~~my soul twin~~

I didn’t know what I was getting into but all I knew is that I wanted you more than anything. If this will end in chaos then so be it. I’ve waited years for you, so I will not let you slip away so easily again.
—  gabbybaby17 (The Wait)

The problem with love these days, is that people are falling in love with people who compliment their ego, rather than their soul. They settle for this kind of connection, so their egos have a convenient cushion to fall back on- rather than a deep gut level love that connects two people by the strings of the soul. It can be easy to mistake the two if you have never experienced this sort of soul connection. A love like this is hard to come by, so when you find someone who fills your soul rather than inflate your ego, hold on. Hold on for as long as you can… Because most of the time, this particular kind of love only appears to us once. And sometimes, it flies by us too fast to be fully grasped.

I looked into your eyes,
and saw your singularity.
The singularity that drew
me to you.
It was powerful, yet so

I was floating through
empty space before
I found you.
I was a lost soul
searching for a home.
A home of love.
A universe of love.
That is what I found
in you.

So forgive me,
if I seem weary in
this new universe.
I never knew what
unconditional love was,
before you.
Forgive me,
if I collapse in your arms.
Because I still contain 
the dark matter from
my destroyed universe.

My singularity is filled
with unstable energy.
But you overlooked it
and loved me to the 
Thank you for loving
Thank you for sharing
your universe.

—  gabbybaby17 (Singularity)