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Landlord/letting agent tried to keep our deposit. Didn't realise deposit was not protected.

So, where I’m from when you rent, your landlord/letting agent is required by law to put your deposit into a government backed scheme. This is to protect it incase the letting agent goes out of business or there is shady business with the landlord.

Anyway, me and my partner were moving out of our flat. It was rented and partially furnished.

I should point out at this point that the day we moved in, the place was filthy (we viewed the place like a month before we moved in) to the point my partner was hoovering the ceiling due to cobwebs. The bed had questionable yellow stains on the slats and the immersion heater (place was all electric) was missing a pin, meaning the only way for hot water was to switch the immersion heater on/off manually. The loft hatch was partially broken too. We actually went into the letting agent two days after we moved in with three pages of issues along with photos. The lady who spoke to us, lets call her A was so disinterested, it was crazy. I actually think she was half asleep, but we cleaned the place up and got on with it. There was also a scuff mark on the sofa which was on the inventory (more on that later).

So when we move out we leave everything as we found it, we took care of the place and gave it a lick of paint when we left and made sure it was nice and clean.

Two weeks went by after we left and I noticed the deposit hadn’t been returned, so I called the letting agent to ask what the delay was. A answered the phone again and informed me of the following;

“The landlady has asked that the deposit is being kept back due to damage to the sofa and loft hatch. We’ll call you tomorrow.”

Bear in mind I raised both these issues after we moved in and they were both on the inventory. Also, I didn’t have a landlady, I had a landlord. My tenancy agreement had a guys name. His wife decided she would keep our deposit back.

Either way, my partner looked at our old documents and we noticed there was no information about what scheme our deposit was put into.

So, I got the call the next day and A tells me they’re making a 50% reduction from our deposit due to the damage caused. I then asked which scheme they put our deposit in and she froze. Full on fucking froze. I heard her ask her colleague the question and I was told I would get a call back.

About 10 minutes later I received a call from the owner of the letting agency who asked me to meet him at the flat the following day.

I turn up and both the “landlady” and letting agent owner were waiting for me. The letting agent handed me my full deposit cheque back and explained it was not put in any scheme. The fine for this is 3 times the amount of the deposit.

Now, normally I’d leave it at that, but we busted our asses cleaning that place up when we moved in, got zero interest when we mentioned the issues and only had an electric shower for hot water (unless we switched on the immersion heater manually) and then being told our deposit is being kept back by someone we don’t have an agreement with.

I sent them a letter before action signalling my intent to take them to court to claim three times the amount of the deposit. They lowballed me on the first offer which resulted in me paying the initial fees to take it to court. They would have had to pay for their legal costs as well as mine. Lo and behold, when they realised I was serious, they advised they will settle out of court for three times the amount.

Paid for a holiday for me and my fiance amongst a few other things. Was satisfying as fuck.

[soompi] small male idols who wow us with their great vocals

source: soompi

we all know there are a lot of powerful voices in k-pop, including those who are physically small but have big, incredible voices! here’s a list of small male idols who have amazing vocals!

jonghyun, the smallest shinee member, standing at 171 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 7 inches), is well loved by shawols and is known for his outstanding voice and song-writing ability, appearing in many osts for dramas including: who are you: school 2015 and oh my venus. additionally, jonghyun has released four solo albums and seven singles, and has written over 60 songs, including shinee’s “view,” exo’s “playboy,” and taemin’s “pretty boy.” 

jonghyun is also famous for being able to hold notes for a ridiculous amount of time: 

check out an iconic jonghyun performance from shinee world iv: 


other idols listed:
big bang’s taeyang
btob’s eunkwang
bts’ jimin
exo’s d.o.
highlight’s yoseob
ikon’s jinhwan
seventeen’s woozi
super junior’s ryeowook
wanna one’s sungwoon

Orange Seed

I swallowed an orange seed

When I was a child.

It lodged in my belly

And there it grew wild.

It unfurled its shoots

And began to entwine

‘Tween the bones of my ribs,

'Round the length of my spine.

Leaves grew up through my throat

As I choked on a shout.

Sprouting deep in my skull

'Til my eyeballs popped out.

Roots grew into my legs

And they took me away

To a misty green field

Where they forced me to lay.

When my body met earth,

I felt horribly strange.

With a cry and a scream,

My flesh started to change.

Branches burst from my skin,

A trunk grew from my brain,

Until just an orange tree

Stood alone in the rain.

The years come and they go,

A whole lifetime, it seems.

My humanity lost in

My dark, secret dreams.

I don’t miss my old life,

Its suffering and toil.

I’m much happier now

Fertilizing the soil.

Just in case anyone was wondering, Surge found a pit bull and named him Taz.

You say you hit your head? Enjoy not getting any sleep.

Some context: I work in a nursing home. Nightshift on a men’s dementia floor, to be exact. I’ve posted a few stories here before, but they were about family members rather than residents, so here’s one about a resident. Some minor details changed and no identifying information given to coincide with HIPAA.

Normally, I wouldn’t harbor ill-will towards any resident since dementia makes them do bad things and it’s not their fault. A perfectly sweet lady can become an abusive prick once the Alzheimer’s kicks in. But this resident in particular didn’t have dementia. He was 100% legally competent and totally with it and not even in his thirties yet, he was just stuck on my floor because he was physically incapable of taking care of himself due to a lack of strength in his arms and legs caused by some injury. As for why he was on my unit instead of in a hospital or taken care of at home… that’s anyone’s guess, but judging by his behavior I assume it was because no one could stand to be around him for more than five minutes and we tend to get a lot of the residents with “behavioral issues.” Just so we’re clear, this guy wasn’t our normal case of “dear ol’ grandpa who was shellshocked in ‘Nam is now violent due to dementia,” this guy was mentally sound and was just a jerk.

Case in point, this guy was frequently abusive (physically, verbally, and sometimes even sexually) with the staff. He also had a severe case of “Oh and one more thing” whenever anyone tried to help him, going as far as to frequently lie and make stuff up for people to do just for attention or to exert control or whatever.

Naturally, dealing with difficult people is my job, but this guy had no excuse to be as difficult as he was, so I had absolutely no patience for the man and neither did literally anybody staffed on that floor. When the people who very frequently deal with residents who make absurd demands and physically assault the staff are complaining that this guy (who, again, was completely with it) was too much to handle, you know it’s bad.

One particular night, after dealing with his crap for half an hour straight around 3AM (he didn’t tend to fall asleep until 4) it was getting ridiculous. I was trying my darndest to do what I could to help him because I had to, but my patience was wearing a bit thin so I was being a bit more terse than normal. At this point, he was insisting he needed a new bed alarm because his didn’t work. I told him, several times, that it was a silent bed alarm (so it rang the front desk but didn’t BEEP BEEP loudly itself so as to not disturb his roommate). To “prove” his point, he very suddenly conjured up all the strength his body somehow hid and flung himself off the bed as I stared in disbelief, not able to react.

The area he landed on was free of anything he might hurt himself on, and in fact, he had fall mats on the sides of his bed to catch him anyway. He also had a very low bed. In total, he fell about 6 inches onto a soft mat as I watched him. But this guy insisted he had hit his head (despite no object even coming with a foot of his head on his descent).

Normally, if a resident fell like that and someone watched it, we’d have to take vitals (incl. blood pressure) anyway just to make sure they’re alright, but the resident could refuse the vitals. But, he said he hit his head…

Naturally, I called in the nurse on duty. She’s normally a sweet lady who’d feel guilty if she looked at a fly wrong, but also had the sense of humor of a wet blanket. When I told her what actually happened (that he threw himself onto the mat and was fine) he insisted that he had actually fallen out of bed and hit his head, and that he needed a new bed alarm so that wouldn’t happen, somehow. Unfortunately for him, our policy is that if a resident says they hit their head, even if the fall was witnessed as the contrary, we have to treat it as though they hit their head. Also, our policy is that in such a fall, the resident gets vitals taken every 15 minutes for the next 4 hours. For added fun, the nurse also has to do neurochecks (stuff like shining a flashlight in your eye and asking you to move your legs and arms to make sure you’re not concussed), and the resident can’t refuse these because a concussion is quite serious!

I got to watch her gleefully explain all this to the man. He realized he wouldn’t be getting a wink of sleep that night and tried to backpeddle and admit that he hadn’t actually hit his head, but… sorry! Gotta follow procedure!

So from 3 to 7AM the nurse dutifully went back there every 15 minutes for a quick round of blood pressure and other fun stuff while he kept whining about how he just wanted to go to sleep. Honestly, I’m not even sure if she had to do the neurochecks every time as well, but she wanted to be extra careful, so she did them anyway.

you’re in dire need of saving
but, darling, so I am
so why don’t you wrap your arms around me
and for once I’ll be safe, for once I’ll be home

and I didn’t realize how much I wanted you
how much my heart yearned to leap into your chest
until you looked me in the eyes
and saw past the wall that I’ve spent so much time hiding behind 

and maybe it’s because you’ve always seen the soul I try to bury
that I choke on the fond words my heart screams
and instead I rely on things that can be explained away
but it’s never stopped my body from reaching out to yours

we wear the same shadows,
darling, we are burned by the same flames
and there’s a desperation in the way
you sometimes speak my name

but I think I’m looking so hard to find the stars in your eyes
to find the constellations that the legends are retelling in us
that I can’t see that your hand is always reaching back towards me
like I’m the other half of your magnet, like you’re trapped in my orbit

—  Always Rather Have You by Abby S

“Take my hand and show me the world.”

- Day 319

Winter is coming

Thanksgiving Weekend seemed a good excuse to find a gorgeous picture of a snow-covered peak described as being near Aspen, CO, shrouded in clouds. Time to break out the heavier jackets.


Image credit: Kris Wotipka (creative commons license share)

(And if you’re wondering if I picked the title for a certain reason…yes)

“Hold out for that feeling that’s breaking you right now. Maybe this person is using your love against you, or simply couldn’t handle it, but someone out there is thinking the same thing.”

- g.e.

You are not alone!

The rain all but slams against the windowpanes. It’s almost as loud as the inside of my head, and for a moment I imagine being able to plug my aux cord into the sky and blasting the storm through my headphones. In the end, it’s just another pipe dream. I’ve had my fair share of those lately. What do you do when you feel your hope starting to die? What do you do when you realize that sometimes some things just don’t or won’t get fixed? It’s tiresome to watch the people you care about drive themselves into the ground. It’s painful to want to widen the distance between you in hopes of not being taken down with them. Tell me, what do you do when love isn’t enough?
—  Maxwell Diawuoh // Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #23 

Let’s just talk for a sec about Tom

Look at this precious bean. He’s so cute. He’s wearing a warm hoodie can you just imagine it being a little bit too long so he can stretch it over his fingers when he’s cold. And those glasses don’t even get me started I love glasses (this is because I too wear super nerdy glasses tho).

And Tom is just so understanding and supportive of Andy. He gets the whole Asian thing with the racism and the fetishiziation of his race. He’s dealt with that shit. He knows about it. And he still supports our King Kang 100%. He’s pretty skeptical about things being better, but he thinks Andy will do amazing things.

He’s just really sweet and awkward around people at parties and he’s just shy okay? It’s fine.

And at the basketball game he gives Andy the ball to make sure he can win the game and he’s never even jealous of the attention Andy gets he’s just a good friend.

So tl;Dr Tom is a precious, supportive cinnamon roll and needs to be loved and protected.

We never were very sure with what we wanted. Our entire relationship was based off of “maybe” and “one day.” Nothing was secure or safe. We lived on the edge and that was proven in the way we cared for each other.

Sometimes it felt like more and that possibly we were worth the risk of crushing each other’s hearts. These were the moments that made it all so damn addicting, but more often than not I could sense the danger we were putting ourselves into; it was terrifying.

Know your intentions before you love too wild because when it all comes down to it, certainty is what leads to possibility and it keeps your heart safe.

—  Lauren Eloria

Original caption:

This film explores the wild part of Scotland through timelapse photography and drone images. I spent 2 weeks in the Highlands visiting Isle of Skye, Ullapool and Fort William. You will see the Skye’s mighty Cuillin Mountains, the impressive An Teallach and Ben Nevis, the mountain with its head in the clouds.