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Alright so this is the first time I've ever done anything like this so bare with me please. I once read a fanfic of just Peeta going into the Games and not Prim. And something I remember specifically is that in his games he killed a polar bear. And the Capitol I believe made a coat of off the fur from the bear for him to wear. I read it a LONG time ago so it's all pretty fuzzy to me. But I think you guys can find it because from what I've seen you are all amazing! Hope you can find it!

Hey there!

The story you are looking for is  When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun by Mejhiren. 

Give Me Love
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Give me love | Ed Sheeran

Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go..

Give a little time to me or burn this out,
We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around,
All I want is the taste that your lips allow,
My, my, my, my, oh give me love.