• While getting dressed for dinner on Christmas Eve, Draco accidentally finds a scrapbook that Harry plans to give to Draco on Christmas morning.
  • The book is sleek, black and with silver lettering.
  • It is filled with pictures of them on dates, receipts from plays they went too, pictures of Draco’s parents at Harry and Draco’s first housewarming party, pictures of their first Christmas, pictures of them at the Burrow, and of them with their friends, pictures of their anniversaries, birthday’s etc.
  • As Draco flips through it he is startled when he feels tears streaming down his cheeks. He loves Harry like a wildfire. Intense and with wild abandon.
  • He flips to the very last page, and he finds a note that looks like a speech,
  • And the back of the scrapbook has a little cut out on the back page.
  • Inside is a delicate silver band, embossed with shining sapphires and glittering black diamonds.
  • With trembling hands, Draco touches the ring. He reads the speech with teary eyes and shaking hands.
  • He slides the ring on his finger, closes the book and walks out to their kitchen.
  • When Harry notices him, Harry looks concerned, because he sees that Draco is upset. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay Draco?” Draco looks into Harry’s eyes, burning with intent and passion
  • “Yes you idiot”
  • Harry looks down at the book in Draco’s hands and lets out a shaky laugh
  • He takes the scrapbook out of Draco’s hands, and wraps his arms around Draco’s shoulders “I had my speech all planned out you know”
  • Draco nods, “I know, I read it. And I accept”
  • Harry kisses Draco’s temple.
  • This was the best Christmas gift Draco had ever received.

This is not my hc, though I fully suport it, but that of a wonderful anon who came into my ask box. I added a word here and there but it’s 100% their content. Thank you so much for sharing this anon!

wade owns a cute little bakery downtown and it always smells like heaven, ellie tells him it smells like bread, either way, it’s pretty amazing

wade had decided to drop the whole mercenary thing when he found out he had a daughter, he also tried to turn things around, he tried turning wade wilson into a somewhat functional human being, no one knows about his alter ego or his past now

imagine his surprise when spiderman walks through his doors one day and tells him his bakery smells so amazing he decided to take a break, he was the real goddam deal because wade watched him back flip off a roof and walk in

wade’s freaking out a lotta bit and gives his favorite hero like half the store on the house, peter only takes a loaf, wade rips off a strip of receipt paper and finds a pen and shoves them into ellie’s hands, he tells her to get spiderman’s autograph and she says why can’t you do it, and he tells her because she’s cuter so he’ll have to give her an autograph

and ellie rolls her eyes and runs up to spiderman and asks if she could get an autograph for her idiot dad who’s in love with him, she says it very loudly and wade runs over to shut her up before she says anything else, “kids, amirite?”, peter signs wade’s apron and the three of them get some selfies

peter actually really liked the little bakery so he comes back in civvies to pick up something for aunt may, when he walks in the first thing he sees is the giant poster of that selfie he took with the baker guy last week and wow how did he even get that made so fast, he’s so embarrassed he almost walks back out

peter recognizes wade and says, sooo you’re a big spiderman fan?, because peter can’t help it, he’s kind of flattered, and wade just starts gushing and ellie interrupts to tell peter how it really went down since her dad likes to “exagerate”

peter finds himself laughing and he kind of loves this place now, he comes back a lot, he even takes aunt may once or twice because she wanted to compliment the baker herself

peter was dead on his feet, he’d just finished a day long patrol since he’d had a free day and he was ready to get home and pass out for a week, which is of course why an eighteen wheeler suddenly lost control and peter found himself staring at a pair of headlights and debating how many bones he’d break if he didn’t spider jump out of the way

turns out the answer is three, he doesn’t actually get to decide because the hot baker, wade, fucking barreled into peter and shoved him out of the way at the last second

in the rain, with wade crouched over him, saying his name gently and the wet asphalt digging into his skin, peter could swear he saw stars in the other man’s eyes, that or it was the blinding pain of fracturing his wrist and rebreaking two ribs, either way that was when realized he might be a little in love with the guy

Daily Klance Fanfic Recommendation 11/18

True Love or Something | By: DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee | Ongoing | 35 one-shots | 179,342 words | Highest Rating: Teen & Up Audiences/Unrated

First story summary: 

“So that was…”

“If you say painless I’m shoving you into another snowdrift.“

“Okay, that’s fair. But you got a lollipop!“
“That you stole from pediatrics.”
“I’m a very good date.”

Lance accidentally crashes into his new neighbor in front of their mailboxes and somehow ends the night with a very attractive (and slightly concussed) date.


So, I recommended this a while back when someone asked me about domestic klance. A friend of mine today wasn’t feeling the greatest so I sent them this and decided to recommended it once more on it own. It’s my favorite one-shot series out there. If you’re having a bad day, this fic is defiantly something that will brighten your spirits. 

blue-reveries  asked:

For your ask meme, Victuuri - "Hot" Springs on Ice: The Domestic Adventures of Yuuri and Victor

Oh god the initial mental image is for some odd ball reason Yuri and Victor hopping around on the ice of a rink on pogo sticks. Brain, wtf, I will never be able to un-imagine that.


Hasetsu, as everyone knows, used to be home to many hot springs, but with Japan’s economy shifting, most have shut down.

Yuri and Victor, as everyone knows, have had damn impressively extended careers. In a sport where the winner is often the youngest and spryest, that Victor has met with unparalleled success at 27, and Yuri at 24, is remarkable. But it can’t last forever. They make a damn good run of it, even spending a final career year fucking around doing ice dancing together - less athletic, more artistic, well suited to their talents, and oh the scandal of two men doing official pair skating together!

But, as with all good things, their careers do come to an end.

Which leaves a question: now what?

Or, the fic where Yuri takes everything he’s learned in a lifetime of helping his parents run their onsen, and he and Victor use their skills to rehabilitate an abandoned hot spring retreat, but with a twist: instead of a Japanese-style ryokan - which would risk competing with his parents’ business - he and Victor are going to open a western-style Bed and Breakfast.

send me a fic title, ship/fandom optional, and I’ll tell you what I’d write!

Domestic Robron #2

“Its just rain you aren’t gonna melt”.
“No Aaron. My hairs gonna go a right mess thats even worse. I’m gonna get wet” Robert sulked standing at the door but not stepping outside.
“Well done Robert. After 32 years you finally know what happens when water touches you. Ya get wet who knew!” Aaron joked.
Robert glared.
Aaron lifted up his hands in surrender and he went off in search of the umbrella. He found it nearly 10 minutes later rolled under the couch.
“There. You’re precious head won’t have a hair out of place can we go now? All I wanted was a beer in the pub in the first place and you turned it into a bloody scavenger hunt”
Robert rolled his eyes “well if you and Liv didn’t just chuck everything everywhere maybe you’d know where stuff is”
It was Aarons turn to roll his eyes now. “Rob can we carry on this conversation later. Maybe at the pub while I have a pint in my hand”.
And finally they were off up the road, both hiding from the rain under the umbrella. With his hood up, Robert didn’t notice the wide and evil grin that spread across Aarons face. One minute they were both shoulder to shoulder and most importantly dry and the next minute Aaron had hold of the umbrella and was sprinting on ahead leaving Robert behind screaming and getting soaking.
Aaron entered the pub. Chas and Cain were stood talking at the bar but both stopped abruptly when Aaron barged in laughing his head off. Full on cheeks flushed, gripping his stomache and doubling over laughing.
“What’s gotten into you?” Chas asked trying to mask her own smile at seeing her son so happy and carefree.
All she got in response was more laughter and him pointing for a pint, at least until Robert stomped in a minute later looking like he’d just gone swimming.
Cain joined his nephew laughing.
“It isn’t funny.” Robert huffed.
“Oh but it is” Cain chuckled.
Robert accepted a towel and a pint off Chas and said “Oh yeah laugh it up. But you’re buying me a pint and you Aaron are sleeping on the couch”

phil not remembering that “can phil express an opinion” is a reference, but dan does really tells you that dan’s the biggest demon out of all of us

The weekend with the husband: reading and cuddles.

K: You’re not bored?
S: No, I’m never bored if I’m with you, babe.
K: Oh, Shiro! You sappy husband!
S: Eheh *snuggles*
K: You know… I’m so happy to have met you. I can’t imagine my life without you.
S: Who is the sappy husband, now??
K: Ohh, c'mon, Shiro! I’m trying to be serious here!
S: Hahaha… okay, okay. Keith, everyday I’m so grateful to have met you. I remember that day; you worked in that cake shop and when I saw you I immediately fell in love for you and…
K: Okay, enough.
S: But- Keith!
K: You’re too cheesy now.
S: But I love you! *smooches on the cheek*
K: Haa- haha. I love you, too, Shiro.

Okay, so I get why Victor Nikiforov would be constantly weak for his Husband™ Katsuki Yuuri i mean, have you seen him but I don’t believe for a second that Yuuri wouldn’t be the same for Victor. Like, he’s literally engaged and living with his idol??? what a role model????


  • The two of them doing tedious everyday chores and Victor will be washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen counters and Yuuri can’t walk past him without giving him a kiss first??? Victor is just too beautiful, Yuuri can’t help it???? 
  • And Yuuri will walk past him, like, 50 times. 
  • Yuuri buying groceries and just so happens to walk by a flower shop for no reason at all and ends up coming home with a couple of red roses for Victor
  • Yuuri blushing and grinning like an idiot when Victor takes the roses and kisses the ever living shit out of him
  • (A few weeks later, Victor pulls the same stunt on him and Yuuri is so touched by the flowers and so in love with this beautiful man he almost cries)
  • Victor and Yuuri eating dinner, and Yuuri plays footsie with Victor under the table. When Victor looks up to do Suggestive Eyebrow Wiggles at him, Yuuri will most probably be breathless with laughter because it looks so ridiculous but it also weirdly turns him on and he’ll raise his foot a little higher until it’s rubbing the inside of Victor’s thigh.
  • Victor coming out fresh from the shower, hair still wet and with only a pair of skimpy black underwear on (yes, this is completely on purpose) and Yuuri’s eyes just. fucking zooms in. like a hawk. 
  • not five minutes later, someone tackles someone else on the bed and they don’t come out of the bedroom after two hours
  • Victor ends up taking another shower
  • Victor having mannerisms that Yuuri shouldn’t find so hot but does anyway, like when Victor is bored and he keeps touching his lips and absentmindedly rubbing them with his fingers and Yuuri is sitting right next to him on the sofa slowly dying.
  • Victor cuddling up to him while sleeping and they’re so close Yuuri can count how many eyelashes Victor has and Yuuri absolutely loves it
  • Victor and Yuuri walking Makkachin at the park during a cold afternoon, holding hands and wearing matching scarves and looking rather adorable. When Victor laughs at the sight of Makkachin valiantly tugging on his leash to chase after birds, Yuuri will stare fondly at him all the while with wonder in his eyes and so much love in his heart that Yuuri wonders what he did right to deserve someone as wonderful and brilliant and breathtaking as Victor Nikiforov.