reading a poem a recipe author wrote about her mother who passed and tearing up.......... thank you bread recipe for the small dose of heart and tenderness 🥺💖

democratic senator kyrsten sinema joining 7 other democrats in killing the $15 minimum wage by doing a stupid little curtsy and giving a thumbs down is cold blooded shit that i don’t even think the republicans would stoop to. literally mocking everyone for having the audacity to ask for better things. that’s what they do best though baby here’s to 4 more years of literally the exact same shit

i think minimum wage should be 800 dollars an hour plus the drug of your choice

I finished putting together the Irish-American heritage month display and Jesus CHRIST there are so few books about Ireland in our collection?? Once more, I must say:

Guess I’ll have to do everything by my own damn hands

Necromancy is a long forbidden magic, one that you practice, however you don't use the outlawed art to bring back the damned. Instead, you've learned to use it on a molecular level, reviving individual cells to mend flesh and repair dead organs. You are the first healer.

beefed so hard in THPS that I need tony hawk to pay my medical bills

hey here’s arizona senator sinema (a democrat queen!) killing the $15 minimum wage with a cute lil curtsy and probably doing an adorbs widdle pout behind her mask as she denies millions of workers a barely livable income, slayyy!

the joker went isane because he fell into a vat of an experimental yogurt brand called jokert