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At my first concert, (TOP) my fren got knocked unconscious at the very last song. But while backstage waiting for the meds to finish with her, I met Tyler and Josh and talked to them for like 15 mins. Never say that off anon cause I feel bad.

oh shit. and wow, thats really lucky. yeah, I’d probably feel a bit bad too.

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Did those people shitting on Mark really watch the video just to shit on him? Wow, they really need to get proper hobbies!

This is exactly my point.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Do you ever get blown away by how gay you are?

I’m sitting on my bed researching lesbians in the military for my APUSH paper and listening to a wlw playlist on 8tracks. I’m wearing a baseball tee that says “I got 99 problems and society’s attitude towards sexual orientation and gender identity covers like 98 of them.” I have a pride flag covering one of my windows and pride bead curtains over the other two. The only lights on in my room are rainbow Christmas lights around the edge of my walls. I have two rainbow laptop stickers and there are rainbow streamers from homecoming on my closet door (heh). I have an entire bookshelf of queer literature and a David Levithan novel on my bedside table. Spread out across my floor are about 15 books on homosexuals in the military. I’ve got an article in front of me called “Uncle Sam’s Lesbians.”

TL; DR: My life has become so aggressively homosexual and I don’t know what to do with myself.

Freaky Friday: Part 4

Sirius: … Wow.

Remus: *shrugs casually* Naw… I just REALLY wanted to see you in this shit.

Severus: *snarls* What do you want, Black?

Remus: *turns dramatically to face Severus, raising his voice* I want YOU Severus Snape! 


Remus: *loudly… unnecessarily so* I want you to take me right now.…. right over this table! 

Severus: *horrified* You… you want… what the fuck!?

Severus: *shrilly* F-Fuck off Black, you… you freak of nature! *storms away, looking thoroughly traumatized while passerby gape*

Remus: SEVERUS, DON’T GO!!! 

Sirius: *gapes* WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. BLOODY. HELL!?!?

Sirius: *shakes head in disbelief* Well… it’s a good thing - shut up James - It’s a good thing I have the antidote then isn’t it? Another day and you’d ruin me for life.

Sirius: *grins* Irrelevant. Now… Before any more public-love-confessions are made… 

To Be Continued

please someone explain to me someone with the shitty sense of humor to find ‘meatbag’ hilarious managed to also be the best tactical mind of their generation, much less savior of the republic and sith lord.

do yall ever feel like some people are just so out of your league and i don’t mean like in a dating sense i mean like when you wanna be friends with someone but you’re just so terrified of them cause you’re like a giant heap of garbage compared to this person and when i say you i mean me and by this person i mean literally everyone who’s ever been nice to me

idk what this is. lowkey inspired from a scene from gilmore girls lmao. fwb!calum. wc: 2907

Content. The pillow under your head was cold just in the way you liked it and you felt content. Sleep was slowly slipping away from you, but you didn’t want to let it. Birds were chirping and cars were whirring by, the world was starting it’s day, but you were not ready to start yours. All you wanted was to snuggle into your bed a little bit longer. The soft sheets tangled around your legs, the smooth surface of the pillow against your cheek, the finger tips tracing unrecognizable shapes into your back. Wait, your eyes shot open and you flipped around on to your back taking in your surroundings. This wasn’t your bed or your sheets or your bedroom. 

“Mornin’ baby,” Calum said, leaning his head on his hand looking down at you lying next to him. Oh right, you were at Calums. 

“Morning?” You asked shocked, stretching your arms past your head with a big yawn. “I fell asleep last night? Why didn’t you wake me?” 

You pushed off the bed, sitting up right and swinging your legs till your feet connected with the floor. 

“Well, I tired you out baby girl what can I say I was pretty proud,” He said as he scooted over, he lifted his calloused hand up to sweep all your hair over your shoulder planting soft kisses on the exposed skin. 

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 fancy date :D

  • korra: So where do you wanna eat?
  • asami: Anywhere is fine.
  • korra: How about we eat out?
  • asami: *blushing profusely* o-oh my um well this is a little short on notice and i didn't prepa-
  • korra: Sounds good huh?
  • asami: u-um yes.
  • asami's head: HolY sHIT woW i FEel REally Hot RN Holy SHit
  • korra: Great! How about noodles.
  • asami: What.
  • korra: Noodlessssss
  • asami: (ಠ_ಠ)