Tony volunteering as a guest lecturer for a semester at NYU or MIT or wherever.

Tony giving the students his email address and telling them to email him if they’re struggling.

Tony chastising students that email him past 11pm on a school night, because only he’s allowed to stay up that late at night (but then still giving them the help and support they need).

Tony bringing muffins and coffee for everyone who attends his lectures.


#tidappreciationweek17: day four ≡ favourite platonic relationship

“I cannot leave you to face death alone,” Will whispered, but he knew he was beaten; the sands of his will had run out.
Jem touched the parabatai rune on his shoulder, through the thin material of his nightshirt. “I am not alone,” he said. “Wherever we are, we are as one.”


fancy seeing you here lads ✌🏽

anonymous asked:

i usually bring a sandwich for lunch but i ran out of bread so i just wrapped everything in a piece of lettuce? (i was in a rush ok) but taako walked in when i was eating it in the break room and laughed at me b/c he thought i was eating a piece of lettuce. but when i showed him it was folded + full of fillings he just. stared at me for a really long time. like so long i was about to call for help? and then he turned and sprinted out of the room. i havent seen him since. what did i do