I’m warming up to Qrow after the finale I thought he was finally a good & supportive uncle

Raven is still Grade A Garbage tho !!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that both Branwens are garbage, I love the idea that Summer and Tai were both these really emotional, decent, loving people and they both fell for these garbage twins and after the garbage twins dumped them they married each other because they came to their senses…. that’s my headcanon


a very changed version of the selfie tag??

hello hello so i’ve been tagged in multiple selfie tags by VERY VERY GORGEOUS blogs (s/o @jihooon @boyfriendcoups @nowjunhui @kueonhoshi @wonderful-wonwoo @channosaurus-rex @radicalwoo i see all of you). i’m not totally comfortable with sharing identifiable info about myself on the internet (i promise it’s not you, it’s me) but i’ve always felt bad for not responding.

so this is my weird compromise! i call it the “thotty rave ootd selfie taglmao (i am a lowkey thot i embrace it :’–]). just good concert days i had even though neither do they have my face nor are selfies. but i always considered the purpose of the selfie tag to be making the person behind the tumblr seem more real than some rando tumblr bot & i hope this manages to accomplish the same thing maybe maybe not lmao

tagging mutuals @penguinwoozi @svnteenish @vernonsama @dearjisoo, but it doesn’t have to be a selfie! just any picture (with your face or not) of anything you like :) nor do y’all have to do this too lmao my first tag was a month ago

back to your regularly scheduled programming of seventeen bye 


MCU Ladies Week - Day 7: To The Future! 

First of all let’s start with the ladies I want to see in the future:  Kamala Khan, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Valkyrie, Enchantress, Jennifer Walters, Medusa, Monica Rambeau and Shuri. 

For the current characters I would first of all like to see more of Sharon Carter, Betty Ross and Queen Frigga. And for all current women in the MCU to keep being awesome. And to see more female-female interaction.