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So, the very first Doctor to arrive there was possibly the one that spent some of his precious 82 minutes to paint Clara and hang it by the fireplace? *insert shipper's heart melting*

See I actually don’t think that was the case?

It’s like how as much as I wanted there to be a version of the run where 12 was running around in his undies because his clothes were wet, and as much as I would love the idea of 12 painting a portrait of Clara, I don’t think either is the case because of how the rooms reset.

Okay okay but hear me out: isn’t that just like, better? Yes, him painting her is a romantic idea, and a nice callback to what he did as 11 in the monastery, but keep in mind that the confession dial castle was specifically created for him. There are so many things to interpret and take away from the episode in terms of a character study, but for the sake of the portrait, let’s think of it like this: either the Time Lords made everything about the castle to scare a confession out of the Doctor and knew to put that portrait of Clara in there, or it’s partially shaped by the Doctor’s subconscious and so he put a painted portrait of Clara in there. I’m sorry, “there” is “his bedroom”, I should clarify that.

If it’s revealed that no, he really did paint it, then I would have no problem with that, but even with the whole “rooms resetting” thing there’s still an interesting observation to make.

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