*is reminded girls exist*

Welp, time to try to unsuccessfully talk to women on a dating app again until I get bored and forget how single I am.


anonymous asked:

heyyo was just wondering if my ask didnt go through- i was talkin abt the dream i had n you were in it n stuff ?

i get like, ~150 asks a week, and about 5 of those are “i had a dream with you in it” type things, so i dont rly post em all cuz its kinda hard to believe theyre all true, u kno? :^◊


well @vividlylost, the voided bros across the board have very little qualms with who they are on the inside very much so on the outside.

i’m saying they’re all flirty sinners particularly Dings and WD

an interviewer asks namjoon when the english music is coming. namjoon asks when the interviewer will start asking the questions in korean. the radio station burns to the ground. ashes, ashes litter the streets of la. children, screaming. their mothers, crying. in the distance something neither human nor beast sings its song for the dead. all that remains, unscathed, standing in a ruined city of their own making, bts. fire cannot kill a dragon.