  21. If you couldn’t study the subject you study now, what would you study?
  22. What is your favourite course style?
  23. Theoretical or practical?
  24. Best book you’ve had to read for a course?
  25. Worst book you’ve had to read for a course?
  26. Favourite online resource?
  27. The topic of the best essay you’ve written?
  28. Would you ever consider getting a phd?
  29. Who is doing the most interesting research in your field at the moment?
  30. Do you have any minors?
  31. What is subject you wish your university taught but doesn’t?
  32. What is an area of your subject you wish your university taught but doesn’t?
  33. The best advice anyone has ever given you about university?
  34. Do you care about your grades?
  35. Do you think you study enough?
  36. How did your attitude towards studying and school change between high school and university?
  37. What do you do to rewind?
  38. Best tip for making friends at university?
  39. Are you involved in any clubs/societies/extracurriculars?
  40. Have you done or are you planning on doing any internships?
  41. What is an interesting subject that you would never study yourself?
  42. What has been your favourite thing about university so far?
  43. What is your plan B career?
  44. Do you ever regret your choice of subject or university?
  45. Do you ever regret going to university?
  46. How do you study?
  47. What do you wish you’d done differently in your first year?
  48. What things do you think you did right in your first year?
  49. What are your thoughts on Academia?
  50. Strangest university tip you have?

The End of the Year Tag

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This year was, by far, the most difficult year I’ve ever had. My personal life has been nothing short of a disaster & my creativity has suffered over it. It’s unfortunate, but hopefully things are beginning to look up. I will say, regardless of the never-ending cyclone of chaos, I managed to challenge myself when I could & ended up making some of my favorite creations to date! That being said, here’s to hoping this coming year will allow me to get back into the game (literally) & I’ll be able to bring you loads of new content–  Here’s to 2020!