Bitch, give me your money                                                                        Who y'all think y'all frontin’ on?

I love hearing about peoples problems, so I forget about mine
—  Raymond Garcia, 2015
Perks of being mine

1. You’re just mine I’m not gonna be trying to get with someone else. I give you all of me.
2. I’ll buy you nice clothes and anything you want really.
3. I will send really cute text messages with lyrics and explaining how much I want to hold you. I will also send amazing selfies.
4. I’ll take you out on dates, adventures actually. Might be a little adventurous and go camping.
5. I will be with you if you are sick of feeling sad. I’ll bring you ice cream and tickle you until you smile.
6. I’ll love like no one else has loved you

I was never the type
to keep hidden the anger
that could burn forests
once unleashed

I am not a house made of bricks
I will not hold up
what keeps pushing me down
and seeks to damage me

There may be calm
before the storm
but there will also be darkness
that follows mine

—  MD

bitter-existence asked:

How do you write a perfect résumé?

i won’t say i have a perfect résumé, and tbh mine is actually quite simple and clean, nothing fancy or interesting. 

For basic stuffs: It is importan to categorise your achievements and experiences well (and ofc list them out according to chronological order), and have an short but thorough description for those that require one.

General tips:

Tips on writing good descriptions:

Résumé formats and templates:

Résumé samples here: