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I love Bryan Fuller, but I'm an English teacher, and I'm not even entirely sure what he means by, "’There is love between these two men, and confusion between these two men. We had to articulate it, and the idea for a Season 4 was an interesting continuation of that, as well as a subversion of it at the same time." Was Season 4 supposed to subvert the love? The confusion? Both? Wasn't Season 3 already sort of Will and Hannibal attempting to do that but failing? What are your thoughts?

I think the subversion comment was in reference to a few things. One being the power dynamic between them, because in a season 4 they would be true equals. We got a hint of that here and there, but never for very long. 

So we would get to see how Hannibal and Will can live together as two powerful and deadly men who, despite being exactly alike, also have some fundamental differences and what conflicts would occur because of this (Hannibal will always push at Will and Will is going to push back and shit will be going down as soon as they stop bleeding everywhere and are all healed up.)

It’s not changing the love or taking it away or about minimizing it. It’s showing how Hannibal and Will will handle it now that literally everything is on the table. No one is hiding any upcoming betrayals. It’s all there in a mangled mess dripping in sea water and blood, plain as can be (or as plain as Hannibal and Will can ever be) for both of them to poke and prod and examine to death.

There will probably be confusion. These are two men who don’t know how to deal with feelings (and one who takes rejection about as well as any lonely cannibal serial kill ever could, which is egregiously bad). And now they’re together and no one is in prison or lying or married off to a family that does not consist of a certain Lithuanian count or running around Europe with a blonde. They have to deal with each other. And while there’s definitely going to be ‘omg we’re alive and together, let’s go stitch each other up and celebrate by being INTIMATE’ there’s also going to be ‘what the fuck do we do now/do we kill/make out/buy matching Hawaiian shirts/get a motorcycle/????’.

It’s going from wondering if these two puzzle pieces fit together to knowing they fit and wondering how they’re going to fit into the rest of the world and how to keep fitting together (like Mads said, marriage takes compromise and Will is still Will and Hannibal is still Hannibal and as well as they fit together most of the time, there are some parts that just… don’t).

I don’t think they failed in season 3. I think they just weren’t there yet. Will had been gutted and thrown off a train and had his head sawn into and then, even worse, had to deal with Mason’s shit. And Hannibal was just an absolute mess of emotions with Bedelia gaslighting him. They needed a moment to gather themselves (Will did, at least). And by the latter half of season 3, Hannibal and Will were baking themselves a murder pie together and it wasn’t until the very end that we saw that, yes, these two are still very much on the same page and in each other’s mind pants and they are loving it and the pie is in fact delicious.

Another aspect the subversion comment could be referencing is that in season 4 we would have Hannibal and Will fighting against a common enemy. It wouldn’t be Will chasing after Hannibal or Hannibal chasing after Will. It would be the two of them together against someone else (like with Mason or the killers in season one).

So what does this all mean? In season 4 we would see how Hannibal and Will handle dating and all the work and conflicts and compromises that come with being in a relationship as two equals behind the veil. And since this is Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, it will be messy–emotionally and physically. 

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Helloo~~ What are your fave stage outfits for Hobi? :3

oh my god!! i literally love anything and everything he wears, but if i had to choose….


i love this look because WOW HE’S SO PRETTY! and that wet hair .. yes, bless

listEN, Hoseok’s rap during the perfect man performance had be on the floor sobbing, it was so good!!

a look

by far one of my favourites because holy shit he is the hottest most sexylicious

if you didn’t know already, hobi in all black is my religion

any outfit from danger era is my fav, hands down, that hair was a blessing


i really love these jeans, idk i just love them! he has nice knees :) 

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Hey, do you think in the highschool au Hana sometimes invites the junkboys for her stream? Idk, I just want situations where Mako and Jamie can make gay af game grumps quotes (I also imagine Jamie's rage when he sucks is just as amusing/satisfying as Arin's in GG). Speaking of Hana's stream, I HC Lúcio cameos all the time in them.



mccree and genji are best friends that use their ults to get team kills together

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Just wondering if you've come across any gif sets of the Joker (and Harley) with the lyrics from End of All Days? I see so many people commenting wanting it, Jared himself says it's a song he thinks relates to the Joker but i haven't found a single set! Do you know any Joker/Harley blogs open to requests maybe? (also sorry if this isn't the typical ask you get but i love your blog and consider you my go to Joker/Harley blog)


Here ya got a beautiful gif set with “End Of All Days” lyrics !! (✿ ♥‿♥)