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Jack and Lardo

They get along really well. Lardo is the only one allowed to sit with Jack on his bed and watch shit with him because she’s the only one who doesn’t talk. He gets to hang out with her while she is doing art things. they write essays on the floor of each other’s rooms. it’s a very easy friendship. hanging out at coffee places talking about class. there is no pressure, it’s great. 

and then they have sex. it wasn’t really supposed to happen but it did. they kissed a little and it just kept going, as easy as the rest of their relationship.

 the first thing that’s said is when they’re done laying on Jack’s bed like always her head on his chest except they’re naked and neither of them wants to think too much about that. is Lardo and it’s just “i am studying abroad next semester I don’t think this is a good idea” 

Jack just nods and “I love you Lardo but this was just….weird, i don’t think i could do this again” he knows he doesn’t have to clarify “i love you as a friend” because he knows he knows that Lardo is the same and that she knows it as well. This admition is met with a giggle. 

“oh man Jack i felt the same and i didn’t know if it would be weird to tell you” and Jack laughs too because being with Lardo is easy. “do i get to stay over and steal a shirt anyways?”

“you’ve never asked before” and they just lay there for a little and eventually they get up and take separate showers and Jack changes the sheets and they cuddle up and watch part of “Hockey A people’s history” and nothing changes between them. 


I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too, I saw the most beautiful family today and honest to God, they looked like they were what the percabeth family would look like. I tried my hardest to capture their beauty and just pure love for each other but honestly, this doesn’t even hold a candle to their perfection.