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I MADE IT! Over 30 names and that is really insane but I managed to fit everything in just one artwork!! I’m incredibly over the moon right now as I can’t even properly describe the difficulty of fitting everybody’s names in a 9″ x 12″ sheet whilst being absolutely careful in the actual painting process. Neither did I have a smooth time editing this work as the colors have been drastically reduced in vibrancy. ): Needless to say I am grateful to every single one of you who sent your name. I decided to overlook whether everyone had followed the rules and just included every entry I received. This artwork was the best I could do (despite the washed out quality) and I hope you like it! 

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Sent anonymously: Samantha, Su & Luca

And that’s it everyone! September Challenge —ACCOMPLISHED!! (: I’ll be sleeping now zzzz and in a couple of hours I’ll have a photograph of this up on IG as well and tagging you all! Have a great day/ night to all of you!!



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Art & Cover by MIKE DEODATO
Gwenom Variant by ROB GUILLORY
Connecting Variant A by SKOTTIE YOUNG

Connecting Variant B by SKOTTIE YOUNG

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The curse of Ankhseram, lost magic and my personal theory on Ultear comeback.

Even though there are many possible explanations to how Ultear returned and why she looks young again (which is really nice). I’m in favor to this one. This is a theory I made based on what we know from the manga and some theorizing.

In the official Crunchyroll translation Ultear words are:

There was a warping in time… We are in the time between times. You think you’re alone in this world? No I exist here as well. This is the prison of time. And Crime Sorciere will bring the hammer down on you for your crimes.

Now what does that even mean?

The Wayfarer of Time

While Ultear says she does it in the name of her guild, she also uses the words warp, prison, crime, as bringing down the hammer of justice. As if she was enforcing punishment. The extra text on the last page, that is written by Mashima editors (and do not get translated in the Crynchyroll versions anymore), offers some interpretation on the chapter. Ultear is called the Wayfarer of Time that transcended her own time and now will halt the devil’s advance. Walking through time or time travel was something that was first mentioned when Hades recruited Ultear and told her about the Arc of Time.

Lost Magic

The thing I noticed about lost magic is that almost everyone who pursues it gets screwed over, badly. Hades said that lost magic is very close to the source of all magic The Magic of One. And we already saw how people who went too close or broke specific taboos ended. Zoldeo became a celestial spirit and after he was forced out of Caprico body, he was sucked into the Celestial Spirit World which most likely didn’t end well for him. Azuma became a tree. Ultear was robbed of her time and turned into an old lady. Zeref became an immortal who takes away lives wherever he goes. The same with Mavis (although Mavis having the same curse as Zeref makes zero sense, but that a different story, also she supposed to live 10 years with the curse and she didn’t even noticed she has it? really?). I’m guessing that there must be some factor that prohibits the users from reaching too close of The Magic of One. Hades also told Ultear that the Time Arc only exists in this world in incomplete form and once mastered the user can become a time traveler. That was Ultear reason for joining Grimoire Heart and learning her magic.

Ankhseram Curse

I think it’s a great inconsistency that Zeref for experimenting with life, death, the flow of time and breaking so many rules of magic received the immortality curse. Mavis supposedly got it as a result of a incomplete spell. Yet Ultear who fail-casted a spell which in the end still turned back time, undo death and pretty much did everything Zeref was trying to do, was turned into an old lady. Did Ultear also receive the curse, but in a different form? While I don’t believe that even if Ultear did became a time vampire, she would deliberately steal time from others to regain her own, as it would be contradicting to her character development and how selfless she was. Unlike Zeref she showed great humbleness before the world and its laws, she accepted the consequences of her act and was happy it could save the ones she loved. Ultear on her own will disappeared from everyones sight to not be a burden to them, always thinking about them, never wanting anything for herself. She decided to live through whatever faith she might have free of anger, envy and anxiety. This maybe the reason Ultear was treated differently by Ankhseram.

Alive or Not, Old or Young

One can make as much assumptions regardless Ultear return referring to science fiction, different concepts of time, alternate dimensions, but… I don’t know if there is any point in it, since Mashima explanations are never that overcomplicated. He rarely uses in his explanations references to real life science and never gives more that 1-2 chapters for it. That is why I think Ankhseram interference is plausible. The concept of the God of Death is already present in Fairy Tail lore. If he really is so almighty it can be possible for him to return Ultear to her youth, if not more. Also it would be an easy but valid explanation. Assuming Ankhseram is the one that prevents mages from coming too close to The Magic of One, because they might become too powerful and destroy the fundamental laws on which the world functions. This would explain all those side effects, curses taboos related to magic. But given Ultear’s behavior she could have been deemed worthy of such knowledge and power. However the Arc of Time exists only in an incomplete form in their world, Ultear must have sever all connections with it and die (or some such). Just as her mother after Ice Shell become one with the ocean, Ultear after Last Ages become one with time itself. She is still alive but lives beyond other people time and reality.

The Comeback

This is the part where the conjectures really start :) Given that Ultear spoke about crime and justice, and that the prison of time is now the place where she resides. That Zeref for inventing the Eclipse Gate was cursed (among other things), that the use of the said gate lead to a catastrophe (at least in one timeline). Ultear is now a legit wayfarer/time traveler, I’m guessing she must have some sort of authorization. I think she does that with Ankhseram permission. The thought of Ultear becoming a time cop/keeper/guardian (you name it) isn’t that far fetched. Ultear was granted a new life and mastery over the Arc of Time, but she can no longer exist in a physical form in their world. She can only manifest when time is distorted. Her job is now to pursue anyone who disrupts the flow of time like Dimaria or Zeref. Who also have time related magic and didn’t learn much from the time he was cursed. Ankhseram may seem cruel to some but isn’t it how death and time are. Cruel, merciless, inevitable and necessary.

I think this is the way that will satisfy the most people. It won’t cheapen Ultear goodbye, because she is no longer a part of their world. In the same time she can be around for most of the story until the issue with Zeref is resolved. Still, there is that Shadow thing from Future Rogue timeline which ties to Acnologia doomsday scenario and 5 of the Dragonslayers are also from another time (which may lead to some interesting predicament). There is also the case how is she able to interact with others, but since Gray was so sure she is alive and how she appeared together with her guildmates. I’m guessing there must be a way for her to communicate with them. Needless to say, I personally hope Ultear will stay longer :)