Lup’s favorite holiday; Taako’s least

Ok so as I established Lup’s fav meal is basically fantasy thanksgiving (someone help me come up with a name) and she loves it, gorging on good food but it’s Taako’s least bc hear me out.

It’s fuuuuuuuUuucking stressful.

Taako starts prepping for this year months in advance and he’s basically going on death defying missions for the most rare and wonderful food ingredients. Wyvern meat, Golden Kraken eggs, herbs that only grow on a cliff side known as hell’s spine, etc. You get the picture.

Then once he gets these things all the foods are super long and detailed to make. He gets Ren to help him for only the sides because that’s how intense the main courses are like, Wyvern meat has to be seared at 1000 degrees for exactly one fourth of a minute. Eggs have to be beaten 12 times counter clock wise in the same exact motion. The pies have to be baked while slow Jazz is playing.

This dinner makes Taako go afk for weeks, and the day of its mayhem. It’s taako running around with the best playing, yelling at lup to stop sticking her finger in the sauces. Barry to tuck in his shirt so they have the best pictures, Kravitz has to pick 4 different wines for the different flavor profiles.

This is too much for Taako who is laid back af, so why does he do it to himself? He’d say it’s to prove he’s the best chef in all of faerun, and make sure everyone knows it.

Reality is, he lives for the moments during the meals around family and friends. He’d bend backwards for them over dinner for this day…

Plus he loves making everyone clean up afterwards while he sits back and gets wasted off red wine.