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what are some of ur fav ted-ed vids?

i’m gonna answer with more channels than just ted-ed bc honestly i love this sort of stuff, it’s great to watch while cooking or eating or doing household chores! hope y’all enjoy watching these

YOUTUBE MASTERPOST: educational videos

ted-ed/ted talks

crash course

overly sarcastic productions



coffee break


5 TED talks to procrastinate with

Since I’m like 100% sure you’re procrastinating doing something important on this hell-site (no judging, I’m doing this, too), why at least not do it in style and actually end up more inspired or motivated? Or maybe learning something you didn’t know?

What I learned from going blind in space | Chris Hadfield

My stroke of insight | Jill Bolte Taylor

What really matters at the end of life | BJ Miller

How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are | Andrew Solomon

I Am Not A Monster: Schizophrenia | Cecilia McGough

Fitz kept his eyes trained on Jemma every second he wasn’t scanning for danger, worried about the way she was staggering, reaching out for either the wall or his arm every few minutes, needing to catch her balance. He felt guilty; he had caused her pain when the implant was malfunctioning and he had to get it out, but knowing that he had to do it. Still, he hated seeing the blood that had dripped down, clinging to the side of her face and neck, staining her skin.

Her comment from the elevator made him worry, hoping he hadn’t caused too much damage to her vestibulocochlear nerve when removing the implant without medical training and such a crude instrument. She had seemed alright when he had boosted her to grab Daisy’s hands, the other woman tugging Jemma up and out of the elevator, but she had slowed down since they climbed out, her breathing ragged.

“Jemma?” he asked, keeping his voice low as Daisy led them through the maze of hallways, muttering to herself about wishing he could just tear her inhibitor out too as Jemma stumbled again, bringing one hand up to her forehead as she winced, skin pale.

“I just… I need to stop for a second,” she said, taking a few deep breaths as she grabbed the wall.

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all canon and fanon content re: donald calming scrooge down after a nightmare is extremely good but none of it is cuddly enough. consider exhausted out of his mind donald plopping down next to his shivering babbling uncle and whipping out his phone to like watch the money episode of how it’s made or something because he’s gotta outsource the comfort today it’s just not in him. snoozes away long before scrooge does and slumps sideways against him and scrooge doesn’t consciously decide not to push him off, it’s not that the weight and the breathing and the warmth are reassuring or anything, he’s just suddenly too tired to move.

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i'm just curious as to what your stance on abortion is if the birth will kill the mother?

So, dear Anon, here we are at last. I’m procrastinating on my paper once more! 

It’s a very difficult situation, to say the least. A harrowing example of this exact situation is St. Gianna Molla, who refused a very vital surgery so her baby could live. It’s an incredible story (click her name for a link to it), but it’s not the usual situation (though I hope in that situation I would also be able to give my life for my child). 

I think what should be done in those instances is do everything to save both mother and child, but if the child dies of natural causes, then it happens. It’s very sad, but it does happen (it happened to a very very close relative of mine, actually). However, what should be done in those instances is to figure out which party, the mother or infant, has a higher chance of surviving, and then proceed. For instance, if the mother needs a surgery but the infant will die (as is the case of St. Gianna), then it would not be an abortion. The mother, in that instance, can have the surgery or whatever she needs to sustain her life, and it would not be an abortion. 

I do and cannot ever condone a viable child being murdered in their mother’s womb. If the child happens to die from other complications, as tragic as it may be, then it happens and it’s devastating, but it is not an abortion. Any procedure done without the intention to “terminate the pregnancy”, as they say, is not an abortion. Any procedure done with the direct and explicit intention of killing the child, however, is an abortion and is something I am not okay with at all. 

I believe, as well, that this is the typical stance of the Church in these situations. Since I really should be writing that paper, I can’t look it up at the moment, but if you would like me to provide material on this, shoot me another message and I’ll give it to you by Tuesday. 

Again, personally I hope I would be like St. Gianna if I ever found myself in that situation. I say “hope” because, as I’m not married and haven’t ever been pregnant, I’ve never been in that situation and cannot say for sure what I would do with endorphins from fear shooting through my veins. But that’s just me. 


Like the stars chase the sun
                       Over the glowing hill, I will conquer

Blood is running deep
                       Some things never sleep

Queen of Peace

Breathe Like You Mean It

Relationships: James Bond/Q

A couple of people requested to read this so I posted it instead of hoarding it away lol. Unbetaed, oneshot (for the moment. There’s some other things I didn’t get to include that I wanted in but I haven’t decided if I wanted to continue yet.) Enjoy! :D

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Today I thought about how I used to dress up as a teen and realized that I had a phase, and then I thought about whether Joe had a phase in her teenage years. And I present you this.

Irena, around 16/17, before she got her medical license. 

I don’t have a real explanation for it though. I just… thought it fits her. So yeah. She had kind of a Hip Hop phase. It’s canon now.