If you’re wondering why Ed Sheeran is so popular you obviously haven’t listened to his work!

It was early autumn 2011 when I first Ed Sheeran. I was driving home from school around noon ‘cause I had free period and I turned another station on the radio and there he was. A Team was playing and it was love at first hearing! Although I have to say that when I listened to the song later that day again I thought that it’s not as brilliant as I imagined first. Now I think it definitely is!

+ is an amazing album, I’m not too excited about x but Photograph was and is the one song that I just can’t skip, it was the most played song on my iPod last year and I still love it! This acoustic version here is also so, so lovely! I was disapointed when I went to see Ed Sheeran live last October and realised after the consert that he didn’t play this and it is my favorite from x. But I‘m so lucky that I have a ticket to hear him live again next July!

Okay but it’s pretty obvious how much the fandom dislikes ben winston and how we are disappointed with every new vid he makes and yet???? They still work with him???? I don’t understand like are they indirectly telling us that they want us to be disappointed???? Is he on a contract or??? Bc im pretty sure it’s a become a known fact that he sucks