He lost everything. You know, Erik, Raven and his legs. We built the school, the labs, this… this whole place, then just after the first semester the war in Vietnam got worse. Many of the teachers and all the students were drafted, and it broke him. He retreated into himself. I..I wanted to help, do something, so I designed a serum to treat his spine. You know, derived from the same formula that helps me control my mutation. I take just enough to keep myself balanced, but he takes too much. I tried easing him back, but he just couldn’t bear the pain, the voices. The treatment gives him his legs, but it’s not enough. He’s…he’s just lost too much.

Told you there was no Professor here.

I just realized.

We’re closer now to either future shown in DOFP (2023), than we are to the last major event in movie canon (2006, Dark Phoenix).

By now, a resurrected Charles would have recruited Logan with Erik.

Trask Industries would have just released the second to the last Sentinel model, the ones before those that could shift like Raven.

In 7 years, the X-Men would send Logan back to 1973.

to everyone that is upset over there being no romantic relationship between Steve and Bucky in Civil War:

Maybe this is a lead up! Steve gave up the shield for Bucky. Maybe in a following movie like Infnity Wars or even the Black Panther film if they tie in we’ll get some kind of admission, or even a kiss!

Stay positive!! Don’t let one movie spoil an entire franchise. You still have fics and fanart and many more years for the MCU to evolve and for Marvel/Disney to become something progressive and accepting!!

(Also the possibility of an extended cut of the movie like they didn’t with XMDOFP!!)