Dear-hakyeon project

As you guys all should have known many international fans have been sending hate to other vixx members because of their jokes about N skin color.

Before i say anything more, i just want to clarify that i am not choosing any sides in this conflict, i don’t agree with what some int-starlight are doing but i am also not agreeing with the jokes.

To add to that statement there is a culture diffirence that you guys should be aware of. Which is the reason behind why most of the k-starlights are not reacting the way some int-starlights are reacting to the jokes.

Now about the project, a close friend of mine has opened up a tumblr page for the sole purpose of showing our hard working leader some love :)

The blog is where they will be posting letters of encouragement and support for VIXX’s leader, Cha Hakyeon. Not only because of the stress and responsibility that comes from being the leader of our beloved group, but also the pain that comes from colorist remarks that are continuously being thrown his way. It would be nice if people would send in letters of support and mention how much they love his skin-tone and appreciate all that he does. 

The link of the blog: http://dear-hakyeon.tumblr.com/

Send in loving letters to show support to our hard working leader ^^