Sirius leans into James’s shoulder and makes a sarcastic statement to his ears. James rolls his eyes dramatically but laughs sincerely. Sirius backs to his original position with a half-smile on his lips. James leans in and invades Sirius’s personal space without actually noticing. Sirius’s shoulders immediately relaxes with the familiar presence of that body. James points his hand to a random direction. Sirius just knows what he wants but there are no scrambled eggs left on the breakfast table. James shrugs and inadvertently shoves his hands on Sirius’s plate to steal his remaining eggs. Sirius is not a particularly good eater during morning so he just really doesn’t care. James knows he needs to put something in his stomach and gives Sirius his pumpkin juice. Sirius sips it silently and James chews his last piece of egg. They stand up together, so coordinated that it seems to have been previously rehearsed. James yawns and Sirius rubs his tired eyes. Sirius shoves his hand into his pocket and “fuck”, but before he announces he forgot his wand on their dorm again, James takes it from his own pocket with a muttered “arsehole”. They climb the stairs together, their steps perfectly sync.

Remus watches them in amusement. The way their rest their cups exactly at the same time. The timing on their steps. Remus smiles fondly. They don’t seem to realize that their bodies, as their souls, were habituated to each other. They dance together without music and without even noticing, and that would make any professional dancer startled. It was beautiful to watch. Remus stands up some minutes later and Peter follows him a nanosecond after, but still on time. Timing. They’re all about time and, incredibly, their times were always sync as the clock-hand of Remus’s very old clock - a little bit later sometimes, it was true, but always inevitable meeting at some point during its cycle.

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If Zayn supposedly scuppered Larry's coming out, what is the then actual reasoning to have Louis hop from girl to girl and get another girl pregnant? That doesn't make sense. What makes sense is: let Louis come out, either keep him single for a while or build a guy narrative in for him specifically, post Eleanor. This has not been done. They have dramatically gone the other, eh, direction, so I don't believe Zayn's leaving had any bearing on it. I think that is an excuse.

1. Louis’ name is now much bigger than before, thanks to this story–and they had been building his name in the lead up to this with the clubbing, but this story pushed the name building to a whole other level.

2. Bizarrely, I know, they have been spinning this pregnancy story to be as coming out-friendly as possible, lots of undermining of the story from the very beginning, lots of larry larry larry. They have also continued to push larry to the general public. The pregnancy story turned into a larry media blitz. Which is bizarre and not something I would have ever predicted! But there you have it.

3. Whether this is evil genius or just a result of the fucked up politics behind the scenes, I don’t know. But with Simon Cowell being the first to give an interview about this and then we get all these indications that Simon Cowell is on the way out, I’m inclined right now to ‘fucked up politics’ that the new team is spinning the best they can.

4. Zayn leaving would obviously have a big impact on the other big stories they can pull right now. Which is fine! Zayn shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself for others, he needs to take care of his own life! But…. it would have an obvious impact on the other big stories they can pull in a short frame of time.

So no, not an ‘excuse’.

By the way, what pr lines have they been pushing for months now.

1. Rainbow Harry

2. Louis is important, pay attention to him

3. Larry larry larry (there’s a reason why I stopped treating larry stories like a one-time media blitz and more like ‘standard protocol’ by now–which have been getting more explicit).

Which they’ve been pretty consistent about.

Sounds to me that you just believe that Harry is coming out alone and you thought that 1. ‘there’s a baby story!’ would be enough to show me the errors of my ways–with zero consideration of everything I have ever written on the topic, or 2. just felt the need to express ‘I don’t like this, stop saying things I disagree with’.

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38 Dean x Reader please :)

Dean x Reader
“Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?” 
Okay so for this one I have two stories. Because I couldn’t resist putting up the 2nd one. 

1st one

You threw the hammer to the ground, exasperation making your blood pulse hot in your veins. You had been trying to put together a bookshelf for the past four and a half hours and nothing you did seemed to stick together. You were usually quick with these kind of things, but apparently this thing had it against you and you groaned dramatically.

Suddenly, a knock was heard and you jumped, before composing yourself and walking towards your apartment’s entrance. Upon opening the door, you had to keep your expression under control. It was your hot neighbor, Dean Winchester. Yes, you had learned his name, even if you didn’t talk with him at all.

“Hey,” he said, smiling widely. “Uh, I heard a racket and… Are you okay?” he glanced behind you, his eyes landing on the mess in your living room.

“Y-yeah, thanks,” you nodded. “I’m just trying to assemble this bookshelf and it’s not working out for me.”

“I can help,” he offered with a grin. “I mean, if you’d let me.”

“Sure, come in,” you stepped aside to allow him inside, smiling nervously as you exchanged glances with him.

Once he had the instructions in hand and your permission to do what it took to get the bookshelf together, he got to work. Half an hour later and he was calling your attention to himself. You both stood in front of the discombobulated furniture piece. Your head tilted to the side.

“Is it supposed to look like that?” you inquired.

“I think so,” Dean mumbled, voice quiet as he looked at the box that contained the finished picture. He felt his cheeks flush in embarrassment.

“Are you sure?” you smirked.

“Shut up, I’ll try to fix this,” he cleared his throat and with new determination began to disassemble the shelf.

2nd one

“Why the hell are you waddling like a penguin, Dean?” you looked up from your laptop as Dean walked into the living room, bowlegs spread even wider than usual.

“I—I may have just done the stupidest thing,” he mumbled, carefully sitting down next to you. A relieved sigh left his lips as he leaned back on the couch.

“What did you do?” you glared at him.

“Promise you won’t laugh,” he pointed his index finger at you. “Sammy won’t leave me alone and if you laugh,” he pouted, looking quite childlike and highly amusing.

“Out with it, Winchester,” you poked his side.

“Ouch, don’t do that,” he groaned as he winced.

“Okay, come on, tell me.”

“I may have,” he paused, wrinkling his nose. “Gotten circumcised.”

You coughed loudly, trying not to choke on your own saliva. “W-what? Dean you are a grown-ass man. What are you doing getting yourself circumcised?”

“The doctor said that it was hygienic and—”

“Oh, God,” you pinched the bridge of your nose.

“I-I’m gonna go check on it,” he grumbled. After quite some difficulty, he finally stood up and waddled away to the bathroom. A few minutes later and he was screeching out your name.

“What happened?” you rolled your eyes as you approached the opened bathroom. Dean sat on the toilet with his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

“Is it supposed to look like that?” he pointed down at himself.

“Well, it’s all stitched up,” you winced, trying not to look at it too much.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Dean, I think you’ll be fine,” you assured. “Just follow the directions the doctor gave you.”

“I can’t have sex for like a month,” he pouted.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to stock up on vibrators,” you shot him a sarcastic smile as he glared at you.


INTP: Hey, have you seen any places to buy flyswatters anywhere?

ISTP: Um, I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

ISTP: Why, do we have flies?

INTP: One.

ISTP: Hahaha, just one.

INTP: And it’s been flying around making me angry for two days.

ISTP: Just let the fly be a fly, man.

INTP: I tried to open the window to let it out, because it was right there–

ISTP: And then it stopped trying to fly out the window.

INTP: It flew to the other side of the room.

ISTP: It could be our third roommate, or something. We can name it Steve, it’ll be great. Give it a chance

INTP: I hate Steve.

ISTP: You don’t mean that.

INTP: I do.

Fly: *Flies by INTP*

INTP: *Dramatically ducks out of the way*

INTP: *Thinks ISTP will go after it, if he points it out*

INTP: There it is, theRE IT IS!

ISTP: *Waves*

ISTP: Oh, hey Steve.

INTP: -.-



Fly: *Flies past both of them*

INTP: Fuck you, Steve.


​This Friday, FC Porto sent a letter to UEFA inviting all the other 31 clubs that will be part of the UEFA Champions League this season to donate one euro for each ticket sold, to support the humanitarian crisis caused by the wave of migrants trying to reach Europe.

Under the motto “Let’s play for the migrants!”, the proposition of the club is to have this donation occur on the first match played at home by each club, which will happen in one of the first two matchdays of the group stage. FC Porto will play the first match at home against Chelsea, on the 29th September.
FC Porto is a sporting club and the social standards the club lives by mean no one is indifferent to the dramatic situation thousands of family are going through, as they often pay with their own lives for a chance at searching for the safety they lack in their home countries.

FC Porto will keep trying to find means to contribute to diminish the suffering of these migrants and, as always, is counting on the support of the fans and whoever wants to join the club.

Prompt 17. | Said I stole you away


AU, gdzie Harry i Nick są w długoletnim związku i za namową rodziców planują ślub. Wszystko zaczyna się komplikować, gdy Harry poznaje przyrodniego brata Nicka, wesołego, bezkompromisowego szatyna - Louisa Tomlinsona.

Inspiracja: Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Stole you away

Gatunek: dramat, fluff

Kochani, kolejny prompt, rozpisałam się troszeczkę, ale nic nie poradzę na to, skoro podsyłacie mi takie dobre propozycje. Bardzo dziękuję za nią, mam nadzieję, że bardzo nie spieprzyłam. xx 


Rzęsisty deszcz nad zachodnim Londynem nie ustępował promieniom słońca już od przeszło dwóch tygodni. To nie napawało optymizmem i nieco pogarszało sprawę, ponieważ Harry był umówiony pojutrze z jedną z najbardziej znanych florystek na oglądanie weselnych kwiatów. Miał nadzieję, że pogoda nie sprawi, że wszystkie rośliny pogniją. Brunet siedział właśnie na kremowej kanapie z końcówką długopisu w ustach i wielkim ślubnym katalogiem na kolanach. 

- Wychodzę do biura - głos pojawiającego się w salonie Nicka przerywa ciszę wypełniającą apartament.

- Znowu? - Harry marszczy się, odrywając wzrok od magazynu. - Mam wrażenie, że tylko ja planuję nasze wspólne wesele - dodaje gorzko.

- Kochanie - zaczyna mężczyzna tonem sugerującym, że to nie pierwsza na ten temat rozmowa. - Twój ojciec chce mnie widzieć w firmie. Poza tym ufam ci, wierzę, że wszystko będzie perfekcyjne - dorzuca z nikłym uśmiechem i całuje przelotnie czoło kędzierzawego. - Do zobaczenia wieczorem!

Dźwięk zamykanych drzwi.

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I actually started this one before the last one i posted but I ended up “finishing” it later. 

Its the same from guy from the edgemasters thing I did, (I personally dont like he moves in this,doesn’t feel ferocious enough and i think id want him to not really “jump” to get around., but rather run cause its more dramatic in chases.)

**I was over by 0.1 mb ugh.

in case you need a reminder, it is NOT OKAY to use the holocaust as a plot device or backdrop for:

  • your dark harry fics
  • your forbidden love fics
  • your enemies to lovers fics
  • any fucking fics at all

you are not telling the stories of the victims.  you are not speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.  you are not just writing historical fiction.    

you are capitalizing on the deaths of 11 million people for the sake of entertainment, for the sake of fictional pain, for the sake of a dramatic plot.  

you are casting a real person in the role of someone complicit in those murders just so that you can create conflict.      

that’s not just insensitive, it’s also disgusting and disgraceful.  

don’t do it.