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So me and @riplae, also known as @riplaechills, had a WILD TIME last night when we shared our vamp ocs, it was a doodle off of the most epic porpotions and it’d be criminal not to share.

This goes on tho…

Can they resist the sexy vampire?

The answer is… yes. rip has some strong ass resistance to vamp bites

rip got no time for hungry vampire bullshit bruh

he got v sad

him: so close

And this is the end of me and rip’s wild doodle adventure, i fucking passed out after this cuz it was 3 am ;w;

Daddy and princess bedtime conversation 💫🌟

**Princess and daddy are laying in bed snuggling getting ready for bed time**


Princess: Princess says bed time daddy!

Daddy: No no no… Princess doesn’t say bed time. Daddy says when it’s time for bed.

Princess: ummm…. no… Princess says bed time daddy!

Daddy: *stern voice* Princesss doesn’t tell daddy when it’s time for bed okay Princess?

Princess: okay daddy…..

Daddy: what was that Princess? Princess says what to daddy?

Princess: Yes daddy. Daddy says when it’s time for bedddd.

Daddy: Okay, that’s a good Princess! Daddy says bed time now okay princess?

Princess: Yes daddy. Goodnight daddy. Princess loves you!

Daddy: Goodnight my sweet Princess. Daddy loves you too!