PlusPlusPlus [+++] - A Unique Experience in Southern Serbia 

We introduce PlusPlusPlus [+++], an event which perfectly embodies the meaning of the word “unique”. +++ will take place from July 3rd – 5th and will be held on the slopes of mountain Jelica, located 150 kilometers south of Belgrade, Serbia‘s capital. It was envisioned as a 48 hour long, non-stopevent organized by the Dis-Patch Collective and two Belgrade clubs, Drugstore and 20/44.


I’m going to try and update this blog and keep more entries now seeming as I’m no longer in education. This weekend has been the best: I got to spend time with


, skated with some good friends, attended an anti-austerity march with over 250,000 people (estimated) and band practice for the first time in over 3 months. Having finished A-levels and realised that I didn’t mess up has taken so much pressure off me and I can finally enjoy things without always worrying.