Imagine having to build a bridge — a strong bridge — out of nothing but epoxy and spaghetti.

Yeah, hard. Just ask one of the 160 high schoolers who recently finished Engineering Innovation, a rigorous, monthlong summer camp run by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and a handful of other cities. They didn’t just have to imagine it; they had to do it.

Students come from all over the world to get what is, for many, their first real taste of engineering in the classroom. The idea behind the program is simple: Give students a chance to explore complex ideas using remarkably simple tools.

Example: Measure the distance between two spires on the Hopkins campus using nothing but a few measuring sticks, string and tape.

Students also have to design a mousetrap out of nothing but paper, glue and rubber bands.

But the grand finale — the last big test for students — is the spaghetti bridge.

Teaching Students To Use Their Noodles

Photo and GIF credit: Lydia Thompson/NPR

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What podcast do you work on?

I’m working on putting together my own podcast about life in one’s 20s. It wouldn’t be how-to guides like here, but more of a “here’s what life is really like.” I’ll have a different guest each week and talk about things like job hunting, dating, living on your own, how TV gave us all unrealistic expectations for our 20s, 90s nostalgia, etc. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and I have just about everything in place, so I’ll post when the first episode goes live.

Additionally, I have recently guested on rassilonwatchathon and Librarians Assemble (my episode will go up August 10th—I talk about this blog in addition to graphic novels).

Attack on Titan: Junior High (Shingeki Kyojin Chuugakkou) Character Profiles

[translation: yusenki | editing: thirstylevi]

[source: x]

Eren Yeager: A young boy who dreams about exterminating every single titan on the face of the earth. He tends to be reckless in the pursuit of exterminating the titans and ends up ignoring and breaking school rules. His favorite food is cheeseburgers.

Mikasa Ackerman: Eren’s childhood friend. She’s basically only interested in Eren, and while she has extraordinary reflexes, when she has been separated from Eren since morning, her capabilities lower until only 30% of her original energy remains and she becomes very blue.

Armin Arlert: Eren’s childhood friend. He has a brilliant mind. Even when the heater is working very well he still feels cold. If he doesn’t have his blanket, he’ll immediately catch a cold. He can’t let go of his blanket.

Annie Leonhart: Although she looks cool, looks can be deceiving. Due to a recent incident, she even hides what her favorite food is. To fix her image, she’s always on the lookout for a chance to bring Eren down.

Jean Kirstein: He wants to be popular, that’s all he needs. He is so jealous of Eren, who is always being taken care of by Mikasa in different ways. Without thinking, he frequently finds himself caught in a fight with Eren. He is close to Marco.

Marco Bodt: When someone is in trouble, he will extend his hand to offer help. When he sees someone is worried, he will praise the good within that person. Maybe it’s because of this virtuous personality that naturally he became popular and is the peacemaker in the 1st year class.

Sasha Blouse: Her favorite food is steamed potato. Whether it’s during class or in a sticky situation, she won’t stop eating. Currently she really wants to eat the yakisoba bread that is being sold right now, but due to an intervention by upperclassmen, she is unable to eat it.

Connie Springer: He’s a person who lives life at his own pace. Even if he gets a 0 on every exam he takes, he still doesn’t care. Needless to say he doesn’t study for any exams. The length of his hair is only 3 mm, and he likes fried food.

Krista Lenz: Cute in every way possible. Since she is sincere, kind, and has a good personality, she’s loved by both boys and girls and is the class idol. However, all the boys that carelessly approach her are sent flying away by Ymir.

Ymir: Krista is her life, and her favorite phrase is “Let’s get married.” She only focuses on chasing away boys that have a clear ulterior motive about getting near Krista. She is wary of Reiner, who has tried to get near Krista many times.

Reiner Braun: He has a tough physique and not easily budge an inch. He gave his heart to Krista but he always gets chased away by Ymir. He’s always with Bertholdt.

Bertholdt Hoover: He has a simple and reserved personality. He is the tallest in his class, but he is always hidden behind Reiner’s shadow and doesn’t stand out. His gaze is always directed toward Annie, and Reiner found out about his feelings.

Levi: A 3rd year student who is a member of the Shingeki Junior High Survey Club. The crest carved onto his school uniform button is the “wings of freedom.” He is called humanity’s strongest man. He’s extremely particular about cleanliness and won’t allow any dust to exist near him.

Erwin Smith: A teacher at Shingeki Junior High. The students adore him because he is fair and just. He has concerns regarding how the school deals with the titans, however his true feelings towards the school’s priorities are not easily understood by most.

Hange Zoe: A 3rd year student who is a member of the Shingeki Junior High Survey Club. Researching the titans’ biology is her life’s work, and she becomes very enthusiastic when it comes to titans. She keeps two pets named Sonny and Bean.

Eld Jinn: A 2nd year student who is a member of the Shingeki Junior High Survey Club. Among the Survey Club members who are mostly eccentric, he is one with the most common sense. He’s the type that can make decisions calmly, so he’s the peacemaker of the 2nd year class. He is close with Gunther.

Gunter Schultz: A 2nd year student who is a member of the Shingeki Junior High Survey Club. He appears silent and is easy to hang out with. He uses all of his strength for events. Although he looks serious, he is not what he seems: when he sees a cute person, his heart starts to flutter.

Petra Ral: A 2nd year student who is a member of the Shingeki Junior High Survey Club. She’s strict about her attire, but really she’s just like a kind older sister. However, while around Aurou, she becomes the straight-laced one (sharp, merciless, and no-nonsense).

Aurou Bozado: A 2nd year student who is a member of the Shingeki Junior High Survey Club. He talks a lot and ends up biting his own tongue up to three times a day. Due to his narcissistic tendencies, he often tries to imitate Levi, who he admires greatly. According to Petra they aren’t similar at all.

Rico Brzenska: A 2nd year student who centers her life around wall beautification, as she is the Wall Beautification Club captain. She has unique view on handling the valuable 3DMG for wall surface cleaning. If it’s handled roughly, she will expect the abuser to clean the all the windows in the school building.

Mike Zacharias: A 3rd year student who is a member of the Shingeki Junior High Survey Club. He has a sharp sense of smell and can make judgments based on the odors of everything he smells. This is why he always sniffs people when he meets them.

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i took this pic for trans day of visibility this year and it is easily one of my favorite pictures of myself. i’m really happy with my hair and i feel so comfortable in my clothes which is not common for me. i guess it just reminds me of how far i’ve come recently - i’ve come out to my parents, some of my friends and i should be on estrogen by the end of the year. (i’ve even been called ma'am a few times at work!) 

i spent a long time being unsure of my transfeminine side and being embarrassed of my masculine side so it also reminds of how much i’ve grown personally 

eric - agender (they/them)

It’s Gender Euphoria Weekend here at Ways to Raise. From July 31st - August 2nd. Trans and nonbinary folks should feel free to submit those selfies that make you feel great, or any stories and thoughts you have involving what makes you euphoric/what Gender Euphoria means to you!

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Who was Montana?

She was one of the two girls in Troye’s TFiOS music video. He saw her again a few times after filming it, most recently for Amplify and then to ride Segways in Perth with his family. But unfortunately she passed away yesterday.

hi my name is swindle i am a poor disabled autistic trans minor and as school starts up again soon, my ability to work dwindles and my expenses go up because i have to buy school supplies. this is added to the fact that i have to buy all my own clothes and make my own food, unless there is a rare occasion where it is supplied for me

where it is usually the job of my parents to supply this, they are abusive and do not support me . i have myriad stomach issues and sensitivities  and they do not cook to accomodate these, and they are supplying an incredibly minimal budget for school supplies. my father also recently went to a lower paying job so even if they did support me, they don’t have the money to do it.

my paypal is snappingwire@gmail.com, you can donate but i would prefer you commission me because i want to give you something in return for helping me.

if you ask i can also give you my amazon wishlist that has school supplies and other stuff i need (be it clothes or coping things or stim stuff).

please reblog this if you are able. thank you for reading this and i hope no matter who you are you have a good day :-)

so since I’ve reached 22k recently I want to start following more of you and everything so give this a couple notes and I’ll check out your blogs and maybe follow you if I like your blog (your blog doesn’t have to be related to pll or anything)


in my household I grew up learning about prejudice and racism. and how we should examine our internal thoughts and feelings for prejudiced thoughts that might slip in there from a racist society and actively work on getting rid of it. so that’s why it’s surprising to me when people are so blind to this and yell “I don’t say slurs!! I’m not racist!!!”. because there’s so much more to it. and if you’re not vigilant about it, nasty stuff can creep in because we live in a fucked up society. this applies to both minorities/POC and white people. somehow in many white households they never had those conversations. so we end up with people who have zero understanding and self awareness of their own prejudices. I feel like a lot of white recently are screaming “don’t talk about race!! you’re making the problem worse by talking about it!” and that makes zero sense. how can we bring light to an issue and fix it if it’s never discussed? they just want to maintain the status quo because it benefits them.

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most mindfuck piece of cinema encountered by you in recent times?

Wetlands (2013) like holy shit I DID NOT bring myself to finish it but there was something very special about the narrative and they could’ve done a decent job on it only they filmed it for the sake of exaggerating their own brains out but wth it’s still special I suppose

28164) My mom recently started counting her calories, and she was telling me how many calories were in the breakfast we had just eaten. I told her that she had done it wrong, and then I rattled off PERFECTLY how many calories each item had. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve memorized calories.