Do you stand for gender equality in the film and television industry?


From the ACLU website:

“Gender disparities in film and television directing are striking, and despite a number of reports and headlines about the issue in recent years, not much has changed. Over the last year, the ACLU has heard directly from more than 50 women in the directing industry. Their stories mirror the dismal numbers reported, but more importantly give ​voice to the discrimination they endure.

We believe that the failure to hire women directors and give them a fair opportunity to succeed in the field is a civil rights issue. This is why the ACLU Women’s Rights Project and the ACLU of Southern California have a campaign demanding that our government launch an investigation into the systemic failure to hire women directors at all levels of the film and TV industry ​in violation of state and federal civil rights laws. Learn more.

Join us in asking our government to investigate this issue and stand with women directors. Sign our petition below today.”


Stunning Hand-Made GIFs by Nancy Liang

Sydney-based illustrator Nancy Liang’s stunning animated illustrations were done almost entirely by hand, which is extremely rare in a world where imaginative scenes are composed by codes. Every image is conceived through a physical drawing. Liang uses kraft paper cutouts, pencil drawings, and many sketches before implementing them into Photoshop for animation. To view her recent pieces, check out her Tumblr: Over the Moon


Fascinating Portraits of Yoko Ono From the Early ‘60s

Years before the world knew her as John Lennon’s better half and artistic partner, Yoko Ono herself was already an established artist. Here are portraits of the artist and peace activist from this period, presented just in time for her recently-opened first “official” show at the Museum of Modern Art. http://bit.ly/1JW0QDn

Possibly it runs in the family

“You’ve got a brother who’s worried about you, but you won’t go to him for help because you don’t approve of him—possibly because he’s an alcoholic, more likely because he recently walked out on his wife.”

Sometimes Sherlock sees things he doesn’t mean to see; in this case, was it John’s future?

In series three John appears to be dancing on the edge of both of the things he judges his sister for: he’s veering towards a driving problem, and, as Billy points out, he’s contemplating walking out on his wife. He may not approve, but he’s not immune from following the same path as his absent sister.

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hey I've liked this guy for a while now and he recently started dating this girl and I still really like him do you think its ok for me to flirt and try to get him to like me and stuff

Not really, I mean how would you feel if another girl was flirting with your boyfriend after you just started a relationship. If you really like him, you might just have to wait

Recent observations n tingzzzz

Ive seen a few posts floating around the last couple of days and I just wanted to share my opinion of it.

A lot of people that haven’t met Taylor or don’t have a Taylor follow have expressed a sadness that they feel left out or ignored of the fandom and it’s really upset me.

I get a lot of messages every day but I always try and reply to as many as I can, and nearly always reply to them eventually, even if it takes me a while.

It makes me sad that people are leaving others out just because they’ve met Taylor and have a lot of followers.

Meeting Taylor doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. It’s an amazing thing to have happened but I think it’s wrong to shut people out once it’s happened and to only speak to people that have met her.

Anyways, my box is always open for anyone to chat to me if they want and I hope if you’re feeling left out, that people make you feel included and loved soon.

Treat people how Taylor would treat you, and the world would be a better place 💜

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Where do people get such "personal" videos and photos of tom hardy? He doesn't do social media right?

When you read this post please do me a favor of reblogging it? There is a fake snapchat post going around for Tom and it’s out of hand. 

The pictures from this post are fake:

These are the original photos for the above post, watermarked with “tomhardydotorg” on one of them:

So once again, Tom Hardy does not have any social media account.

Any recent personal selfies, videos and photos for Tom Hardy that are found on the internet are sent to tomhardydotorg​ with permission from Tom to post. The moderators only relay content, they cannot put anyone in touch with him directly.

tomhardydotorg​ is the Tumblr account for Tom’s officially unofficial website which is http://tomhardy.org/. It is the main source for receiving new updates from Tom Hardy himself.

You can follow tomhardydotorg in the following places:

I want this post to spread like wildfire only because I know that Tom is a very private person, and the moderators over at dotorg do a good job of respecting that and asking that others do the same.

If you keep up with tomhardydotorg I guarantee you’ll never have a shortage of Tommy love from the man himself. 


Here are scans of a lil pencil-y one sheeter I made for a candy themed fun pack that debuted at TCAF. I got a corner rounder recently and worked that into the final design of the zine - diamond eyed “Hard Candy” poster.

I have a couple left that I’ll be bringing to CAKE, which is coming up! They come in a peppermint printed cellophane bag with Ring Pop lollipop included.

Mad Max: Doof Warrior

Been at this on-and-off for days now. I wanted to devote a huge explosive piece to the one true star of Fury Road, the one who is burdened with a single mission amidst the chaos and madness: to shred. At all costs. Till the end of ends.

I pushed myself a bit, stepped away from my recent comfort zone of 2D minimalism and tried to convey motion, since everything I’ve done so far is pretty much rooted in static shapes.

Additional links for purchase and viewing:

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Pity, rather than empathy, doesn’t actually add to a discussion of oppression. Instead, it recenters the discussion on the oppressor who now feels bad for oppressing. It’s a subtle, unconscious way of re-establishing dominance in spaces that exist for the oppressed. The man who feels the need to tell women that he feels sad is a man who cannot bear being quiet long enough to allow women to direct the discussion. Your feelings about our lives are useful in that they may motivate you to work within the oppressive class to change things. But your feelings about our lives are only useful if you don’t make them into our problem.
—  I’m really tired of being made responsible for how other people feel.
Play at the Plate, by David Corcoran

On the edge of the outfield grass

the second baseman takes a relay, pivots,

and in a timeless fluid motion

pegs it to the catcher. They’re kids,

thirteen, fourteen. The runner

races home, the catcher

a step up the line to block the plate,

and as I watch from the bus, they all

converge there in the dusk and dust —

ball, runner, catcher, ump.

And then

we round a corner. I crane my neck, too late.

So in this torn moment

he’s both safe and out, the not-knowing

stretching on forever, past nothing,

future nothing —

score tied.

Last week, at the Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop, we had a little reading where all of our instructors shared some of their work. David Corcoran, who was most recently the editor of the Science Times at the NYT, shared this little poem about, as he put it, “baseball and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.” I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. 

So, here’s my little nod to all good things: summer, science, and baseball. 

S&M || Meredith & Derek

Meredith sighs as she taps her fingers on the bar in front of her. She shouldn’t go, she knows this - they broke up, but the temptation is there. Sex and Mockery. That was all it was, but if that was it why would she be craving his touch? Why does she care if he sleeps with anyone else? She should stop seeing him, let him move, she’s not ready for this right now. 

Yet she finds herself stumbling to her car and racing to his trailer. 

She sneaks past Richards neighbouring trailer and gently taps the tin door. “Derek?” She whispers, hoping he’s not asleep or on call. 

Eeeeeeeey! I’m re-launching my Patreon! It has cheaper prices, more rewards and is gonna help me kick some life back into Vocal Score music! There’s a chance I may be moving out of my parents house very soon, and since that’s the case, I’m gonna be able to record again!

However in recent things have made that hard:

  1. The fact I’m gonna have to find a job that will keep my music producing time down.
  2. I have to replace my old audio interface, my guitar just broke for good, I could do with a better mic, my piano is far from “good” for recording stuff and it would be great to be able to replace it, and some sound foam to cancel some nasty room sounds. Basically, I need new equipment.
  3. I’m gonna have to start paying rent and food and stuff, so getting as much money for that as possible would be super helpful.
  4. I still want to try and save some money up so I can go live with the boyfriend as soon as possible! ;w; <3

So, Patreon will really help with all the stuff! So please consider supporting if you can! I would heart you forever. :3 <3

CLICK HERE or the picture above to head over there and check it out! :3 

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Do What You Love

Gabriela Herman is a editorial and commercial photographer who specializes in travel, food, lifestyle and portrait work. She travels a lot, and splits her time between New York City and Martha’s Vineyard, where she spends her summers. In a recent email promo, Herman included images from her fifth—and first international—assignment from Condé Nast Traveler. The magazine sent her to Greece for a week to shoot her first cover story for them. 

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