So I’m a greyromantic pansexual demigirl and I don’t have a whole big huge story to tell you guys. In fact I only just recently figured out my sexuality. Well I’m not even out to my family. Only like 6 people know irl and half of them were accidental.  stupid i’m not straight jokes

Well anyways I was so stressed out about who I was going to tell and when and what their reactions would be. So far All I have gotten were positivity, or at worst the ‘I don’t really understand but I can live with it’ thing.

I know that being anything that isn’t gay or lesbian in this community can be hard at times *cough* bisexuals and asexuals *cough* because people don’t understand or believe you don’t exist and are making it up. But just know that it isn’t true. You are valid.

I just want all of you to know that you don’t need to worry yourself about how people will react because the people who really matter are those who support you. You don’t  have to prove that you are real and valid. I want all of you fellow pans and lgbtqia+  people to know that sometimes it won’t be as bad as people make you think.

ily ~ Hannah

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'You'll always be my Batman.' - Stiles please :) x

You were lying down on Stiles’ bed, your head resting in the crook of his neck, your fingers tracing patterns against his chest, while his arm wrapped around your waist. You always liked times like this, you two could relax and just take a moment to breath. The silence was comfortable, but quickly broken by your boyfriend. 

“Hey…Y/N, what…what if I can’t protect you next time?…What..if…” His voice was broken and you lifted yourself up on one arm to look down at him. You knew what he was talking about…only recently had you nearly gotten hurt thanks to all the supernatural bullshit that the two of you dealt with. The only reason you were fine was because of him. You knew Stiles could be insecure. He wasn’t the strongest person. He wasn’t the best fighter. He was only human, but he had nothing to worry about in your eyes. The fact he worried just made you love him more. 

“You’ll always be my Batman, Stiles…whether you are there to protect me or not.” You rested a hand against his cheek, and caught his golden eyes with your own, a small smile started at the corner of his lips and continued to grow.

“Always?” He asked, eyebrow raised. You didn’t often talk about the future, but goddamn did you hope Stiles was in it. You were pretty sure Stiles was it. That he was the one….even if it seemed just like stupid teenager talk. But you loved him. You loved that you could watch stupid programs with him, that you could eat tonnes of food together, that he’d walk you to class, and drive you to school. You just loved him. 

“Always.” You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips and went to pull away, but a gentle hand twisting into your hair pulled you back in and you smiled against him. Yes. You loved him. You loved your Batman. 

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Una cosa bella che hanno fatto per te?

Un giorno scrissi un tema su un film visto di recente. Noi siamo infinito. La cosa che mi colpì era un professore che ogni volta dava un libro a Charlie, il protagonista. Lo scrissi nel tema. Dopo una settimana la mia professoressa mi diede un libro, e poi un altro e poi un altro ancora. Ogni libro aveva un significato preciso, ogni libro mi ha salvato un po’.

In the light of recent events Chloe ( ouat-swanprincess ) and I have come up with a little one week long project starting on Monday 25/5 to 31/5 to help spread some love to Jennifer.

Project send love to Jennifer Morrison ♥

Good vibes from one person to another, equals happiness all around — it’s a win-win. You can participate either on Tumblr or on Twitter or both. Twitter is preferred because that’s where Jmo will see it.
So if you want to be a part of this love spreading project here’s what you’ll have to do (we’ll be using the tag #projectsendjmolove): 

Day 1: Share your favorite memory of/with Jmo.

Day 2: Share your favorite Jmo quote and what it means to you.

Day 3: Share how Jmo has inspired you to be a better person.

Day 4: Share a drawing or picture of ducklings with Jmo.

Day 5: Share one thing you love about Jmo.

Day 6: Share how Jmo has impacted your life.

Day 7: Share your favorite movie/book Jmo has suggested.

Let’s show Jennifer our support and prove her how much she means to us, by sending her as much love as we can! She doesn’t deserve to be treated like this!

Reblog this, help spread the word and beat the hate!

Late (’React’ bonus) - (Reader x Pietro Maximoff)
Word Count: 750

A/N: I know the original imagine for this was for Steve to wake the recruit up, but why not have a little unintentional payback?

You had a distinct feeling that you were forgetting something important, but you hadn’t had a good sleep in for a long while now, so you didn’t particularly care.

Recently you had been working a little more with Bucky- James in private, trying to see how he would take to exercise and training regimes. It was hard for him wriggle out of the Soldier’s mental conditioning and sometimes that persona took over for a moment, but overall he seemed to be enjoy being more active again.

It was exhausting however. You had to stay on your toes to watch if he would use a little too much of his strength. Generally he was very careful with you which surprised the observation teams a lot, but it didn’t really surprise you. Maybe he’d slip up every now and then, but James was all about control.

Then there had been the exhibition match with Natasha not too long ago and parts of you were still sore from that. She seemed to have recovered from it a lot faster than you had, but maybe she was just good at hiding her soreness.

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I’m not doing well at updating so here are some bullet points:

• Vacation to California went well, sisters still hate each other and are not talking

• Kevin is working really hard on his sobriety. He is looking better and feeling better each day. While I was in California, he remodeled our master bathroom!! He is attending a 14 week early recovery program. I’m so proud of him!

• My old grumpy pug Ralph turns 13 next week! I love that sassy old man.

• Running has been on point! I ran 42 miles this week. That has been the most mileage since marathon training last fall. Springermom (Terry) has joined me for quite a few miles recently! She’s killing it. We are running a half marathon together on June 13th. I am really hoping her training continues to go well and we can run the Grand Rapids marathon together in October :)

• I am taking the summer off from the coffee shop. Tomorrow is my last day until the beginning of September. I decided I really wanted to spend some time with Kevin. This will be the first summer that he has been sober since we met.

I think I’ve caught you up on the latest news!

Happy Saturday!

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what's all this going on between nina and kat? cause i don't really keep up with these things but i still wanna know...

I don’t know much about the situation myself.  I think they are likely still friends. There was something that happened one day that people were making a big deal about. I guess because Nina unfollowed Chris Wood on Instagram and Twitter, the same day he started following Kat on Instagram. Also around the time those wedding photos of Chris and Kat came out. Some people also pointed out that Nina didn’t follow Kat on twitter, so they thought she was mad at the both of them for going to Ian’s wedding. But then others pointed out that Nina follows Nikki on twitter and Instagram. I doubt she would be mad about that. And from what I heard in recent interviews she seems happy for Ian & Nikki and is still friends with Ian. I don’t think that stuff bothers her. I don’t know why she unfollowed Chris and doesn’t follow Kat or if that even means anything at all tbh. 

Do you guys remember when

We were all like, “zomg when will I give birth!!!” back in November/December, & now we’re just about to (or recently have) celebrate our baby’s half birthday (6 months old).

Time flies.

takawaste replied to your post:growing up and playing street fighter II at the…

brah arcades back in the day were so fun fr fr i tried playing ultra recently tho and it wasnt fun

tru, I don’t look like the type to be good at this shit so it’s so funny when people rock up next to me all confident and get destroyed, I can’t get into ultra either, still stick to 3rd Strike cause it’s the jam

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hi!! okay!! so! sleepover saturday!! i have this really cute girlfriend and i'm gonna describe her for u okay. she has dark brown eyes and really nice black hair that she recently cut just below her chin and it's all sharp looks really badass?? idk?? she's 5"7 and so that means she's 5 inches taller than me rip. and every morning she sends me a text bc she's always up before i am and knows i check my phone the second i get up i like her a lot ok bYE

What Sony and Spotify's secret deal really looks like

The nitty-gritty details of Sony’s deal with Spotify paint a picture of a very lopsided negotiation indeed, with Sony commanding an unbelievable “most favored nation” status from the streaming music provider that entitles it to top-up payments to match other labels whose music is more popular on the service.

The Verge obtained and published a copy of the contract – possibly from the Sony email dump – but subsequently removed it after a copyright complaint (presumably from Sony, though it’s possible that Spotify, or law-firms working for either company, could have asserted copyright in the documents).

The copyright complaint is at least as eyebrow raising as anything in the contract. Copyright is only attracted to creative, not factual or functional works, meaning that any copyright in the contract will be “thin.” In addition, there are strong, recent precedents for the idea that posting entire newsworthy documents for the purpose of discussion and criticism is fair use.

Digital Music Review has called for copies from anyone who may have saved them.

Even without the contract itself, there’s one clear conclusion from the details revealed in the article: the labels do not lack for revenue from the streaming music companies. If artists are getting shafted on payouts for streams of their music – and it’s clear that they are – it’s because the labels are screwing them, not because the streaming companies aren’t paying out.

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Many of you don’t know this, but I am actually a singer. I think that’s part of the reason why music is such a big part of me. I have recently been approached by music producers, and I actually need a stage name. I wanted a name that is one word, but stands out, is sort of potent in its existence. Something that is reflective of me, but can also appeal to other people as well. I’m struggling to come up with any good names, do any of you have suggestions?