have some ransom/tater

Ransom’s type is not, per se, blonde. Look, his track record may suggest otherwise– or, well.

It’s not as much a track record as two dates with an ash blonde girl from his intro to molecular biology class back in freshman year (“it’s not that I don’t like you,” she said when she ended things right before the end of their second night out, “but we’re both pre-med and we’ll have so many overlapping classes, I just don’t want things to be awkward between us”), a number of drunken hook ups… That one guy that he pointed to one day and told Shitty “he’s hot” and Shitty had smiled and said “good for you for not being a heteronormative shithead” (Ransom still thinks that would’ve been the perfect moment to come out but…he didn’t and now it’s still just kind of- out there) and then of course the months he dated March before they both decided they were better off as friends and…

Okay. So maybe it’s a track record– Anyway, point is, his track record definitely suggests otherwise, but his type is not necessarily blonde. Mostly, his type is tall.

It’s just. He’s a tall dude, himself, and he likes– strong people. Somebody who could just actually pick him up, if they wanted to. Somebody that can envelop him in their arms and just…hold him. Yeah. That’s nice.

And talented, like holy shit, there is something so incredibly attractive about people just being– capable and passionate about something, whether it is academically or in sports or otherwise.

Anyway. Tall and talented. Yeah, that’s definitely his type, he surmises as he’s jumping out of his seat at the side of the rink at an almost-goal. Not necessarily blonde though, definitely, he decides as he watches Alexei Mashkov slam an opponent against the boards, all broad shoulders dark eyebrows frowning under his helmet in the close up.

Definitely not just blonde.


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I’m so frustrated!!

I just can’t take these so-called fans who are asking Himchan to lose more weight, or complaining to Daehyun to post different photo, because there or there looks so dark. These guys love you so much and they have been through many hardships and you are complaining about such silly things. You should support them and not undermine their confidence. They sacrifice everything for you and this is your gratitude?

And I’m just frustrated that idols take it seriously and do everything to be your perfect idol even though they don’t like it. I wish I’ll be in Korea and just visit every single one of them and tell them that they are perfect just how they are and they should live their live how they want and BE HAPPY! And now I’m not talking only about B.A.P. This includes almost every k-pop group. It’s just because B.A.P. is my bias group. And yes I know that there are different beauty standards all over the world, but it doesn’t mean that you can be mean and thoughtless. Being nice to each other is teached and learned all over the world.

How would you feel if someone will ask you to lose more weight? Or that you look too chubby. Or that you’re not looking as pretty as your other members and you shouldn’t be there. Or that you are not that skinny as you should be when you want to be an idol. This last paragraph is pointed to these so-called fans.

To wrap it up, I want to thank to real fans who care about their idols and supporting them and showing their love. Keep doing this!!! I still think that there’s more loving and supporting fans than these ugly fans who don’t deserve their love.

I’m on episode 17 of critical role and I just got spoiled for episode 68 and I’m??????????? So upset. I might actually cry holy shit