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love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes

alchemechanist  asked:

Hey!! If you're still doin sleep doodles, would you be interested in doing a sleepover one with Butler as N3, Holly as S3, and Artemis as R3??

At first I was going to say “hey now, only one request at a time,” but then I thought, “wouldn’t it be funny to try to incorporate them all at once?

And then I saw the suggested expressions. And I think you meant this to happen all along. And I love you for it.

Just so you know, I’m not doing this for any other requests. This took way too long, but inspiration just struck me.

I wrote 10,000 words of a new chapter of Summer Rain in eight hours.

Am I a God?

(No because I also didn’t leave my bed for anything other than water and peanut butter all day and cried because a sad song started playing and was also hungover all morning and am about to start drinking again.)

Yeah, I’m definitely a God.

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justabitchallenged  asked:

Hi there, I saw you were asking for peeps to send you one. Please may I request ♟: Patching up a wound with fluff and angst overtones, but if I can only choose one then a little angsty please. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

(I got carried away with this…putting it under a cut because it got long)

When Viktor’s sister had called him at twenty-four years of age and whispered the words “there’s been an accident” through her tears, his heartbeat had escalated to a rapid thrumming, his knees had turned to water, and he had felt physically ill.

He had never, ever wanted to feel that level of dread again.

But here he was.

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Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Pairing: Izuku Midoriya/Katsuki Bakugo

A lot of things had changed, honestly. Katsuki had no choice but to accept these changes, go along with them, but it didn’t mean he had to like them.

@bakudeku-week Day 1:  Beach Party / Birthday / Envy

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Ok but consider this; Tyki Mikk as aro/ace.

 He is the Noah of pleasure, yes, but he does not find pleasure in the sweet curves of a lady, nor does the idea of moans and caresses excite him in the slightest.

 No, Tyki’s pleasure lies in intense poker games in which the more you play, the more there is at stake, and your heart races with the thrill of a predator. Or on those times his group of friends are chased out of yet another job because they ended up pissing up the wrong people but come on, it was hilarious.

 Then there are his darker pleasures, assigments in which he gleefully sees the last of his victim’s life trickling away from their eyes as he pierces their beating heart. Nights when he watches the upgrade of an Akuma as there are bodies literred around them, and the Tease flutter around in a gorey feast.

  Tyki is the Noah of pleasure, and he knows well that pleasure extends to so much more than the obvious associations to it. 

As The World Falls Down Tarot Spread

Inspired by ‘As The World Falls Down" in the Labyrinth, this is a spread designed to deal with any illusions and manipulations in your life right now.

1. The Peach: This card represents the cause  (person/environment/etc) of any manipulations happening to you.

2. The Song: This is the message the manipulators in your life are trying to convince you of.

3. The Dancers: This is the toxic elements in your life surrounding you.

4. Breaking Away: This card is how to get deal with and react to the other three cards.

anonymous asked:

T'challa is already my new favourite buT OH MY GOOOOOOOOSH, YOUR FANART OF HIM JUST MADE ME FALL EVEN AHRDER FOR HIM, he's so amazing AND cute AND handsome ahjfgklhöjk Gosh I really love your art, you are amazing! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY!

For this adorable and super passionate anon and fellow T’challa fan. It’s not much but here’s a lil doodle for you. I guess your love for him gave you super strength to lift him up lol.

Don’t Tell Your Friends

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3,363, including song lyrics. 

Request: @everlastingasecond requested a sequal to She Do This Often. It wasn’t supposed to go up until later, but an idea popped in my head and I had to write it! So here it is! 

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends, so language, obviously. Implied smut, light smut and Bucky being teased into oblivion. 

A/N: Inspiration struck me like lightning and I just had to post it! Hope you enjoy, sweetie. Please let me know! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Understanding the 21st century was still one of the greatest mysteries to Bucky Barnes and he spent every day trying to solve a new one.

Today mother nature had decided to torture the humans by putting the warmest day of summer upon them and Bucky was, mildly put: dying. No matter where he went in the facility he couldn’t seem to find a cold place where he could cool down and he was sure that if anyone was to take his temperature at that moment, he would be hotter than fire. He had even contemplated just going down to the lab and walk into the cryo chamber for a solid 10 minutes. Just to cool down.

It would also buy him a great load of time away from the rest of the team who were using the pool as their way of cooling down. The water was ice cold and he knew it would feel wonderful to take a dip and he really wanted to, there was just one very big problem with that idea.

You were there as well.

And he was sure you would be dressed in nothing but a very small bikini and that he couldn’t handle at this very moment. He was boiling up already, looking at you really wouldn’t help any part of him to calm down. Instead, he was sure it would only fuel the fire that was burning up inside him and he was sure no cryo chamber would be able to cool him down after that.

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Sneak Peek!

Inspiration has struck me for a little scene for my next installment in the angsty Swap Papyrus soulmate series~! So here you go to anyone interested in what possible angsty I can conduct. >:D @paradoxicalintheory @tyranttortoise

He was repairing the radio that ended up at the casualty of a thrown chair from the last cook out. An incident that he seemed to still be exasperated by judging from his mutters as his phalanges used the screwdriver with expertise. Even though his back was to you, you knew that his sockets had a darker edge to them from a lack of sleep.

You wrapped your arms around her him from behind, resting your cheek against his shoulder blades as you continued pestering him.

“Pap. Pap. Pap. Pap.”

stars, hun, what is it?”

“I love you.”

His hand stilled as you felt his posture jerk a bit in surprise. The tool was slowly put down as you felt him shake a bit which worried you until you heard the nyeh-heh-hehs that made your heart feel warmed over. His free hand closed over yours, bare bones over skin making a contrast that you have come to love even before the start of your relationship.

“love ya too honey.”


Inspiration struck me so I decided to create a mix dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend, @VRYWVY. Each of these songs we’ve played around each other, I know she likes a lot. Just felt like doing something special for my favorite person. I hope those who tune in enjoy!!! 🌊 🌊 🌊

*** Tracklist:
1. Frontin’ - Pharrell Ft. Jay-Z
2. Lapdance - N*E*R*D
3. U Know What’s Up - Donell Jones
4. Some - Steve Lacy
5. Send Yo’ Rita! - Masego
6. Dance - Samsonyte Ft. Devy Stonez
7. Slow It Down - Devy Stonez Ft. KissedKilled
8. Madiba Riddim - Drake
9. Baby Boy - Monte Booker
10. Chillin’ With Girlfriend - Mr. Carmack
11. Dang! - Mac Miller Ft. Anderson Paak.
12. Cranes In The Sky (Kaytra Edit) - Solange/Kaytranada
13. Rose Quartz - Toro y Moi
14. Get Away(KAYLOO Edit) - The Internet/KAYLOO
15. Alright- Kendrick Lamar Ft. Pharrell
16. LOYALTY - Kendrick Lamar Ft. Rihanna
17. Gettin Jiggy Wit It (Caden Jester Edit)- Will Smith/Caden Jester
18. ALL NIGHT (Kaytranada Edit) - Chance The Rapper/Kaytranada
19. Passion Fruit - Drake
20. Already (Prod. DRNRDX) - Danny Cainco Ft. Loach
21. Space (Demo) - Larce Blake
22. Araruta - AbJo
23. Meditation - GoldLink ft. Jazmine Sullivan & KAYTRANADA
24. Dontcha - The Internet

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“A childish mind will turn to noble ambition…Young love will become deep affection…the clear water’s surface reflects growth.” –Sheik, Ocarina of Time

I saw the line again the other day…and was immediately struck with inspiration.  Call me cheesy, but I had to. :D In case it’s too blurry, Link’s lines up in the first half are this:
“I’ll be your knight! Your hero! Just you wait!” and “I swear, for your sake…for Hyrule’s…I’ll stop Ganondorf.”

Gym Banter

Yet another inspiration struck me..

Summary: Terrible chat up lines and flirting in the gym. Something tells me this is something Steve, Bucky and Sam would enjoy.

Word count: 1162

Warnings: Some swearing. Does terrible flirting need a warning? If yes, then consider yourself warned!

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There’s no hiding that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes came from a different era when it came to relationships. Steve especially, who grew up practically scared of women, unsure of himself, constantly worrying about offending a lady, terrified of rejection and the general feeling of being less of a man because of his physicality. Bucky, on the other hand, was very cocksure - he knew that he was a good looking man but he was insecure about what he could offer emotionally. To compensate for that he was over the top - always taking girls out dancing and for days out, he learnt how to romance a lady, win over her affection.

Fast forward to modern day and to Sam Wilson, the smoothest ladies man around, often beating Tony Stark in charming just about any girl. What Wilson knew was that ladies these days are very emancipated and open - they know what they want and sometimes what they want is a beefcake of a man that knows how to make them scream in the bedroom. And under his watchful eye Steve and Bucky quickly learnt the ins and outs of modern romance

You sat in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee trying to wake your mind up, it was way too early to be up for training but it’s was Captain’s orders - you, Natasha and Wanda were told to be ready first thing in the morning for a session specially designed to build some more muscle into your all-too-female bodies. You looked around at the other two girls and you could feel that they were just as pleased to be up at this time as you.

‘Morning ladies! Are you ready for your world to be rocked?’ Steve boomed as he entered the kitchen 'We’ll make you sweat so much you’ll beg us to stop!’ He grinned. Oh yes, long gone was the shy Steve from the 40s, 21st century Steve was Mr Innuendo, Mr Walking Sex and Righteousness who knew exactly of the effect he had on women.

'Oh god, if I had it my way he’d be the one begging me to stop…’ Natasha whispered to you and Wanda as she stood up. 'I wouldn’t mind having my world rocked by him either…’ Wanda snickered. Yes, all three of you were horny as fuck, surrounded by God-like superheroes meant you had plenty of visual stimulation but hardly any physical one… Steve knew that and he clearly loved the control he had over you.

The three of you followed Steve to the lift. 'Is it just you that’s going to train us all today?’ You asked and you heard Natasha snort. 'You don’t think I’ve got the stamina?’ He smirked and then looked around your faces 'There’s plenty of Rogers to go round to keep you all busy!’ You bit your lip and tried everything in your power not to look at Steve when he casually stretched his shirt that clung to his chest. 'But no, Bucky is downstairs readying the gym for play…’

Foreplay? FOREPLAY?! This cheeky fucker must know exactly what’s he’s doing. More than that he was now sporting the widest grin and started humming whilst swaying hips back and forth. You could cut the sexual tension with the knife. Thankfully it wasn’t long before the lift beeped signalling your arrival at the gym floor.

When the door opened you audibly gasped at the sight. Bucky stood there, shirtless, covered in sweat with a bottle of water to his lips and metal hand on his hip. You started experiencing life in slow motion - when Bucky noticed the door open he screwed the bottle shut and opened his arms wide. 'Ladies! Welcome to your worst nightmare!’ He smiled and pointed towards the three stationary bikes in the far corner.

'More like the best dream, right?’ Wanda giggled as she squeezed past Steve and walked towards the bikes. 'If that’s not motivation enough I don’t know what is…’ you whispered to Natasha and as you walked past Bucky you made sure to slowly look him up and down which caused him to smile even wider.

'You do know we’re not in the mood for too strenuous of a workout? It’s way too early and frankly I don’t think we need an extra training apart from what we do on daily basis anyway.’ Natasha stated as she sat on the bike.

Bucky took few steps towards you, his voice an octave lower. 'Come on girls, tomorrow it’s better you feel sore than sorry!’ Oh gawd!!! This was it, you tried to keep calm and focus on task in hand but how could you? Both of the soldiers were torturing you. You didn’t need any extra dirty thoughts clouding your mind. Either of them could literally just flip a page in the newspaper and furrow their brows and you’d be wet. What they were both doing right then was pure torture and you couldn’t handle it any longer.

The session began with some warmup on the bikes, Bucky opted to sit on the bench in front of you, meanwhile Steve was pacing behind you, with encouraging words, until… 'Alright aside from today’s training what is really important you do is up your protein intake, ladies! You all need to put some more quality meet inside you!’ Wanda hummed in agreement.

You couldn’t help but look at Bucky and he noticed. He stood up and walked towards you 'See something you like?’
'Nah, I was just looking for that quality meat I sooo crave inside me’ Fuck! Did you just say that out loud? Well you must have because Bucky’s face lit up. 'Eh, Steve, a question! I heard that the missionary position helps men to work out the chest and triceps…’ 'Oh yeah, scientific fact!’ the blonde chuckled. Bucky then turned towards you and looked you straight in the eyes’ Maybe there’s a way you can help me verify this?’

'Alright you two, stop it!’ Natasha was the first one to break. 'You had your fun, can we concentrate on the workout now?’
Steve slowly came behind Natasha and grinned. 'Oo, someone is tense, maybe afterwards I can help you get a good stretch? You know, to prevent muscle cramps?’ Steve run fingers through his hair and he was now in the front of the bikes facing you three. Natasha huffed in surrender.

A few seconds of silence passed before Steve spoke again. 'Okay, my apologies, we do actually have this workout to get through so let’s keep it professional from now on’

Just at this second the door to the gym opened and Sam walked in. 'Does anyone have any tape, because I’m totally ripped!’ As if it needed any more drama he raised his arms and flexed the biceps.

The sound of Steve face palming was the loudest noise amongst the groans and chuckles that filled the gym. Yes, all was good in the Avengers tower.


day 1/8 | tomarry christmas special 🎄

To take you where you are most needed,” he reads, but Harry is too busy staring up at the man he killed over half a year ago. “What a load of rubbish.  Is this a Zonko’s product?”

expect a lot more of this for the next scheduled eight days! :D explanations and more info for this are under the cut, but it’s really long, so i’m warning you on that. also, click on the pictures to see them in full hd!

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