~~thug lyfe~~

Sid x Leo says “No to Art Theft”
Commissioned by: @lustfullyleocrawford

Meant to be a slightly humorous and slightly serious commission piece to spread awareness on art theft. Not meant to ruffle any feathers, but mainly to educate that it is wrong.

Yes, reposting art without credits/permission disrespects the artists whose artwork that you claim to love. I have warned before that I will slap on an ugly-looking watermark if it were to happen to me again. I’m tired of hearing about my art being posted without credit (I don’t mind so much permission, but please a credit in the very least). This is also to protect the people who paid for the artwork to be made. So from now on, you will be seeing me post the commissions with smaller size and a watermark. Please, reblog is okay, reposting without credit/permission is not. Have a good day! :)

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Yurio:</b> hey pig, you deaf or did you not hear yourself last night cause we all sure did.<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> sorry, i don't think you could understand. You see, unlike you, i actually get good dick.<p/></p><p/></p>
The Signs As Texts I Sent in 2015

Aries: The babies are your responsibility now because you killed their parents

Taurus: Lesbian school girls murdering people? Aka my aesthetic


Cancer: A hot serial killer dad? My favorite

 Leo: Take tips from the cat. Want someone’s attention? Bite them

Virgo: He looks like a shaved gorilla. Or a hairy egg

Libra: I don’t know what S&M is

Scorpio: Oh, that’s a lot of dead wasps

Sagittarius: Thug Lyfe

Capricorn: I apparently have tuna on my mind

Aquarius:  When will the government tell us the truth

Pisces: Look! I found this hecka rad animal test


Damn dirty bitches, becoming the witches
Grindin’ up and down cause they grantin’ all my wishes
Bring out my aces, like this game was poker
Banish all the witches, thank you based Madoka!

Homura: thelordcommander

Madoka: sin2800

Kyoko: marsonlee

Sayaka: nightmarecircles

Mami: oreos64

Photo credit: potatokraken