a reminder from Tyler (x)

Me (a ski resort worker): sir can you come over here a bit /:
Louis: *comes over*
Me (the ski resort worker): *wraps 3 scarves around him gives him my coat and a hot cocoa and then kisses his forehead*
Loui: whta the fuck …. *sniffles* thanks

sickasaquarian asked:

It's just theprotheanexpert here to let u kno that you're still killing me every time you post Shiara or Korrasami just fyi so you know okay


So a double kill?

Well folks, if you are a Shiara fan and haven’t read @theprotheanexpert‘s RP stuff yet, I highly recommend you head over there!!! Especially the posts with @streetratmadexo *faints*

things i love about the anna sun music video

- the aesthetically pleasing titling at the beginning of the video

- the bartender giving nick a beer mug with a stuffed lion in it

- all the people. theres so many people and they’re all doing different things but it works so well


- when all the people who are in the hall dancing yell THIS HOUSE IS FALLING APART and you hear it

- the cheesy light beams when Nick opens the door

- actually just the concept of the door in general

- the kid playing young petricholas is adorable


- appearances by Sean and Kevin

- Nick is so smiley and happy throughout the whole thing

- everyone in this video looks so happy and carefree like i wish i could live in this video