here it is guys! the sequal to my sort of popular post (which occasionally gets spurts of notes for god knows why,,) its been arnd 11 months since i made that post so heres an updated version to compare

as u can see ive DEFINATELY improved my makeup like holy shit yes thank the lord. nothing else to say rlly except for sorry abt jades lack of regular cosplay - i did an alternate version and used my own glasses and thats the most recent pic sO!

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Do you really 100% think HL are still together? Just does not seem that way to me. Harry seems to be CO with Jeff. I'm sure the recent breakup was mutual and amicable based on appearance of happy photos. Harry no longer wears his "Louis" ring and doesn't go anywhere without Jeff. Also NO larry seeding at all.

Nah, friend. Harry is actually dating Irving Azoff and Louis is fucking Justin Bieber. Or. Wait. Were we not just spouting off random theories trying to make each other laugh?


Resplendent Quetzals - The Rare Jewel Birds of the World

These splendidly plumaged birds are found in certain areas of Southern Mexico and Central America.

They were sacred to the ancient Maya and Aztec peoples, who considered them “gods of the air” and symbols of goodness and light.

In more recent times, these birds have become tourist attractions and, therefore, hold great economic importance; and are the subject of great cultural pride throughout their native range. Please visit this webpage for photos and information. via Beauty of Birds

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any ghost or a "lurking loved one" au's (if that makes any sense omg sorry)

  • Character A is a recent graduate from college and has recently made the move from their hometown, to a larger city, to pursue a job in their degree. After finding a surprisingly cheap apartment close to their work place, Character A discovers that they’re not alone; their apartment is haunted by the ghost of the last owner, a short tempered grandparent who, despite their complaining, makes a enjoyable roommate. 
  • “Listen, you think that I look a lot like your spouse, but I just a stupid teenager who was cutting through the graveyard at night. You’ve been dead for a half-century so I swear I’m not who you think I am.” AU 
  • After Character C dies, Characters A and B are left alone in the countryside to carry on the farm by themselves. Overtime, however, the two of them notice small tokens around the house – misplaced keys reappearing, springs of flowers by the sink, towels neatly folded – that distinctly tell of Character C’s lingering presence over the farm. 
  • “I don’t mean to alarm you, but are you aware that your house is being haunted by a nudist?” AU
  • Character A is a ghost whisper that specializes in talking to spirits of the dead and helping them pass on; however, after talking to Character B, a ghost who’s tied to a bookstore and communicates through book chapter titles, Character A finds themselves developing a sort of attachment to the homely spirit.

Doctors prescribing antibiotics for gonorrhea that no longer work 

GPs are prescribing antibiotics that no longer work for people with gonorrhoea, raising the chances that drug-resistant forms of the sexually transmitted disease will spread.

Antibiotics are losing their potency against many infectious diseases because of inappropriate use or overuse. Gonorrhoea, a serious sexually transmitted infection that is easily passed on and can cause infertility, has for some time been a cause for concern. The bacterium that causes it, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, has developed resistance to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin, traditionally used to treat it, so that in a third of cases, it no longer works.

But a study led by Public Health England (PHE), published in the journal BMJ Open, shows that many GPs are still giving their patients ciprofloxacin, even though it has not been recommended for treatment since 2005. In 2007, ciprofloxacin was on 42% of prescriptions for gonorrhoea and even as recently as 2011, it was still prescribed in 20% of cases.

“We know that gonorrhoea is resistant to quite a lot of antibiotics and does develop resistance quite rapidly to new antibiotics as well,” said lead author Dr Gwenda Hughes from PHE. “The problem is obviously that if people are prescribing the wrong antibiotics, the patient won’t be effectively treated. That isn’t true for all patients – some will still be sensitive to that antibiotic – but some will have an infection that will be resistant to it and that infection will be disseminated more widely.”

Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the bacteria that causes the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhoea. Photograph: Dr David M Phillips/Getty/Visuals Unlimited

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ive gotten to meet people recently who only use ASL. My high school took it out before I was old enough and until now I felt like id just missed the opportunity. I need to save for formal classes but is there any information or way to learn basics before then? or is the formal classes the only way to go. Just looking for information from someone who knows ASL. Thanks

HUh! well this is a fun ask; let me get it out of the way though, that I am just a student. I’m no professional but sometimes taking it from another fellow learner has its own special qualities.

**NOTE! if there is any of you who think I’ve made a mistake or left something important out, please add to this post!***

I really RECOMMEND learning ASL from a professional class. Because the curriculum that i learned was a good balance of learning vocabulary and accent steps, to the culture, slang, grammar  and personality of the culture as the whole. You CAN study these on your own though! the books I read in ASL were:

For Hearing People Only by Matt Scott Moore – a guide to commonly asked questions to Deaf lifestyle and culture

A Deaf Adult Speaks Out by Leo M. Jacobs – deaf culture and history 

Also, there is this Deaf magazine subscription you can look into buying. I lent all mine from my teacher but who knows! Maybe you might get really into it and want to know everything thats bumping in the ASL community. Its called NAD mag 

You might find these an interesting read, but if you are more like me; who’s bad about reading anything thats not about cool dragons; a class would definitely help you read and digest these in manageable chunks. Its almost GUARANTEED that if you take up a beginners corse in ASL you’re going to run into these two books. 

If you can not learn in the class for the time being, try to find some one who’s proficient in ASL enough to maybe teach you a little! Couldn’t hurt. I mean it might be hard to just MAKE  a friend that knows ASL, but it could give you good practice! 

If you REALLY CANT WAIT TO LEARN SOME SIGNS. Well; there are TONS of sign language sights. You have to be careful using the internet, because not all of it is American Sign Language; ASL is not universal and there are multiple different types of signing styles, mostly all of which are hearing condoned and the Deaf community finds is patronizing or limiting to their potential vocabulary. Though don’t look down on anyone who uses them. (i.e. S.E.E., L.O.V.E., Baby sign, etc…) I find the most reliable source of my words come from this dictionary  There are some words you wont be able to find, which is normal, I like signingsavvy the most. Its reliable and certified by my teacher to be a good website. 

So yeah! those are some good self reliant sources of what you can learn by your own. Don’t be over whelmed, its all really interesting stuff! I still recommend you take up a class or learn from a person who understands and/or has been apart of the ASL community for some while. I put some fingerspelling tips down below as that needs little instruction and I really encourage you to try it out! Thanks for asking!


One thing that takes almost NO pro pointers is fingerspelling! If you wanna get into sign language, practice your alphabet. get GOOD. cause it is one of the first skills you learn and one of the most challenging (reading it is the hard part). I like this chart the most because it doesnt represent letters like C,K,P,Q, and X as sideways (they are to face forward) It is an easy and very important skill to learn. I’ve found it to be a good nervous tick when i need something to do with my hands. Plus you never know when you might come in contact with someone who needs you to communicate with them via basic FS! Here are some pointers:

  • When fingerspelling, keep your arm up at shoulder level. You shouldnt feel pain or struggle to keep your arm up, just prop it up with your palm facing outward. When you sign each letter do not bounce when trying to form each letter, it makes it hard for the reader to understand what youre trying to spell. 
  • Fingerspell with ONE hand only. Your dominate hand (right handed, or left handed.) Your dominate hand is important to anchor both your finger spelling and dominate movements in signs, so dont switch between them or it will look sloppy. 
  • Make sure that you do appropriate hand stretches as to not over work your wrist. Youre hands are important for signing! and fingerspelling wears them out good. so make sure to stretch often– make it a frequent habit!
  • Acronyms (such as A.S.L.) have to be signed in a circle. I sign them counter clockwise from my own perspective. I HAVE seen people sign it by moving each individual letter in a tight, small circle. You’ll find that there are different styles of signing all around. 
  • If you are fingerspelling a phrase make sure to pause briefly between each word imaginehowbullshititwouldbeifyouhadtoreadthiswholethinglikethis. same thing. 
  • When you fingerspell a long word or maybe a phrase sign and move your hand sideways, kinda like a typewriter! Do not move out forward, or inward, or to the opposite direction of your dominate hand. You should never feel pain or stress in your hand/arm when fingerspelling, so dont over do it and end up with your arm across the room at the end of your word/phrase! 
  • Double letters such as in “school” or “glass” can be signed by just resigning it with a small squeeze like S-C-H-O-O-L. Or, I HAVE seen when you just drag sideways it very shortly like S-C-H-(OO)-L. if that make sense. 
  • Learning how to fingerspell is the easy part, the hard part is learning how to read it! Heres a good website that can help you practice your FS receptive skills.
  • Same creators of asl.ms listed above made an app! Its extremely helpful and i recommend doing it when you are waiting in line for something or just have some time to kill. Its helped me so much. It costs money, but I found it was well worth it. (itunes link) it says on asl.ms that android version is available as well. 

Thats about all the tips I know. Good luck! If any of you ASL students or Deaf members of the community would like to add anything for those looking into getting into Sign Language please add to this post!


JONATHAN CHERRY: What did I want to be growing up?

TERRY RATZLAFF: I always wanted to be a cartoon animator. I used to draw ninja turtles and comic book characters everyday until I reached high school. My parents told me one day I’d be making cartoons.

JC: Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?

TR: I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration from a recent solo trip I took to Europe. I visited a lot of national galleries and focused on seeing as many exhibitions as I could. Now that I’m back I’ve been working on applying that inspiration into my work. I’ve also been really feeling the work of photographers, Sophie Barbasch, Christopher Nunn and Kalpesh Lathrigra, as well as an Hungarian artist, Szabo Akos who’s work I stumbled upon in Budapest.

JC: What are you up to right now?

TR: I’m pretty focused on a personal project revolving around found objects that tells a story of those whom it belonged to. I’m not too sure what direction it will go in, but I like where its heading. At the same time I’m working on funding the last leg of a long term project that has been in progress for the last two years in Bristol Bay, Alaska. You can view the project here. I’m also putting out a 40-50pg zine every month of 2015. It consists of images that are left over from projects and random images I take on the daily. It’s a fun side project that is tangible and I can share it with people in person rather than just sharing work online.

JC: Have you had any mentors along the way?

TR: Absolutely. Over the years there has been a lot of photographers I’ve looked up to and to whom I’ve reached out. When I photographed snow sports, snowboarder Pat Millbery, who has always been a creative powerhouse, helped me get my foot in the door and really showed me how to build a good work ethic around freelancing. He also showed me how to build and establish relationships with brands and editors and I’m super grateful to have been able to work with him for so long. But in the last few years my work has shifted dramatically. Lately, Ben Rasmussen and Matt Nager have been a big influence for pursuing documentary and editorial work.

JC: Where are you based and how is it shaping you?

TR: I’m currently in Denver, CO and I feel it’s a great place to be. Colorado is forward thinking and eco conscious and I feel that suits my work and the direction I want to go in.

JC: One piece of advice to photography graduates?

TR: Make photographs for your self personally and the work will follow. Your most likely going to struggle for years, but if you are passionate and true to yourself I think it will pay off in the end.

JC: If all else fails- what is your plan B?

TR: If all else fails, I will most likely photograph on the side while balancing a 9-5. I don’t know what will happen, but life without photography is much of a life at this point.

JC: Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community?

TR: It is, in the past few years I’ve found a good community of strong and independent photographers who are all passionate about what they do. It’s been great being able to bounce and build work off each other. I’ve also found that by communicating with others, more work will follow for all. I’m happy to part of a strong network of photographers like; Matt Nager, Ben Rasmussen, Brad Torchia, Theo Stroomer and Daniel Orr.

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I found out recently that Steve in the comics woke up in the future shouting Bucky's name, and now I'm a bit sad we didn't see it happen at the end of The First Avenger.

it didn’t happen in the first avenger because when steve crashed the plane he was alone 

I’m sorry but some kpop fans seriously needs to learn to respect the older groups in the industry (BIGBANG, Shinhwa, SHINee, Super Junior, etc) because they have been basically PAVING the path for the newer groups such as EXO, BTS, VIXX, and so many more. Back then kpop wasn’t as well known as how it is today, it was a lot harder for them to promote and get other people to love their music. I’m not asking you to like them or anything. BUT I really do hope that you’ll have some respect towards them because honestly, most of the recent groups today wouldn’t be as successful as they are right now if it wasn’t for their seniors who overcame that international barrier and struggled to make kpop such a huge thing as it is today.

Get to Know Me!

tag 10 people you want to get to know better (sorry for posting this so late ;w; I forget I had this in my drafts)

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Name: Wantana
Time and Date: 6:08PM, 05/29/15
Average Hours of Sleep per Night: it really varies…sometimes I sleep 5 hours, sometimes I sleep 10 hours lol…my average is probably 9.
Nickname: May
Birthday: May 3, 1994
Sexual Orientation: hetero, cissexual
Height: 160cm
Favorite Colors: Blue, green, neutrals, pastels
One Place that Makes Me Happy: My bedroom
How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: In the summer/spring, I use 1-3…During winter/autumn, I use 4-6.
Favorite Movie: I don’t have lots of favorite movies, but I really enjoyed Berserk: The Golden Age Arc recently!
What I am Wearing Right Now: Floral shorts and a baggy t-shirt
Last Book I Read: Emergency Response textbook
Most Used Phrase: “Ahhhh”
First Word that Comes to Mind: ummm
What I Said Last to a Family Member: I texted my mom “YEAH!”
Favorite Beverage: water/tea with lemon, fruit juice
Favorite Food: there’s too many things that I like
Last Movie I saw in Theater: Home
Dream Vacation: going to Thailand, Spain, Japan, Australia
Dream Wedding: I haven’t really thought about this, but I don’t want it to be super extravagant
Dream Pet: A cat
Dream Job: caregiver, artist…idk, there are many jobs that I’d like to have.

I tag: mikeyike, sshishiosatsuki, theshoujolife, anything-shoujo, saeuri, shoujowonderland, and anyone else who wants to do this!

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I know everything sucks right now, I've been there too. Very, very recently. A few months ago I was holding a bottle of pills in my hand and drinking the pain away. Now, I'm looking at my 3 week old son sleeping in my arms and I wouldn't change what I went through. If I didn't go through it, I wouldn't have this beautiful boy. It gets so much better. Please, don't give up. Bad things happen, horrible things that you don't think you can get over happen. But you always can, and it is SO rewarding.


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So I heard a nerdy pickup line and I can only imagine Skyfire trying it out on Stars. "Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you're CuTe."

Aaaa I apologize for the late reply. Been busy being bullied by life recently. So yeah! Minta maaf! m(。≧Д≦。)m

Anywhos, I’ve heard of that popular nerdy pick up line before. It’s so cute and cheesy! Hahaha!

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I have a male bestfriend and recently we almost had sex but I'm glad we didn't because I just want us to stay friends! But now it seems like he's always trying to pressure me to have sex with him and gets kinda mad when I don't want to. Idk what to do.

understand that he’s no longer your friend (probably never was) and distance yourself; keep that negativity away from you love! Good luck & stay safe 💞

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Recent studies show plants feel pain when being eaten and release a sound like a scream that the human ears cannot hear. I get you are vegan to stop harm of animals but aren't you harming plants?

First of all if you had a choice to stab a puppy or tear apart a piece of lettuce you would pick the second option if you are sane enough.

SECOND OF ALL you are killing MORE plants by funding animal industries as animals require a lot more plants than humans as food. Even if plants did feel pain the same way as animals do (which they don’t) but even if they DID, going vegan would STILL be more sustainable.

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Hi Wil! I recently picked up the Pandemic extension Pandemic: On the Brink, it gives you three new ways to play the classic Pandemic including a Virulent Strain variant and a Bio-Terrorist variant. I know you've done Pandemic on Tabletop (it's one of my favorite episodes), would you ever consider doing a variant of a game you've already done?

If there’s a season 4, we may look at it, but I try to play entirely new games, instead of expansions, so we are able to showcase lots of different things.

By the way, I love everything in that expansion, except the bio-terrorist. Virulent Strain and Mutations are awesome.

Flight SQA016 - Chapter 41 now available

I’m also very pleased to be able to officially announce that I have been in discussions with the wonderful Ylva Publishing and the contract has now been signed for Flight SQA016 to be officially published in March 2016, you can read the announcement here.

For more information please go to my website by clicking here and thank you to everyone who has read/liked/commented/reviewed/messages/shared the story, I’m so pleased that it’s touched so many people.

Summary: Emma Swan has recently taken a job with Crown Airlines working in the first class cabin flying from New York to London. Regina Mills is a literal high-flying business executive with terrible social skills. Alternative Universe, no curse, no magic, no Storybrooke. Slowburn SwanQueen.

Links: FFnet | AO3

Don’t forget that this video has a fantastic video by the amazingly talented misslane1981 do check it out and tell her how awesome she is while you’re at it!