you’re beautiful and precious no matter what they tell you. your disability is only another component of your person. you’re an important part of this world and fit just right in with everything else. your body is nothing more than that. a body, a vessel. it does not define you. it is not you. you’re so much more than a slur. you’re not even remotely close to that slur. you’re pure and precious and deserve everything

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I read a fic were Katniss, Finick, Peeta were roommates, there was a second fic that starts off 3 years later with Finick's funeral. Katniss sings at the funeral and sees Peeta after leaving him 3 years earlier, and he is now in a relationship with Madge Undersee. Katniss is a lawyer for Madges business.


The story you are looking for is One Reason by Elli.Hale, and is the sequel to 1000 Miles