a reminder from Tyler (x)

Me (a ski resort worker): sir can you come over here a bit /:
Louis: *comes over*
Me (the ski resort worker): *wraps 3 scarves around him gives him my coat and a hot cocoa and then kisses his forehead*
Loui: whta the fuck …. *sniffles* thanks

things i love about the anna sun music video

- the aesthetically pleasing titling at the beginning of the video

- the bartender giving nick a beer mug with a stuffed lion in it

- all the people. theres so many people and they’re all doing different things but it works so well


- when all the people who are in the hall dancing yell THIS HOUSE IS FALLING APART and you hear it

- the cheesy light beams when Nick opens the door

- actually just the concept of the door in general

- the kid playing young petricholas is adorable


- appearances by Sean and Kevin

- Nick is so smiley and happy throughout the whole thing

- everyone in this video looks so happy and carefree like i wish i could live in this video


Everyone’s being sentimental as fuck about X being over, so here’s my thoughts on that beautiful album before it’s too late.

I will never forgive Ed for the beautiful way in which the songs are arranged. I don’t know if he did it entirely on purpose or not, but I love it, it makes me so happy :)

It starts off with a song that’s fairly similar to the ones on +, as if it’s a last goodbye to that album and then on to the next one.

Then there’s I’m a Mess, which pretty much sums up the entire album, so for it to come right after the ‘goodbye to +’ literally breaks my heart.

Then there are a load of songs that are basically reasons why he’s a mess; a crazy fucked-up party, a cheating girl he thought he loved, the thought of a teenage love, being alone while touring, drugs and alcohol and terrible insecurities.

And then there’s Tenerife Sea. Just one sweet, happy song in the midst of all these heartbreakers. Maybe because being with Beth was one of the only good things going on for him right then, but in reality we all know it’s Sweeran as fuck and it’s because Taylor just makes Ed really happy.

But after that we go back to the sad miserable songs. Remembering roughing it after leaving home, finally being able to voice his anger over the first girl he ever really loved.

And Thinking Out Loud. After everything that went wrong it’s ok again now, because it was pretty much a last minute song, so after being sad throughout the rest of the album this awesome song pretty much sums up Ed’s mood for the entire X era.

But let’s not forget the very last track, Afire Love. Because everyone can relate to that. Not everyone goes to crazy parties and has their heart broken all over the world and runs away from home. But everyone’s mortal. Everyone knew someone’s who’s dead now. Even this man who just produced an album with nothing but sheer talent and determination.

X is truly amazing and means the world to me, but I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! x