Decía que me quería pero adoraba tocar otra piel que no fuera la mía.

Decía que me pensaba todo el tiempo pero prefería besar otros labios en sus ratos libres.

Decía que me extrañaba siempre pero contadas eran las veces que nos acercábamos.

Decía que como yo no había nadie.

Pero habían más y mejores, porque claramente, a la hora de elegir, nunca fui su primer opción.


                                                         I don’t steal and I don’t lie
                                                          but I can feel and I can cry
                                                      a fact I’ll bet you n e v e r knew.

Reblog if...

●"I’m ___sexual" isn’t the only way to come out

●You can be 14 AND already sure about your sexuality

●You think a person doesn’t need to out themselves every few years because they “might have changed”

●there exist way more possibilities than just gay or straight

(This is a social experiment. Please reblog if you agree with ALL of these above)

things i love about the anna sun music video

- the aesthetically pleasing titling at the beginning of the video

- the bartender giving nick a beer mug with a stuffed lion in it

- all the people. theres so many people and they’re all doing different things but it works so well


- when all the people who are in the hall dancing yell THIS HOUSE IS FALLING APART and you hear it

- the cheesy light beams when Nick opens the door

- actually just the concept of the door in general

- the kid playing young petricholas is adorable


- appearances by Sean and Kevin

- Nick is so smiley and happy throughout the whole thing

- everyone in this video looks so happy and carefree like i wish i could live in this video