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Rin-the-lucario. Rin was walking around in an area that she wasn't really familiar with nor did she know where to go.

Lykos’ nose picked up a new scent,it wasn’t a wolf but he smelled fur.
“hm..” The male,in his curiosity, began to approach the scent trough the foliage of the woods.

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It's the year 2020, the year of the Second Civil War. You are fighting a guerilla rebellion in a dystopian future America. As your unit pushes through the desert, you suddenly become aware of an enemy scout unit ahead. You freeze and hold your breath. "What's that?" one Fed says to the other. "Nothing," the other replies. "Just some natural foliage, that says 'Las Vegas' in rhinestones." As they pass out of detection range, you heave a sigh of relief. You'll never make fun of that shirt again.


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What is your favorite colour? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Foliage green, African or European?

Jurassic Verse

Owen was waiting for the new worker to show up. He knew they were getting a new raptor worker, and Owen would be the one to assess them. These were his animals- only those he completely trusted would be allowed to do what he did.

He finished feeding the raptors, giving each a loving pat to the muzzle before sending them into the foliage.

“Owen!” Barry called. “He’s here!”

Owen moved out of the enclosure, closing the gate behind him. He cleaned his hands off as he walked out to the platform , glancing at the male beside Barry. “You must be the new guy.” He commented, holding out a hand. “Owen Grady.”


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Sometimes when I think about school and how hard I’ve tried to be normal, to make friends, and to get better mentally and it makes me sad because I met all these people who made those things really difficult for me.

Like I know I was messed up my first couple years of college but not anymore than my peers tbh. I look back and wonder why everyone treated me like I was either such an unlovable freak or a means to someone else’s end.

I should have kept throwing pancakes on the bathroom walls and finding more foliage to put under my nose to pretend I was hitler. It wasn’t like people weren’t having a good time testing their intro level vocab on me. I was a hilariously benign rural college villain. Kinda.