Davina ainda era nova ali. Havia chegado na cidade fazia um dia, e sequer sabia como estava ali ou o porquê de estar viva. Lógico que estava feliz por estar viva, no entanto ainda estava muito confusa. Estava dividindo o quarto da mansão com Elena, e no momento andava pela cidade à procura de algum lugar para que pudesse se candidatar a um emprego, uma vez que percebeu que não podia sair dali, já que já havia feito a tentativa. “Com licença, você pode me dizer onde fica a loja de discos?” Perguntou para a primeira pessoa que viu, que se encontrava de costas para ela. 

“Você ficar reclamando comigo que está com dor não vai ajudar a sua dor passar, só vai fazer com que eu fique irritada e acidentalmente pare com a morfina e te faça ficar quieto de outro jeito” sorriu na direção da pessoa, revirando os olhos em seguida, administrando o remédio até que elx dormisse. “Ops, acho que errei na dose”

  • Yuuri:I'm kinda cold.
  • Viktor:Here, Yuuri, take my jacket.
  • Yurio:Oi, Viktor. I'm cold, too.
  • Viktor:Well damn Yurio, I can't control the weather!
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Honestly, people need to chill out about Viktor. It’s been 3 episodes and people are losing their shits and hating on him as fuck. No, I completely understand how and why, but I think people are seriously taking this a notch too far. Seeing all the negativity in the tags may make some fans feel down. Remembering a promise you made to a child years ago when you’re a busy celebrity may not be that easy when you have 300 other things on your mind. Viktor found another person he truly wanted to teach for whatever reasons (we actually don’t know this!!!) and actually didn’t turn Yurio down when he came to Japan and demanded to be coached. He could’ve just told him off and make him leave, but he didn’t. He gave both of them a chance to show who is better suited coached by him etc, not just Yurio, but Yuuri as well. It’s actually his choice who he wants to coach in the end, wether fans disagree or not. Emotionally wise, Yurio and Yuuri are mentally pretty much on the same level and Yurio has better skill than Yuuri so blaming that it’s wrong because of Yurio only being 15 is wrong. They both have zero to love experience so you can’t say it’s wrong because Yurio is too young to grasp what love is. Even a 15 year old can know what unconditional love is. The love for a parent, a friend, etc. I personally think Yurio deserved better as well, but when it comes to professional work emotions, age etc has to be put aside. It’s not like the judges in a competition will feel bad etc for the skater, they’ll judge them based on their performance. This is not just about Viktor being an “ass”. Sure, he is selfish and does shit on impulse, but that’s just who he is. This might be a good lesson for Yurio as well. Personally I think this might have been a very important turning point for Yurio, he learned something from the challenge. It’s not just always about getting a perfect score, and I think Viktor had this in mind as well from the start when he issued the challenge. He probably knew the outcome from the start, but that doesn’t have to be a particularly bad thing. Viktor is a professional and he knows better than us what he’s doing and why, even though he’s being a bit selfish at times but you can’t blame him, he’s allowed to do as he wants as well. At least let him decide who he personally wants to coach without losing your shits. Why not try to think of it in a more positive way and not always do this. 

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A Tsundere is a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time. You kind sir are a tsundere!

*smiles* Oh, thank you for explaining! *stops smiling* …Oi! I’m- I’m not a tsundere! I’m not acting like that at all!