they should be allowed to turn away celebrities at the door of the met gala if they didn't dress to the theme

All old man wizards with the long beards are trans in the coolest way possible

Love how liquid comes out of sooo many different types of holes on this planet

american cities are like completely inaccessible unless you can drive around in them and at the same time there’s no fucking parking spots anywhere. you either gotta cram into some stupid little street parking or drive 10 flights up a parking garage and either way you gotta pay just for the privilege of parking your car there even though you cant get there by any other means. i hate it here

deleted that post bc i didn’t wanna make it seem like i promote appropriating religious symbols for goth cred (except catholicism)

Genuinely fucking UNREAL that the CDC announced you can stop wearing a mask after you’re vaccinated as if not a single person in that process knew they were giving a free pass to every single covid denier and anti-vaxxer, as if they were not even aware those were tremendously loud movements already creating problems for everybody else, or they were aware but somehow did not connect that their one little announcement would unleash the floodgates and probably create its own surge of new cases as any piece of shit can just claim to be vaccinated and breathe their rancid breath all over every “essential worker” now forced to politely serve them anyway. For real this one mere tweet is going to get people killed and everyone even partially responsible for it should have to face some severe fucking consequences.

sometimes when I am checking my books out at the library the librarian will pause & hold one up for inspection & nod, saying "oh yes this is a good one." and I will feel the warm rush of approval flood through my every pore, seeping so gently into the fibers of my being

aids and covid cause nearly identical immune responses, and the absence of aids research is directly responsible for the severity of covid, but nobody in a position of power is EVER going to say that out loud, that if the global community had cared about cytokine storm when it was called GRID we wouldn’t be scrambling to solve it now that the same thing is transmissible respiratorily

It's 2021... Why haven't we invented strap ons that connect to your nerves? Hmm???

Omggg what if we started a tumblr dreamscape to face the horrors of our subconscious together!

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🔘if quizzes r quizzical then what r tests