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Hello, first of all thank you very much for the great help you make in searching the fanfics, and now there is a fanfic where I believe that peeta is a vegetarian, and katniss with gale are reporters or something like that. Then Katniss starts dating Peeta to do a story about him or something, and she lies saying that she is also a vegetarian but she is not, in the end I think Gale tells Peeta everything because of jealousy.


The story you are looking for is Sabtoged Heart by alatariel-gildaen. Peeta is a vegan hunt saboteur and Katniss is an investigative journalist. 

There is also a sequel to the story, A Year In The Life, and there were also some one-shots for Prompts in Panem in the same universe,  Strange Bedfellows and The Second Hurdle.


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Give Me Love
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Give me love | Ed Sheeran

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