Dejando a un lado el nido de haters expertos en el uso de falacias en que se ha convertido un sector de Tumblr (censuro sus blogs para no darles el eco que buscan), he de remarcar que se está extendiendo la peligrosa moda de censurar la opinión de los que buscan una igualdad real, sin revanchismo hembrista, entre los que me incluyo. Al parecer criticar tropelías fruto de la lucha feminista, que con toda la buena intención han conseguido quizás lo contrario a lo que buscaban, es sinónimo de machismo o de ser un gilipollas.

La gente no entiende que el asunto al que yo me refiero no es la existencia o no de la violencia machista, CLARO que existe, el asunto es cómo se aborda el propio problema.

Lo cierto es que con una tendencia favorable (cada vez había menos asesinatos por violencia de género) la ley de VG no ha conseguido rebajar las cifras desde que está en vigor. En cambio sí se han creado nuevos casos de denuncias falsas que han acabado con hombres en la cárcel, y muchos casos de hombres inocentes que han pasado por el calabozo y finalmente han sido declarados inocentes. Algo como para reflexionar ¿no?

Aquí el hilo de Twitter completo.


Today’s Card Analysis: Raging Spear Mutant Deity, Stun Beetle

The Japanese card of the day is a triple rare stride for the Megacolony clan from VG-G-BT04: Soul Strike Against the Supreme. Featured in the most recent episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard G, Stun Beetle is a finishing move with a deceptively designed skill that will almost always ensure victory if resolved; however, there is one specific barrier that prevents Stun Beetle from fully eclipsing its existing Machining counterpart.

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(VC):Legion “[Card name]” is defined as “If this unit has never been in a legion state, and your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone into your deck once (normal unit or trigger unit), search your deck for a card that matches the [card characteristic] (its name appears marked in red), Legion (placing it at the left on the same vanguard circle, and combining both units into a single vanguard), and shuffle your deck. This ability cannot be used for the rest of that game.”.
—  turtlecannons to me the phrase “combing both units into a single Vanguard” implies that the position of the old Vanguard is retained.

Então gente, tô pensando em colocar umas duas pessoas aqui comigo, pois minhas aulas vão começar e não sei se vou dar conta de postar o dia todo.

Para participar é fácil, basta seguir os passos:
• Esteja me seguindo.
• Reblogue o post pra ajudar a divulgar.
• Mande pra gente porque quer moderar o caislunar, o tempo que tem livre pra entrar, o seu tumblr, seu nome e idade (seja por ask, cartinha ou submit)

Vou analisar todas as respostas e fazer perguntas também. Não sei quando vou escolher ainda, vai depender de quem mandar.

Obrigada desde já!


some people suggested I draw pricefield and make them look more visually interesting, so in prep for that here are some edits. 

I gave Max a ruddier, frecklier face with some acne and bushiness to her eyebrows (with the added bonus of making her look a bit like Jimmy Hopkins, another vg character based off of Holden Caulfield.) and gave Chloe some minor tweaks and scars to make her really look like she’s really been through the shit she’s been through and has the lifestyle she does. I probably wont ever draw her with hererochromia even though i love it though, just cause im sure ppl would bug me about it haha

EDIT: also yes, this is ok to reblog and you’re free to draw them this way if you’d like obvs lol, id love that <3


A little felt birdbeast I made for my friend who just successfully defended her master’s thesis!!! (Hopefully me this time next year!) I used to make toys all the time when I was a kid, and it felt good to try it again after so long. Definitely some mistakes made, but not half bad for winging it (multi-layered puns, yiss).

My research is progressing and I am working on a new little personal art project that hopefully I will be able to show off soon. It’s quite a bit different from the birdbeasts–more story based. I look forward to sharing it with you!

I have been looking up stuff about conventions…………….maybe…. maybe someday soon……….