“Okay Toronto, listen up, i’ve been on a really long tour and for a lot of loud crowds, i know that you guys can be louder than all of them combined. Now, what i need from you right now, is when you wake up in the morning and have no voice, i want this to be the reason. - Shawn live at the Air Canada Centre. (+more)

A thing I want to say before Sunday

No matter whether you’ve read the spoilers or not, we all know that Sunday is going to be bad. I’m dreading it, and I’ve spent two years trying to numb myself to this damn show. 

But I just wanted to say that I love all of you, and if you need someone to talk to my inbox will be open. We’re all going through this together and no one should have to feel alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We’re a fandom and a community for a reason. Let’s take care of each other.

Holby City S19E04: Somebody to Love

Series 19, Episode 4 airs Tuesday 1st November at 20:00 & 22:45 (Scotland Only) on BBC One.

After saving the life of near-death trauma case, an overconfident Morven clashes with Raf, when he is not convinced that her motives are purely professionally.

When Tristan asks Guy for a personal favour, Zosia warns Guy that Tristan is not to be trusted.  But Guy strikes a deal with Tristan and his reputation hangs in the balance.

When his living habits are called into question, a determined Dominic fights to prove his worth to Isaac but is unprepared for the consequences of his actions.

If I ever met Amy Sherman-Palladino, I’d want to ask her about Lorelai going to Christopher at the end of 622. 

From what I’ve seen, it seems like this is of a matter of opinion/view. Some fans seem to think that Lorelai went to Christopher with no intention of having sex with him. Others seem to think that Lorelai went to Christopher with the intention of hurting Luke, because she knew that Luke would never forgive her for going to Christopher, she knew that having sex with Christopher would be the ultimate way to end things with Luke. (even though she had not planned on telling Luke about it but she says that in 701 so…)

I kind of lean more on the side of Lorelai being the one to initiate the sex and Christopher obviously didn’t stop it because he finally had Lorelai and he wasn’t gonna let her slip away again…  Lorelai may have been drunk, but we’ll never know… I don’t want to believe that Lorelai would intentionally hurt Luke, but it was over for her the moment he didn’t run after her and I feel like she wanted to make sure he would know that it was over…  but then there’s that look of regret on her face when she wakes up in Christopher’s bed so then I kind of lean towards her not meaning to let things go that far…

Thoughts or opinions on this? 

These two lay in the embrace lovers dream of: continuously in union, with no need for anything but delight.

An extremely busy day calls for a later afternoon latte and a breath of fresh mountain air ☕️.
I’ve sort of put The Best Kind of People on hold while I devour some recent new adult releases and endings in some other romances, but I absolutely want to get back into it. I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere I go and have really enjoyed what I have read so crossing my fingers I get the drive to pick it up again! .
I’m working all weekend but I’m among the mountains and loving the views of the snow on the high peaks, along with the brisk air that lets me wrap up in my biggest scarves ☃️.
(at Zephyr Cafe)

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I fell out of love once, as the snow began to cover the ground and the air began to freeze in my lungs. Now the cold has returned, and I am fading once more.
—  winter

I may just be the psycho you never notice

The Night Manager star Elizabeth Debicki is a 6ft 2in beauty currently mesmerising West End audiences, yet she tells Leaf Arbuthnot she can disappear in a crowd

Elizabeth Debicki, the Australian star of The Night Manager and self-professed “Amazon”, is tired of talking about Tom Hiddleston’s bottom. When the BBC aired a long-awaited love scene between the two actors, Britain united to squawk and marvel at the perkiness of Hiddleston’s cheeks.

Now Debicki tells me wanly: “In every interview, I have to talk about his bum. What should I say about it? That it’s there?”

That’s exactly what we want to hear. It’s there and it won’t go away. Thank you!
about the type

i am the teeth meme 

He said he came to me,
Exotic animals
I heard crying.

I felt something,
And to ensure that I would do the trick
I know that there
Imagine the amount before
but when
I remember now
To be honest, we talk

Now the world has changed
It just came out of the air
Pulsating awareness and love
I’ll give you everything,
Said today

Not everyone will forget it
I never thought

At the end of the third hole
Yes, it’s hard, it’s interesting,
Suppose Tom laughs · ZUaufhören
Select the lines of Twitter
On the first floor. Again? Could it be?
I’ll let Tom · ZUaufhörenträumen

We all, I think it’s a bit dangerous in terms of
I have not
No wonder if you
This is a good place

At the end of the third hole
Yes, it’s hard, it’s interesting,
I’ll let Tom · ZUaufhörenschreien
Select the lines of Twitter
On the first floor. Again? Could it be?
Seagull eating He'Imera D

then the eye
I’ve mentioned, but not all of the mountain
Farewell, Tutankhamun University of Leiden
Career on the line, and bad!
On the first floor. Again? Could it be?
or both
Maybe I can find your way

He said he came to me,
Exotic animals
So I asked again.

anonymous asked:

What are some shows that you watch but don't blog about?

That’s a cool question! I watch a lot of food network shows, which rarely shows up on my blog—pretty much name the show, and I’ve watched it. I’m extremely invested in the seasonal baking championships & Cake Wars/Halloween Wars, and every week I watch Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen, whatever baking show they have on, and Guy’s Grocery Games. I mostly watch this stuff in the background of my day, while I do dishes or clean up, but it’s definitely the media I consume the most of. 

I also LOVE Mtv shows. My favorite is the Challenge by far but when they aired, I was also really into Finding Carter and Faking It. I still watch the Real World. 

Some others that I love that I don’t talk about much: Seinfeld (the show that’s been with me the longest!), Unreal, Devious Maids, Pretty Little Liars (since it first aired). And the new fall show I’m watching is Pitch.