people say that waverly is probably gonna be more dominant because she was possessed but like…. waverly takes the lead for their first kiss. 

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she’s the one who comes out strong. even way way way before possession waves is confident with what she wants so i’d like to think that she’s herself when she kisses nicole bc like the scene itself is a throwback to their first kiss like hello smol bi is jumping on nicole again big pup was being a big goof and was kissed

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A little teaser of what I’m currently starting on. I decided to turn my genji sketch wip from my previous post into a blackwatch piece. So yeap edge Lord and his two edgy badass sons will be making their entrance. I’m so excited and I decide to work on gabe first and yeap really pleased with how he turn out. XD


#ThankYouBones Week: Day 5 8 Jack Hodgins ‘king of the lab’ scenes

(I didn’t know if it were scenes of him actually saying King of the Lab or moments that make him King of the Lab so both? both.)