~~ not all men ~~

yes but one day during practice

  • jeremy suddenly starts singing Get’cha head in the game. passionately
  • alvarez joined the fun and yelled “WHAT TEAM” and few fourth and fifth years yelled back “WILDCATS”
  • jean looks at some of his team mates and asks, “what the fuck are they doing?”
  • a brave and annoyed that the practice got interrupted second year yelled, “we play exy, not fucking basketball”
  • a goalkeeper was heard asking laila, “did sharpay and zeke get together in the end?”
  • laila asks back, “i don’t know, but did chad and ryan get together in the end?
  • jean was still confused
  • he asks a first year what were his teammates all yelling about and wasting precious time to practice
  • the said first year looks at him, shocked, “you never watched high school musical?”
  • jean just stares at him blankly
  • the first year yells, “jean never watched high school musical!”
  • and that, my friends, was the history of how jean was forced to spend his friday night watching all three movies.

I cannot wait for more of Brienne and her men. First up, we’ve got her newly minted bromance with Sandor Clegane. They’re totally gonna be battle buddies and dote on the Stark sisters together. Next up, we’ve got too-cool-for-school Jaime Lannister ready to fuck loyalty with her. There will be so many more longing gazes and flirty banter now that they are finally on the same side. Everyone in Westeros will start a pool on if or when they’ll get together. Finally, we’ve got poor Tormund who will totally ignore that she’s already got a bestie and a love interest and sit at their lunch table to try to woo her. And let’s not forget Pod, her loyal squire and president of her fanclub. Brienne’s come such a long way from being rejected by dumb average men to being respected by one very nice guy and three of the most badass fighters in Westeros. 

yall know how andrew went to wymack to vent about neil being a pathological liar? what i love the most about that isnt that andrew trusted wymack enough to vent to him. it’s wymack’s point of view that i love. imagine a drugged midget coming into your house to yell about his crush until he eventually fell asleep. bc that is what happened to wymack.


have you ever cried because neil cupped andrew’s face in front of the whole foxes, coach wymack, abby, and some fbi agents? and andrew didn’t even try to move neil’s hands off of his face? and after that neil gently touch andrew’s bruised eye while still cupping his face?


kissing-men  asked:

Neil gets hurt and he's on heavy pain meds which make him a chatty Kathy. The first thing he sees when he wakes up is Andrew so he can't help but tell Andrew how pretty he looks and how wonderful he is (of course, all the foxes are standing /right there/) and Andrew's like "if you don't stop talking I'm going to leave" and Neil gives him the dumbest grin and says, "you'd never leave me unless I asked you to. Which I won't."


When Neil first woke up, he had no idea where he was, but the clinical white of the wall made him think nowhere good. He sat up, trying to assess where he was and what had happened and froze when he saw Andrew at the foot of the bed watching him.

Andrew looked annoyed and grumpy as the sunlight coming in from the window reflected in his eyes. His hair shone gold in this light and Neil felt like all the air had been knocked out of his lungs. Andrew looked like he had on the bus, only this time Andrew was his to keep. He didn’t have to drink the image in to savour while he still could. Andrew was his and he was so goddamn beautiful and Neil felt a sudden urgency to make sure that Andrew knew how utterly stunning he was.

Neil felt a smile pull at his lips and he watched as Andrew’s brow furrowed in response.

“You are so fucking pretty, Drew,” he murmured.

Snickers from beside him were the first sign that they were not alone. Somehow, Neil couldn’t quite make himself care when he turned and spotted his teammates and Wymack. He was happy to have them there, but he was more interested in Andrew and his perfect grumpy face and his perfect soft hair and his perfect hazel eyes.

“Shut up. Now,” Andrew warned with an edge to his voice.

Neil agreed with Andrew. The Foxes really should stop laughing and whispering to each other. It was distracting.

“How did I not notice how pretty you were from the start?” Neil asked. “It’s distracting. I could stare into your eyes forever. How am I supposed to hold a conversation when-”

“If you don’t stop talking, I’m going to leave,” Andrew warned. His voice wasn’t louder this time, but somehow he sounded more serious, which was ridiculous when Neil knew Andrew would never leave him.

“No, you won’t,” Neil said as he beamed up at Andrew.

“Do not test me,” Andrew warned.

“You’d never leave me unless I asked you to,” Neil argued. “Which I won’t. Ever. You’re my home.”

Andrew scowled back at him and every moment he didn’t leave, Neil’s grin grew even larger.

“We should have been videotaping this,” Allison commented from somewhere at Neil’s side.

Andrew’s focus instantly shifted away from Neil as he warned, “Try to take a video of him high and I will end you.”

“You take such good care of me,” Neil insisted with his eyes still solely focused on Andrew. “You like me.”

“I hate you,” Andrew corrected automatically. “And I wouldn’t have to take care of you if you would stop acting like a complete idiot.”

“You like me,” Neil repeated. “I like that you like me.”