Chasing Sandstorms at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

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On a spontaneous and windy road trip to the Danish west coast, Thomas Nørremark (@thomasnoerremark) stopped to try to shoot the dramatic seascape against the eroding coastline. “The sand was blowing in the air and the cloud formations were amazing,” he recalls. “You could see all the small holes in the clouds from the sun making light spots on the ocean. I stayed for 30 minutes or so before I had to go back to the car due to the heavy sand blowing in the wind.” Thomas’ photo captures the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse on the Jutland peninsula, first lit in 1900 but abandoned in the ‘60s due to sand drift. It is expected the lighthouse will collapse into the sea in as few as 10 years. “There are so many great locations around Denmark,” says Thomas, who lives in the city of Aarhus on Jutland’s east coast. “People often travel far from home, hoping to get the right shot. I do it too from time to time, and must remind myself that there are often great hidden locations nearby. All it takes is trying to explore the unknown.”

He encourages people to look around themselves for inspiration. “Most people see the target, the destination, but not all the great things that happen on their way there. It could be the way the light falls, a shadow, a sign on a wall, people passing by,” he says.


Casa na Gateira Camarim Arquitectos

Gateira is a hamlet placed on a beautiful hill planted with vineyards, pines and olive trees with splendid views over the southern tip of Serra da Estrela, the highest point in mainland Portugal.

The clients - a British couple - wanted a second home to give them space, open air and silence, in contrast to their life in London. The first question: how to design on such a dramatic landscape, with an unusual balance between nature, agriculture and traditional architecture? Our strategy was to interfere as little as possible: one enters the house in the upper part of the plot, through a wall that evokes the region’s traditional slate buildings, and descends onto the house’s core – a social space split in 2 levels. From this space, the house’s volume breaks and extends along the topography in a subtle yet effective separation between social and intimate i.e. every space sits on a different level and has direct access to the outside. We may say that instead of a house in the landscape we thought of a house from the landscape, as though building a walk in the countryside.

Images and text via Camarim Arquitectos


Most people know that throwing water into hot oil is a bad idea. But, as dramatic as the results can be, the boiling of a water droplet submerged in oil is remarkably beautiful, as seen in the animations above. The initial water droplet expands as it shifts from liquid to vapor (top). At a critical volume, the expansion occurs explosively (middle), causing the bubble to overexpand relative to the pressure of the surrounding fluid. The higher pressure of the oil around it collapses the drop, which then re-expands, creating the cycle we see in the final two animations. This oscillation triggers a Rayleigh-Taylor type instability along the bubble’s interface, causing the surface corrugations observed. The vapor bubble will continue to rise through the oil, eventually breaking the surface and scattering hot oil droplets.  (Image credits: R. Zenit, source)

Cosmic Recycling

Dominating this image is part of the gigantic nebula Gum 56, illuminated by the hot bright young stars that were born within it.

For millions of years stars have been created out of the gas in this nebula, material which is later returned to the stellar nursery when the aging stars either expel their material gently into space or eject it more dramatically as supernova explosions.

This image was taken with the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile as part of ESO’s Cosmic Gems programme.

im such a dramatic b*tch but i spent 30 minutes on my eye makeup so i can't cry

the tears go backwards into my brain flood my head pour out my ears pool at my feet and completely ravage the integrity of the tiling. im soaked and your bathroom is ruined but i look great.


Chris Brown’s making a song about Royalty. “Rest assured it will be something very dramatic and the words he chooses will come straight from the heart. He’s always singing to her. He’s already written multiple drafts of songs that he wants to record in the studio about her but he doesn’t feel like what he’s written so far is a masterpiece. He wants to convey the utmost love and admiration for Royalty. When she’s older and listens to the lyrics that he’s written to her expressing his love for her, he wants her to feel it in her soul. Chris wants to send Royalty a beautiful message, just like Tupac did for his mother with ‘Dear Mama.’ Chris is trying to come up with the ultimate tribute song for his daughter and he’s working hard on it.”

Sirius leans into James’s shoulder and makes a sarcastic statement to his ears. James rolls his eyes dramatically but laughs sincerely. Sirius backs to his original position with a half-smile on his lips. James leans in and invades Sirius’s personal space without actually noticing. Sirius’s shoulders immediately relaxes with the familiar presence of that body. James points his hand to a random direction. Sirius just knows what he wants but there are no scrambled eggs left on the breakfast table. James shrugs and inadvertently shoves his hands on Sirius’s plate to steal his remaining eggs. Sirius is not a particularly good eater during morning so he just really doesn’t care. James knows he needs to put something in his stomach and gives Sirius his pumpkin juice. Sirius sips it silently and James chews his last piece of egg. They stand up together, so coordinated that it seems to have been previously rehearsed. James yawns and Sirius rubs his tired eyes. Sirius shoves his hand into his pocket and “fuck”, but before he announces he forgot his wand on their dorm again, James takes it from his own pocket with a muttered “arsehole”. They climb the stairs together, their steps perfectly sync.

Remus watches them in amusement. The way their rest their cups exactly at the same time. The timing on their steps. Remus smiles fondly. They don’t seem to realize that their bodies, as their souls, were habituated to each other. They dance together without music and without even noticing, and that would make any professional dancer startled. It was beautiful to watch. Remus stands up some minutes later and Peter follows him a nanosecond after, but still on time. Timing. They’re all about time and, incredibly, their times were always sync as the clock-hand of Remus’s very old clock - a little bit later sometimes, it was true, but always inevitable meeting at some point during its cycle.

anonymous asked:

If Zayn supposedly scuppered Larry's coming out, what is the then actual reasoning to have Louis hop from girl to girl and get another girl pregnant? That doesn't make sense. What makes sense is: let Louis come out, either keep him single for a while or build a guy narrative in for him specifically, post Eleanor. This has not been done. They have dramatically gone the other, eh, direction, so I don't believe Zayn's leaving had any bearing on it. I think that is an excuse.

1. Louis’ name is now much bigger than before, thanks to this story–and they had been building his name in the lead up to this with the clubbing, but this story pushed the name building to a whole other level.

2. Bizarrely, I know, they have been spinning this pregnancy story to be as coming out-friendly as possible, lots of undermining of the story from the very beginning, lots of larry larry larry. They have also continued to push larry to the general public. The pregnancy story turned into a larry media blitz. Which is bizarre and not something I would have ever predicted! But there you have it.

3. Whether this is evil genius or just a result of the fucked up politics behind the scenes, I don’t know. But with Simon Cowell being the first to give an interview about this and then we get all these indications that Simon Cowell is on the way out, I’m inclined right now to ‘fucked up politics’ that the new team is spinning the best they can.

4. Zayn leaving would obviously have a big impact on the other big stories they can pull right now. Which is fine! Zayn shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself for others, he needs to take care of his own life! But…. it would have an obvious impact on the other big stories they can pull in a short frame of time.

So no, not an ‘excuse’.

By the way, what pr lines have they been pushing for months now.

1. Rainbow Harry

2. Louis is important, pay attention to him

3. Larry larry larry (there’s a reason why I stopped treating larry stories like a one-time media blitz and more like ‘standard protocol’ by now–which have been getting more explicit).

Which they’ve been pretty consistent about.

Sounds to me that you just believe that Harry is coming out alone and you thought that 1. ‘there’s a baby story!’ would be enough to show me the errors of my ways–with zero consideration of everything I have ever written on the topic, or 2. just felt the need to express ‘I don’t like this, stop saying things I disagree with’.


Art of Daliah Ammar

Daliah Ammar is a nineteen-year-old Palestinian-American artist based in Chicago. She has  with her colour palette, an ability to depict deep emotions using dramatic lights and shadows on each portrait.

The purpose of Daliah’s work is to transcend the notion of the self and the physicality of paint, resonating from her own vulnerable and personal experiences – as a means of conveying life as it blooms and decays from within.
Expressing that awareness of the self and reflecting to the viewer establishes a relationship between themselves and herself. Daliah’s works are confrontational, yet, intimate and personal – using the painted surface as a trope for the physical and psychological presence between the inner self and external viewer.  Source:designcollector

Prompt 17. | Said I stole you away


AU, gdzie Harry i Nick są w długoletnim związku i za namową rodziców planują ślub. Wszystko zaczyna się komplikować, gdy Harry poznaje przyrodniego brata Nicka, wesołego, bezkompromisowego szatyna - Louisa Tomlinsona.

Inspiracja: Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Stole you away

Gatunek: dramat, fluff

Kochani, kolejny prompt, rozpisałam się troszeczkę, ale nic nie poradzę na to, skoro podsyłacie mi takie dobre propozycje. Bardzo dziękuję za nią, mam nadzieję, że bardzo nie spieprzyłam. xx 


Rzęsisty deszcz nad zachodnim Londynem nie ustępował promieniom słońca już od przeszło dwóch tygodni. To nie napawało optymizmem i nieco pogarszało sprawę, ponieważ Harry był umówiony pojutrze z jedną z najbardziej znanych florystek na oglądanie weselnych kwiatów. Miał nadzieję, że pogoda nie sprawi, że wszystkie rośliny pogniją. Brunet siedział właśnie na kremowej kanapie z końcówką długopisu w ustach i wielkim ślubnym katalogiem na kolanach. 

- Wychodzę do biura - głos pojawiającego się w salonie Nicka przerywa ciszę wypełniającą apartament.

- Znowu? - Harry marszczy się, odrywając wzrok od magazynu. - Mam wrażenie, że tylko ja planuję nasze wspólne wesele - dodaje gorzko.

- Kochanie - zaczyna mężczyzna tonem sugerującym, że to nie pierwsza na ten temat rozmowa. - Twój ojciec chce mnie widzieć w firmie. Poza tym ufam ci, wierzę, że wszystko będzie perfekcyjne - dorzuca z nikłym uśmiechem i całuje przelotnie czoło kędzierzawego. - Do zobaczenia wieczorem!

Dźwięk zamykanych drzwi.

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The other morning, two news stories over the radio, one hard on the other, got me to fuming and, presently, as sometimes happens as I calm down, to thinking. The first was a report on President Obama’s global warming address at the Glacier conference in Alaska in which he pointed out (unobjectionably, one would have thought), among other things, how  “Climate change is no longer some far-off problem. It is happening here. It is happening now. Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems, our water and food supplies, our energy, our infrastructure, human health, human safety — now. Today. And climate change is a trend that affects all trends — economic trends, security trends. Everything will be impacted. And it becomes more dramatic with each passing year.”

Climate disruptions are going to make crises like this more common. We may look back on 2015 with honeyed nostalgia

When I’m out walking with my headphones on I’ll occasionally mouth the lyrics of what I’m listening to, or make hand gestures at a particularly dramatic part. i think i’m cute enough to get away with it

One of the surprising things that happened from going to the conventions, was that I started taking photos again. I took a lot of photos when I was at school, doing photography for my major work in year 12, but I simply got out of the habit as life did its thing. When I started going to conventions, I took my camera because I wanted to get a few memory snaps, just for me. But I was less than satisfied with the result with the camera I was using, and so upgraded to a better point and shoot. When that still didn’t get the result I wanted, I invested in a “real” camera, and a couple of decent lenses. As I went to more and more conventions, the desire to take photos became less about getting memory snaps and more about capturing the essence of what made me love these events and the people who starred in. Trying to capture what I see in these people that have changed my life so dramatically. Jensen, of course, is my favourite subject matter (though I love taking photos of everyone). I have thousands of photos of this man, some of which I’m mighty proud of. I don’t consider myself a photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I have no desire to do this professionally or anything like that, but I do want to continue to improve and I do want to continue to capture the shining lights within, and the different facets of the wonderful people on stage who have become my family. So I’m going to keep snapping! 😍