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PROMPT: Your OTP subconsciously holding hands all the time, whether in public or not. Sometimes getting smiles, sometimes odd looks, but they hold each other’s hand anyway. (Link to prompt: here)

- They didn’t understand why people gave them funny looks every now and then.

- Remus would get fidgety because he hated getting attention from the general public against his wishes.

- He always felt that he was being judged, or that they had somehow figured out his two biggest secrets and were planning a way to ship him off and send him far away from Hogwarts.

- Sirius was just used to people staring at him for being the heir of the Ancient and Most Nobel House of Black.

- He knew the looks he got were either from people who wanted to schmooze him so they could climb their way up the pureblood social ladder or to get into his pants so they could claim they had been with the heir of the Blacks, or even attempt to blackmail him or his family for their secrecy about having been with him.

- (Unfortunately, someone had tried to do that to him once despite the fact he had never been with this person. Truth be told, he didn’t even know this person existed until the attempted blackmail. But Remus took care of them with a well timed hex and a threat of his own. No one upset his Padfoot.)

- But James knew the real reason why they always got odd looks.

- Even if they didn’t realise it themselves.

- And it really irked James to no end that they didn’t realise it themselves.

- It was because everyone at Hogwarts were trying to figure out if those two were a god damn couple!

- It started off in third year when Remus and Sirius would share a bed at night.

- James and Peter never judged or say anything to them about it because for once their friends actually slept a full night and felt well rested the next day.

- Who were they to take that away from them?

- But then it just escalated over the years.

- Even though the Marauders were very touchy-feely people, it seemed like Remus and Sirius had to be touching each other constantly

- They’d hold hands at dinner on the bench in-between them so no one would notice unless they were looking for it.

- (Which James and Peter, and later on Lily, certainly did look for.)

- They would link arms walking down the corridor in-between lessons

- Sirius would always lie his head in Remus’ lap in the common room.

- Remus would always stroke and play with his hair - something that Sirius would never allow anyone else to do - whilst he finished reading his book.

- Sometimes, he would even put his book down completely - something completely out of character for Remus - so he could braid Sirius’ hair.

- In lessons, Sirius would trace his fingers up and down the scars on Remus’ arms without Remus flinching like he usually did. 

- In fact, sometimes his eyes looked droopy and had a soft smile when Sirius did that, almost as if he was about to fall into a peaceful sleep.

- Then the kissing started.

- It was never kiss-on-the-lips-make-out-session type of kissing.

- It was chaste little pecks to their cheeks, their foreheads, their knuckles, literally everywhere but their lips.

- Whenever Sirius and Remus were going separate ways, like when Sirius was going to Divination and Remus was going to Ancient Ruins, Sirius would lift Remus’ hand to his lips and leave a sweet kiss to the back of it.

- Remus would gingerly smile with a slight pink blush on his cheeks, and would lean forward to kiss Sirius’ temple. 

- They would both step away from each other before they allowed their hands to let go and fall to their sides, as if it was such a hard thing to do.

- James would usually watch these exchanges with furrowed eyebrows because how could they not see they were a couple?!

- One day, James just lost it.

- Sirius and Remus were walking around the campus, holding hands again, and giggling with each other.

- James decided to follow them under the invisibility cloak. 

- They walked to the Marauders favourite tree and sat down in the shade. 

- Sirius leant his head on Remus’ shoulder and closed his eyes.

- Remus started reading one of his books whilst Sirius slept in the sun.

- James was getting annoyed now. 

- How can they not see it?!

- In a fit of rage, he threw the invisibility cloak off of himself and pointed his finger accusingly at them.

- Remus jumped at the sudden intrusion, jolting Sirius awake.

- “Wha-”


- Sirius and Remus just stare blankly at his outburst.

- Then they turned to look at each other.

- And bursted out laughing.

- “Prongs, mate, honestly, what the hell are you on about?” Sirius asked, amused.

- “Yeah, we’ve been together for nearly a year and a half now!” Remus laughed, wiping the tears from under his eyes.

- James stiffened.

- “You. What?” 

- “James, I told you about this! Remus was in the room with us when I did, you Berk. You said you were okay with it!” Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

- “What? When?!” James snapped. 

- “When we first got together! We were in the dorm, and I said to you that Remus and I have decided to be partners …”

- “… I thought you meant on the Potions project!” James threw his hands into his hair and started to pull lightly.

- This only made Remus and Sirius laugh even harder

- “Oh my god, I knew you two were together the whole time?!” James started to fret.

- “Well, it wasn’t as if we were keeping it a secret, James.” Sirius chuckled. “We just didn’t announce it to the public at large.”

- “Oh my god, I’m an idiot. I’ve been planning ways to get you two together for nearly a year now! And you were together the whole damn time!” 

- Sirius and Remus leant into one another and couldn’t control their howling of laughter, even if they wanted too.

- This was too damn funny, and just classic James.

- The oblivious romantic that he was.

- Eventually, James dropped down next to them and joined in with the chuckles. 

- It turns out the only one who was dumb enough not to realise they were together was James Potter.

I was supposed to be doing a bunch of work today, but I procrastinated and decided to write this instead. Ooop. Hope you like!


teen wolf plot bunny: Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Tanner

Lizzie Tanner was enjoying her junior year pretty well until her boyfriend was slaughtered. One moment Lizzie was planning a romantic date night with Kyle and the next thing she knows she is being interrogated by the odd kids Scott and Stiles over the status of her dead boyfriend’s virginity.

Determined to discover the truth about Kyle’s death, Lizzie suddenly finds herself way over her head with werewolves, banshees and daraches in the form of her crazy English teacher. Not to mention the odd butterflies in her stomach whenever a certain brown-eyed wolf glances her way. 

I’m slightly scared about my future to be honest. My grades aren’t the best and I know that grades are not so important. But let’s be honest, they are. I have to work a lot in the incoming courses to get higher grades. I know that I can get the grades I want but I am so fucking lazy most of the times. If I know I am going to pass easily, I take the path of least resistance. I hate myself for this sometimes. Then I have some moments when I am 100% productive. Zero distractions, self-disciplined, hard-working. I think about how great I feel when I get As and I am highly motivated to go to study. But the others, when I don’t care about anything, I am anxious and binging, I just want to lie in my bed and waste my time on the Internet. And I can’t let the lazy-self take control of my life, especially because I want to get a master’s degree and maybe I’ll go for a PhD. I don’t want to have the doors closed when I take this decision.

I have all the tools in my hand, I know how I should use them, but. Sigh. 

getting to the root of procrastination

procrastination is the bane of many students’ existences. we’ve all heard tips on how to combat it, but wouldn’t it be easier if we realized why we were procrastinating in the first place, and act from there? here are some ways to get to the root of your procrastination + helpful methods to stop this nasty habit in its tracks. 

reason #1: “this assignment is too difficult and/or i can’t grasp the material”

ask for help: being able to ask for help is one of the best things you can ever do. your teachers and professors are there to help you learn, and even other students may be willing to help, not to mention tutors. don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, and take advantage of office hours if you can. search topics online to get different perspectives from the lecture or class.

reason #2: “i have enough time to put this off”

be smart: sometimes we honestly can put things off until tomorrow without any consequence, just double check that you won’t accidentally miss deadlines. if given a deadline, i intentionally mark it a day or two ahead so that i allow myself extra time to basically…fool around, and kinda allow for procrastination without it being serious. this is especially helpful if you’re digging yourself out of bad habits but going ‘cold turkey’ and forcing yourself to do everything right away is a daunting task.

reason #3: “i just don’t feel like it”

and that’s okay: motivation ebbs and flows, and some days things just don’t work out. take a breather, whatever that means. but, be constructive about it. time yourself, and even if it’s an hour of rest and only ten minutes of work, at least start things. you may find yourself more willing to complete the task if you get it done in small increments.

reason #4: “i was planning to do it but…”

the weekend works too: i have plenty of things that get pushed back until the weekend because other tasks take priority. one of the things i am doing this semester is not intentionally planning anything for the weekend, but if tasks get pushed to saturday, i’ll wake up and do what i put off during the week, and call it a ‘loose end saturday’ (i still need a day of rest so sunday is my complete day off). yesterday i had homework left over, and got everything done in around three hours and had the rest of the day to relax. the weekend is your best friend, use it wisely.

but what if I procrastinate anyway?

life isn’t perfect. and neither are we. we may not always be able to catch ourselves from procrastinating, and that’s just a part of life. don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t meet a goal on a certain day, or you forgot something, etc. focus on building better habits, not destroying bad ones. allow yourself room to fail, but pay attention to how you’re growing.

lmfao that last post…

I’m not laughing at it but I’m laughing at how bad I am at set up/organization/upselling and talking to people who are cool while fighting off table barnacles.

Artists on the majority are like weird little gollums who create wonderful things. Some of them are good at going out into the sunlight and conversing with total strangers. Some are a weird inbetween. Some are BAD. AT. PEOPLE. I’ve been at cons where no one is selling and cons where even the most flimsiest of art/product is selling like hot cakes. Depends on the con but sometimes some artists can’t fake it til you make it the entire weekend. I was lucky to have a brainwashing training at Disney AND Starbucks.

But a good rule to go by is that if an artist is obviously swamped that’s probably not the best time to ask for personal things. Come back later. They aren’t going anywhere.

If its a con like AX which is NOTORIOUS for theft, don’t be wigged out if the artist is watching their table like a hawk. (I tape anything that can be snatched down….which bites me in the butt if I want to sell display pieces lol)

I am CONSISTENTLY late on setting up on the first day. I’m only just now getting the hang of it lol. I consistently forget to bring plastic bags for prints, and I never know what to do with the bazillion postcards I have.

For AX I didn’t have all my merch out until the last day lol I’m pretty good at talking to strangers at cons but I will run out of steam and energy at some point. Lol I was so swamped at AX I asked one of my customers(that sounds terrible to say?) to run and get a stevetony charm for me. But they were sold out lol

Krusca was super great and brought so many snacks. SO MANY SNACKS as gifts to the artists.

Bring snacks or water or caffeinated beverages to artists. They usually appreciate that as much as buying their merch.

In other news! Please visit me at Yaoicon and Comikaze! I’ll aslo have a table next year for Emerald City Comic Con, Silicon Valley Comic Con and Anime Expo (probably comikaze again). I’m still trying to get a response from Wondercon ….I also wanna do Flame Con and Heroes Con.

kateyes224 replied to your post:tfw you’re supposed to be writing fic but you…

Wait you’re writing fic?

I have three WIPs at the moment, including the next chapter of Navigating Fate, but first I have to get across the Oregon Trail without anyone other than Krycek dying. It’s important work!

Okay because I’m in ultra procrastination mode…I just made a calendar for Sanghelios

Go to this site, and copy and paste this in the last toggle (because I can’t actually display it boo)


Anyway some notes.

Sanghelios has a year of about 583.3 days. I split this into 4 months the first normally has 145 days, the other 3 have 146. I can’t show this on the calendar, but I imagine every three years the first month gets an extra day thats like our leap year. Their weeks are 8 days long and as canon states the days last the equivalent to 29.5 Earth hours. 

Anyway the names I made up, but they basically mean “First Solstice, First Equinox, Second Solstice, Second Equinox”  The first day of a new year is meant to represent the summer solstice, but for one half of the planet it’d obviously be their winter solstice. But what they consider the start of the new year for us would be like June 22. 

Sergeant Barnes

Summary: The Winter Soldier makes the fatal mistake of looking back at the faces of his victims, and thinking about the words that left their lips in their final moments. (Warning for pretty graphic violence; rated T)

AO3 Link                       FFN Link

As blood seeps into the dashboard of the car and smoke billows from beneath the hood, the Winter Soldier opens the trunk and acquires his package. It slams shut once he has precious cargo, and the crack in the back window lengthens.

He prepares for his departure, strapping his newly acquired serum down so it won’t fly off during the ride back, cracking into as many pieces as the car. He sits down on the cycle, feeling the cold from the handlebars seeping through his right glove, and the chilled seat beneath him, but at the same time, feeling nothing at all. The coldness in his chest runs deeper and more intense than anything caused by the December weather. It is frigid and empty and hollow.

Tightening his grip on the clutch, the Winter Soldier prepares for his departure, but finds himself unable to rev the engine with his other hand.

Instead, the words of his mark echo throughout his mind. Sergeant Barnes.

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