straight writers writing queer characters:

gay men: always effeminate, have no life beyond being attached to a female character like they’re her accessory

lesbian women: either are there as the butt of a joke or are there to be fetishized and make out with other girls

bi / pan people: “i don’t like labels”

trans people: played by a cis actor & constantly called by their deadname

ace people: are “converted” by the end of the work to be “normal”

non-binary people: nonexistent apparently

anonymous asked:

Can we submit nitw oc designs or anything in general?

Of course! And who knows I might add them as background characters and its always cool to see other’s oc designs– but please make sure it’s in the nitw style to make things easier for me– for example here’s my design. Also be sure to add: Species, Age, Gender, and Name is optional.

Also I will be starting to post my wip sketches of the nitw comics on my Patreon, so if you wanna support me with a dollar and spoil yourself of the next comic (will post them soon) then yeeah– that would be hella nice. 
Scratch that– Its a hassle to be posting so many pages onto that zz.


I’ve seen a lot of post episode 12 fanart of Yuuri and Yurio growing their hair out so naturally I had to do a ton of hairstyle doodles.

(On another note, thank you for 2000+ followers on my fanart blog *sobs*)

Bonus: the man who started this hair growing/cutting craze: