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Hi! Someone said on twitter that Iain's stunt was listed for ep 20, but I couldn't check yet

Hi @elivent

Yeap! Iain has a NEW double listed for 20.

What we don’t know if this is for 

  • Framework Fitz and he’s landed himself in trouble.  Possibly there its a race against the clock for Jemma to get him out of the Framework before he dies there.  Because lets be real if that is happening to anyone its Fitz.  
    • This idea also would fit nicely with Radcliffe finally letting the girls know where the hostages are because Framework Fitz has been kidnapped and/or is gravely wounded.  The only way for Radcliffe to save him will be to let him go.
  • Robo Fitz:  We’re pretty sure he’s still out there and up to no good with some of the Daisy Fleet.
  • Hostage Fitz:  20 is when I think we’re going to see the girls out (this is helped that both Davis and Piper are back in 20/21) and going for the hostages (though they might not actually get to them until 21).  AIDA could go on the offensive and go after Fitz as they start to come out of the Framework.

#ThankYouBones Week: Day 5 8 Jack Hodgins ‘king of the lab’ scenes

(I didn’t know if it were scenes of him actually saying King of the Lab or moments that make him King of the Lab so both? both.)

17 july 2016 —

i totally did not forget to post this yesterday. yeap, totally didn’t. anyway tomorrow is the start of a new week (prelims start on tuesday ohno) but sending all of you love and strength to get through hell aka school ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

“…he’s a ghost story.”