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I love your drawings but some of your characters aren't very accurate. Especially with Lin you should pay more attention to his features.

oh no i cant believe ive been subjecting you all to low quality lins this entire time 

from now on my blog will be only the most accurate high quality lins dont you worry

Modern Dregs AU #7

The Dregs as roommates

  • let’s say that the Dregs have graduated high school and as they move on to college, agree to rent apartments together in the same complex
  • Kaz and Inej live together
  • and while they get along for the most part they have their tense moments
  • Kaz stays up CRAZY LATE at night
  • he might be hacking a gaming server
  • he might be looking at pictures of puppies
  • you never know
  • but occasionally Inej gets up at 4 AM just to see his bedroom lights still on
  • “do you ever sleep?” “sleep is for the wEAK”
  • and yet she usually catches him passed out on the couch at noon
  • luckily she tries her best to stay quiet when he’s snoozing
  • ESPECIALLY when it comes to the microwave when she makes her morning tea
  • when it hits one second, she turns it off
  • to this day, she’s never woken him up on accident
  • sometimes, when Inej plays a video game (c’mon, she’s def a gamer, and a good one), Kaz will sit down to watch her and he’s always so impressed and in love with her
  • she’s also the only one of the group who has seen him with his glasses on
  • he’s never gone outside with them, even if he doesn’t have contacts in
  • he’d rather be blind than have Jesper try them on all day
  • or take them away and go
  • “how many fingers am I holding up?” “i dont know, but i’ll break them all if you don’t give me back my fucking glasses”
  • Jesper and Wylan also share an apartment and have separate rooms
  • but when it comes to go to sleep, they usually sleep in the same bed
  • Wylan likes being the Big Spoon™
  • and Jesper talks in his sleep
  • Wylan has woken up to some weeeird shit in the past
  • “aaron burr, you podge” “wtf jes”
  • sometimes it makes Wylan blush
  • “why, hellooo gorgeous” “why cant you say things like that when you’re AWAKE
  • jk, Jesper always says nice things to Wylan
  • sometimes when Wylan’s vacuuming or doing dishes
  • Jesper will swoop in and hug him from behind, nuzzle him and shit
  • “adorable as always, Van Sunshine”
  • ofc he helps him with the chores too
  • they also make like three pots of coffee a day (mostly for the smell, it brightens up the place)
  • Nina, Matthias, and Kuwei share a third apartment with two rooms
  • Nina and Matt share one room, Kuwei gets the other
  • and thin walls do not always make it a great living situation for Kuwei
  • just give the kid earmuffs
  • and no, not for the reason you’re thinking
  • Nina snores like NO TOMORROW
  • Matt can’t even rival her
  • not that he minds, usually he’s just impressed
  • though Matt sometimes hogs the blankets
  • once Nina tried to rip them away from him
  • and he was so wrapped up in them that instead of freeing the blankets off of him
  • it just sent him rolling off the side of the bed onto the floor
  • *thud*OH MY GOD, MATTY, ARE YOU OK” *wheezing noises*
  • Matthias is the kinda guy that lives by “early bird gets the worm”
  • Nina and Kuwei, well, not so much
  • luckily for Matt, he doesn’t have to be super quiet since both of them are very deep sleepers
  • Kuwei probably wouldn’t wake up if the fire alarm started screeching
  • *beep, beep* “shut the hell up”
  • Kuwei also hogs the shower in the morning and uses up the hot water, so Nina gets to freeze in the morning (Matthias takes his shower before the others because his crazy ass gets up at 5 AM)
  • other living arrangements have been made in the past
  • Nina and Inej used to live together
  • the only issue they faced was cooking
  • Inej is good at some things (like pasta and veggies) but beyond that, she’s hopeless
  • Nina straight up would set the kitchen on fire
  • during this time, Kaz and Jesper were roommates for like a month
  • they also had thin walls, so Jesper talking in his sleep always sent Kaz into fits of laughter, thus waking up Jesper
  • “dude, i was asleep” “and trying to seduce wylan, too, or so it sounded like”
  • Jesper would pull pranks on Kaz to get back at him
  • the favorite of the group was post-it notes on EVERY SURFACE IN KAZ’S ROOM
  • just walked in and BOOM
  • needless to say, Kaz nearly throttled him
  • they will never live together again

Day two in last minute coscrunching and I’ve worn myself out enough that I need to take a break for a bit. This is the progress I’m most proud of today - Lucretia’s white oak staff.

It started out as a dried sunflower stem which I split and added a section of shovel handle to in order to increase the height and also give it a point where it could screw apart to fit into my luggage. The shovel handle part will be disguised with a blue suede wrap. The top is a few angel quartz clusters which I hot glued and then added Apoxie Sculpt to hide the gaps around. And yesterday I lucked out because we were tossing out a bottle of canola oil and it just so happened that the cap of the bottle was almost the same diameter as the staff, so I got a cheap and instant connector for the middle.

It still obviously needs the wrap in the middle and I need to finish the paint job… but it makes a very authoritative thwack when it hits the ground and I think this will be one of my favorite props ever. :D

I can’t recall exactly whether Goth is supposed to be the kind of kid who’s actually born to his parents or who just randomly appeared but I imagined if it was the latter and…

Let’s just say, finding out that you — a person who’s constantly on the brink of dying — and Death himself have a kid is… sorta meltdown-inducing.

While the kid’s just, “Dad, you’re being weeeird.”

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies

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AAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAAaA so like eren fucking looks like my dad and I can't take eren looking like my fucking dad, one of them must go.. WHY THE HELL DOES HE HAVE TO LOOK LIKE ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE MY DAD!? it's weeeird..

I’m so sorry everyone is thirsting over someone who looks like your dad D: that sounds rough

Oikawa’s Predicament

A/N: Haikyuu!! (iwaoi, lee Oikawa) -  5. “Did…I…do something wrong?” - Also part of the speedwriting batch for my 1 year blog anniversary. Riiiip Oikawa!

Summary: Oikawa arrives late to his planned drinking night with his boyfriend and buddies. They don’t plan to let him go unpunished.

Word Count: 1307

“Hiya guys! What’s uuup?” Oikawa loudly entered the bar and joined his boyfriend Iwaizumi, and their double date- buddies Matsukawa and Hanamaki at the reserved table for their regular drink together. 

“Did…I…do something wrong?” he asked when they didn’t say anything but just shared certain glances with each other. Oikawa looked at each of them and then at the glasses they already almost finished.

“Apart from being late one hour and 47 minutes, what did he do wrong guys?” Iwaizumi calmly asked Hanamaki and Matsukawa, and Oikawa eep’ed.

“What? We said at 9 right? I’m early!” he asked, looking at all of them in shock. Crap. Normally he and Iwaizumi went together since he’d usually stay at his place (which was the plan for tonight too), and they always went together so not he but Iwaizumi was the one to keep track of time. 

Today was a little bit different since he promised to buy Takeru dinner to celebrate the sweet boy passed his school tests. After that he’d join the rest, which he thought was at 9. Oops. So it was supposed to be at 7? Weeeird!

“I’m sorryyyy guys!” he whined when none of them replied but continued to drink from what most likely were their second or third drinks already, considering how long they had been here without him.

“He also never answers his phone. It’s annoying, why would he have a phone?” Matsukawa commented with a dramatic sigh.

“I feel sorry for Hajime,” Hanamaki said, and Iwaizumi even nodded at this.

“Guys! Iwa-chan, I’m sorry okay? I’ll buy you all drinks.” Oikawa tried to get the waiter’s attention while the others continued, without even addressing him directly.

“And now he tries to solve things with money. What a dick,” Matsukawa added, and Oikawa lunged over the table and tried to wave his hands in front of their faces to get their attention.

“Hellooo! I said I’m sorry! Iwa-chaaan!” Returning to Iwaizumi next to him, Oikawa whined and grabbed his arm, pulling at him like a little kid.

“Maybe we should just tickle him as a punishment for being an ass,” Iwaizumi said, and this made Oikawa let go of him immediately, tensing up as he let out one squeaky “eeeeheh!?”.

“Ah right, we know how ticklish he is right?” Hanamaki probed Matsukawa’s arm with his elbow, and they chuckled.

“Best reactions are when you tickle his tummy and sides. With squeezing moves,” Iwaizumi said, making the motions with his hands, and Oikawa cringed.

“No what about when you do this to his feet?” Hanamaki wiggled his fingers in the worst way possible, very clear for Oikawa to see, and he cringed more.

“Guys. I’m right here!” he whispered loudly, growing very uncomfortable with where this was going.

“Don’t forget his back. I’d do thiiis and that..” Matsukawa joined in tickling the air, showing how he would often scribble his fingers all over Oikawa’s back, and Oikawa could almost feel their fingers already.

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Preview FFXV: Nyx Ulric x fem reader "we were friends"

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Work today was hard, the hours seemed to creep by and it got worst the closer it got to when you were supposed to get off. And it was your fault.

In Your mind you were fighting a losing war with your emotions and honestly it was surprising you didn’t break down on duty. Maybe its because you were standing so close to him. You wondered if you whispered under your breath that you were sorry would he forgive you? No it was too late..

Earlier You and Nyx had gotten into an argument literally while you were getting ready for work. It was a petty fight that took a turn for the worst. And you knew you should have stopped. Nyx was a super patient guy especially when it came to you. But not this time. You pushed him to far and Nyx finally fed up walked out of your house yelling,

“The hell! Can’t believe we were friends…”

Nyx paused for a moment then closed the door behind him. You ran into your bed and Nyx walked along the sidewalks wondering where he went wrong.. His boots stopped in the middle of the sidewalk as rain began to pelt his uniform.

“We were friends right?..”

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when ur followers are persistent as hELL like here u go, a total trash mammal, uglie kid, horrid meme, snapchat enthusiast. i also own mostly sweaters like im wearing a t-shirt in one picture omg. i also always tilt my head to the left bc i have nystagmus & tilting my head that way let’s me get to the null zone & my eyes shake a lot less omg im sorry if it’s weeeird ////// they/them pronouns please!

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really though what are your thoughts on transhumanism? i'm very interested in anything which combines humanity + the machine but a lot of the stuff i hear floating around is weeeird.

It’s overly-idealistic at its best and cultish at its worst. Within the framework of a capitalist society, only the ruling class would really benefit from any development towards transhumanism’s goals, and I don’t think it’s something worth focusing on. I’m not concerned with finding ways to give humans artificially longer lives, I’d rather focus on humans having naturally better lives.