im cracking up ok so this is what I wore today…. To work. To build bikes and get dirty and sweaty. No makeup, didn’t do shit to my hair, these are literally the ugliest jeans I own.. But still a dude had to say “wowwww” and “helLO!!” And whistle at me the few times we happened to cross paths as I walked thru Fred Meyer until I turned around a glared at him.. And he was like “oh man sorry if I offended you you’re just amaaaazing” and he was like this scrawny dude in huge oversized bball shorts and a jersey with a gross goatee….. I ignored him.


Sherlock + height difference

Ya bu kadar laf ediyorum ama kesin evleneceğim karı huysuz, cins, burda dalga geçtiğim herşeyi yapan biri olacak. Çünkü Allah beni dediklerimle sınıyo hep.