~~~spirit wolves~~~



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Undyne (Undertale) // Yumetarō (Gimmick!)

Rokusho (Medarot / Medabots) // Nakoruru (Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown)

Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury / Garō Densetsu and King of Fighters)

ARE YOU OKAY?! These are it, we’ve finally reached the end of all the characters I’ve drawn so far. This batch specifically has, I feel, most of my best drawings and most polished ones. I’ll probably revisit this and draw some more but for now this is the last part. Did I draw one of your favorite characters? Did this make you discover a cool character or game that you now like that you previously didn’t know of? I hope it did.

Also, for those curious and because I kept track of it, the final color count of all the illustrations together is of 37 different colors (counting the background as a color).

Know Thyself, Cast Yeself Down, and in your own ashes, Create Thou!

Why are your spells not working, or at least not working efficiently? Do you wonder why the spirits are not calling? Why you hex was only a spurt of effect? why your money spell didn’t come to fruition?

It all starts with one thing. Yourself. If you cannot create the change in the microcosm, how can you expect to create in the macrocosm? That’s what magick is, changes to the inner to change the outer.

Begin by actualizing and actually letting your spells effect yourself. All great healers are somewhat wounded themselves, and therefore, such a blessing must be taken in before it can be applied to oneself. The hex must also begin with you, as it’s source, you need to be changed, and not always for worst. Sometimes, that change is empowering, animalizing.

And then of course, take action. Take actions purposely and willfully that are going to perpetuate the change of self to change the whole. Make the chances of that job you did a spell for more likely to come fourth in manifestation. Go out and locate what is possible right now, or what you got to take the chance on. Apply! Clean yourself up, review your own questions, prepare for the interviewers, and know why you are a better candidate! I’ll repeat that last line. KNOW why YOU are the better applicant. Make that change to convince yourself, so that when it comes to it, you’ve made the change at the deepest level of who you are.

You want to live healthier mentally? Focus on what anxiety and depression is. Actualize what it is. Look for the causes, and shred them like a wolf on a lamb. Like the wolf is still eventually going to be hungry, you will still have that depression, that anxiety. But without actually going on the hunt with a thirst for the then and now in order to affect the soon and likely, you will starve. The battle is ongoing, much like the survival of the cunning is.

If you are a witch that unfortunately doesn’t have that rare luck some possess in terms of magic, handed by fate, then make your luck by actually putting in the hard work. Some people make knowing themselves look easy. That’s to be expected, but it doesn’t mean to give up and live in a fog, still searching for the next meal as you get weak. Or worst, tamed by the society we’re in.

You can claim to be a witch all day long, but until you make results, real tangible results from the fuel of magical and sorcerous change, you cannot expect to achieve. You can claim to be a magician all day long, but until you get out your armchair, your just a guy (or gal… or whatever) who knows things they’ve never accomplished themselves.

Go make it happen. Start with the self, and then it will fall into place easier!