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Light, you've been chained to L for quite a while now. Have you learned anything about his past cases? I feel like L has dealt with some jam loving killers possibly more terrifying than Kira even! Also for absolutely, totally, /completely/ no related reason...what do you think about orphanages? (Totally not an excuse to ask the artist if we'll see any of the other wammy boys in the future)

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I Think I Wanna Marry You... (Part 4)

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader obvi because I’m trash

Word count: 4k

Soundtrack: Halsey - Now Or Never

[“ i see a love so pure it moves the heavens….”

“…but does it endure?”]

Summary: Y/N manages to coax Dean into going on a few untimely escapades in preparation for the big day. Meanwhile, the elder Winchester tries his best to subdue his doubts about where their relationship stands.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A/N: Part 5 is already in the works, so you can expect an update by this time next week. This entire series is fun to write, so I’m glad people enjoy it.




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Y/N is a bundle of nerves in her bright yellow sundress, and nothing Dean can do can ease her anxiety.

Before him she stands, the strap of her satchel tangled in her fingers and her brow creased. She looks at Dean and doesn’t even try hiding the fact that she’s nervous.

“I’m sorry…” She apologizes. “I didn’t know you’d have to come along for this. If I had, then—“

“Then you would have turned down the offer?”

Bowing her head, Y/N glimpses away…“No….”

“Yeah, so don’t apologize.”

Dean is making this so much harder than it should be. In his usual fashion, he’s complicating things, stretching out a second of tension into an hour and it’s so bloody irritating for Y/N that she could scream.

But instead all she does is bottle it up and cap it, trying to play the pacifist in this situation. “I said I’m sorry, Dean…” She bites her lip, obviously abashed, and shakes her head.

The elder Winchester rolls his eyes. The sun is out and hot and today he’s decided to trade in his usual get-up of pants-and-shirt for a T shirt and jeans. Dean knows the weather is probably the main factor to why he’s so antsy, but will he let that stop him from complaining…?

“Sorry won’t cut it.” He indignantly huffs. “I don’t wanna go, anyway.”

“Jesus, it’s just dress shopping!” Y/N complains.

“I don’t wanna go dress shopping.” He counters. His voice isn’t harsh, just agitated. He’s agitated. She knows that. If she didn’t, then maybe this entire interaction would have gone a lot different. “You go. Tell your family that I had other stuff to do, manly stuff.”

Y/N rolls her eyes. “I didn’t bring you along on this trip to do manly stuff. If that’s what I wanted then I would have left you back home and taken Sam instead.”

Having thought it to be a brilliant idea, her family invited Dean out with them to go dress shopping in town. And taken how much Dean (and, let’s be honest, Y/N, too) despises Boston, the idea of being out and about in the city is sickening.

So, he resists.

Y/N lets out a sigh of defeat and turns to go tell her mum and S/P/N the news. As she saunters through the lounge and into the ballroom, she reviews today’s plan: dress shopping. Not hard at all. Totally easy, right?

She shouldn’t be feeling so anxious about it. But here she is. Her satchel’s strap by now is a mess of knots between her fingers and she releases it, walking up to the elevator, ready to press the button, when it suddenly pings and halts. The doors slide open—

And then there’s Rick.

Standing, using his phone, head bowed and not noticing her until she speaks.

Y/N straightens out. “Oh..” She says, earning the attention of the ebony-haired man as he looks up.

Their eyes meet, and right away a smile spreads across his mouth. “Y/N…!”


They speak simultaneously, words bubbling over each other. Y/N giggles quietly.  He smiles.“Going up?”

She nods and then scuttles in. There’s nobody else in so, thankfully, there’s no rush to usher him out and move on, so Y/N takes her time to catch up.

Her eyes rake over his face until they finally settle on blue eyes, a deep sapphire, a shade she once in the days of her childhood lusted over.

She’s going to be frank here—teenage Rick was cute.

Exponentially. Terribly. With a defined nose and jaw line so strong it could cut cheese, he’d been the subject of her fantasies for months as a teenager. It’s not the first time he’s had the thought and so she welcomes it in without question. Y/N had always had the biggest crush on him. On his eyes; on the way that he wore yellow and pastels and smiled at her a little bit longer than he did all the other girls. On how he used to manage to stir up such alien feelings in her stomach that it excited her.

She’d been like—what? Sixteen, when he moved to the house next door? Yeah. Probably. Like, sixteen and he’d been eighteen and he’d joined their school.  And upon first encounter, enamored and optimistic, Y/N had been set on claiming him as her own.

But those days were gone now. She was grown and experienced and all the desires of girlhood had been satiated. She moved away, became a hunter. She soon forgot about those sapphire eyes that had driven her crazy.

A smile lights up her face as she stares at him. “Funny seeing you here, Mister Montoijia.”

“I could say the same about you.” Rick replies with an equally excited smile. “Where to?”

“Uhm, mom. We’re going dress shopping today and I need to talk to her about it.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Glad you think so. “ She scoffs. “Try telling that to Dean, maybe you could talk some sense into him.”

“Where is he now?”

“Uhm..”Y/N peers her head out, scouting the room for the sight of the elder Winchester in his Zepellin T-shirt and Sam by his side. She looks around curiously, until finally she spots the top of the younger Winchester’s hair by the bar.

She points them out. “There…”

Rick leans forward, peeping out. Y/N watches him, eyes trailing over his features, over his distinct adam’s apple bobbing in his throat, over the dark 5-o’clock-shadow tainting his jaw—God, his jaw.

He turns back to her. “Well, okay then. Anyway—catching up? When can we do that, or are you too busy to spare me a cup of coffee?” His lips, bright pink and luscious, pull back in a lopsided grin, shark-like teeth exposed.

“Oh…”Y/N blushes. “Uhm—yeah, sure. How about…Thursday, seven o’clock?” She offers, back tracing when she notices the subtle fall in Rick’s excited expression.

“It’s just that I’m really busy with all this wedding stuff.”

“Oh, yeah…Okay then.” The smile returns.

Y/N mirrors him.

“Thursday it is.” He says, and then just like that, slips out of the elevator.


The dress store is a fifteen minute drive away, perched on a busy avenue lined with shops and boutiques of all sorts. The bridal party—Y/N and the other maids, Jackie and Emma, some of her sister’s grad-school friends—are packed in the backseat alongside Dean and Aunt Steph as S/P/N slides the car over to the side of the road and parks.

Dean clambers out of the tiny Ipsum, trailing behind Y/N and the entire entourage: S/P/N, Jackie and Aunt Steph lead the way into the boutique, all chatter and laughs. Dean groans internally—this is so berating. So emasculating. He’d rather be back at the hotel, grabbing a beer with Uncle Gary and talking about anything but color patterns, but he pacifies his mind by reminding himself that he chose this.

It’s for Y/N, after all. He’s taken a literal bullet for her and then some— a little dress shopping can’t be that bad…?

“Just persevere.  I’m sure it won’t be that bad.”

“Are you?”

She shrugs. They amble in past mannequins sartorially dressed in sequins and satin and colors of all sorts. For a bridal shop, everything—rather than being pallid white—is pretty gaudy and exuberant. Frills here and there, feathers, glitter. Dean almost pukes at the sight of a bright cyan dress that Aunt Steph is scrutinizing and quickly averts his attention to the row of dresses Y/N is riffling through.

“We’re not having a wedding in Vegas.” She says distastefully, rubbing some glittery nylon between her fingers.  “What’s with all this color?”

“You don’t like it?” Dean asks.

She shakes her head, trailing her fingers along a fuscia feather boa as they saunter through.  “My wedding is going to be the exact opposite of this. Hell…” She says, looking ahead. “…my wedding’s not even going to be in Boston. Or Vegas, for that matter.”

“Where, then? New Orleans? Seems very you.”

“I was thinking California.”

“Ew…” Dean scrunches his face up in disgust, and Y/N clicks her tongue, smacking him in the shoulder. He chuckles.

“Shut up.” She giggles, fingering the bright pink feathers. “ You don’t have a say in this.”

“As your boyfriend, I think I do.” He ribs. “We’re definitely not getting married in California. No way.”

Y/N scoffs. “Pfft—like we’ll even last long enough for a wedding.”

“You think we won’t?”

“You think we will?” She stops and turns to him.

Dean smiles.

Y/N mirrors him, tipping her head back in a challenging manner. He wants to laugh because he knows she’s right, but instead, he only scoffs, shakes his head and turns away.

Deciding that this isn’t the place for them, S/P/N and her mom are arguing over which store they should go to next. There’s a classic-white-wedding one right across the road and so they settle on that. Impatiently, the elder Winchester slips his phone from his pocket and checks the time as Y/N wanders off to the sidelines. Oddly enough, he’s shocked to see a missed call from Sam. A few minutes back. Probably while they were on their way here. Pocketing the device, he inhales and grabs Y/N’s hand.

“Come on.” Dean tugs on it and tries to move, but instead their fingers untangle. The elder Winchester then glances back over his shoulder, befuddled.

Y/N’s still entranced by the boa as she turns to him, eyes wide in. “Oh—we’re leaving?”

“Yeah, you coming?” He quirks his brow and  Y/N nods, letting her fingers halt their caress as she joins him. She lips her hand back in his, but before they can move, glances back at the boa with want. Dean catches her.

His gaze bounces between it and his partner, disconcerted. It takes a moment, a moment of wonder and wide, pleading puppy eyes and the curve of a shy smile before the cogwheels in Dean’s head turn and he catches on.

“You want it? His voice is incredulous, expression speaking volumes of surprise. It’s so tawdry and loud and he can’t think she’d want it.

But apparently, with the way she glimpses up at him guilty, bites her lip and bats her eyes, she does.

Y/N shrugs, pulling a face. “It’s kinda cute.”

The group is already almost out the door as Dean stares at Y/N momentarily; she says nothing. Heaving a labored sigh, he then grabs the boa. He fists it in his hands, turning to her, and raises it in the air.

“You really want it?” He asks, expression bored and worn.

Y/N smiles with excitement and nods. He might not see what she does in it, Dean thinks, but if he’s going to play the part of her enamored lover, then he might as well go all the way, right?

And so, with a shake of his head, the elder Winchester walks up to the cashier and smacks it down. It’s a vibrant pink, almost purple, and the sale’s associate gives him a questioning look the moment he lays it down.

He rolls his eyes, jerking his thumb behind. “It’s for my girlfriend.” He hopes he sounds convincing. It doesn’t matter, anyway. She scans it, tells him the price, and he fetches a couple of dollars from his wallet and hands them to her.

“Thank you.” The orange-haired cashier says, handing him the bag.  Nodding, Dean takes it and turns. Y/N is a flare of excitement as he approaches her; there’s a smile on her face that made Dean think, maybe—just maybe—she was just pulling his leg, a smug simper, teeth and all, but the sincerity in her thank you as he hands it to her tells Dean otherwise

“I can’t believe you wanted this.” He remarks as they exit the store. Y/N winds the fluffy boa around her neck, smiling into it, the bright feathers tickling her face. “It looks like it belongs on a burlesque dancer from Vegas.”

“It’s cute.” She remarks, lifting her gaze to the elder Winchester. “Thanks, again, Dean… You didn’t have to buy it for me, you know?”

“Yeah. “ Dean scoffs, looking left and then right for any oncoming cars; they scurry across the road, over to the boutique the entire family’s stepped into. Through the window, Dean can faintly make out the silhouette of Aunt Steph holding up a salmon gown. “The puppy-dog eyes on your face a second ago said otherwise.”

Y/N giggles and then follows him in. A chime at the door announces their arrival and the whole group’s attention is grasped as they walk in.

As soon as she spots her sister, S/P/N’s eyes go wide like saucers, a smile stretching across her face.

Flaunting her new purchase, the young hunter saunters up to her sister and flashes a quick grin. “How do I look?’

“Wow…” S/P/N breathes. “…like…a big, flashy bird. Did you really just buy that?”

“Dean did.”

Her eyes shift to the elder Winchester, brow furrowed. He shrugs in response, hands fixed in his pockets, because that seems the only eligible response in a situation like this.

S/P/N giggles and picks at the scarf as Y/N swats her hands away, when it’s time to get fitted. They’ve picked out two dresses already.

“They’re waiting for you in the dressing room,” Her mother says, resting her hands on her shoulders and ushering her off. As she is led away by her mother, Y/N briefly glances back at Dean. Her face splits into an apologetic smile, one that utters an unspoken apology, one that says I’m sorry I dragged you into this. He waves it off with a smile. It’s fine, his expression responds. Y/N smiles. Before he knows it, she’s disappeared behind the racks of dresses and mannequins and he’s left alone with S/P/N and Aunt Steph.

Sighing, the elder Winchester turns to them, trying to offer an amicable smile.

“So…”He begins. “Where are your guys dresses? I thought you were all picking something out.”

“Oh, it’s a Y/L/N family tradition for the bride to come last.” Aunt Steph’s grey eyes gleam bright and radiant; as usual, she’s smiling, her face folded and creased like fleshy dough, and Dean can’t resist feeling at least bit happy that he’ll be spending the afternoon with someone as cheerful as her.

“Even when I was getting married, it was the same. “ She elaborates. “Marilyn and my girls brought me out to watch them try on dresses, and then, when it was already time to leave, had me pick something out.”

“At least it was cute.” S/P/N chides.

“It was. Very. But anyway, we should probably get to work.” The elder woman waits expectantly; but when Dean’s brow furrows in disconcert, she turns to her niece. “You didn’t tell him?”

“I was supposed to?”

“We’re all picking something out for the girl’s to try on.” She shakes her head with a sigh. “You know—so that they have a lot of options?”

 ““Emma and Jackie are pretty happy with their choices,” S/P/N pipes up. “It’s just, well, Y/N we’re worried about. I can bet you twenty bucks—the next dress she comes out in, she’s not even gonna like it.”

“That’s why we’re here. To make sure we get her something pretty.”

“You want me to pick a dress out for Y/N?” Dean asks it like it’s absolutely crazy, like it’s ridiculous—and it is. He’s no fashion guru. His wardrobe consist of practically the same two flannels and jeans.

“So, do you accept the challenge?”The younger woman asks, quirking a brow.

Dumbfounded, the elder Winchester stares at the pair momentarily. He can’t say no, can he? That would only raise the suspicion of their little plan. He can’t risk that….

Can he?


In the dressing room, Y/N accepts each gown hurtled at her by her mother with patience and precision. The assortment is vast, all various shades and hues; even then, however, none that can even compete with the atrocity around her neck.

Dress hanging off her shoulders, Y/N glances back at garish piece abandoned on a chair.  Scrutinizes it. It’s…well…colorful. Very colorful. And it’s definitely not something they’ll be seeing her in a lot, but the knot of pride in her gut is wound too tight for Y/N to admit that maybe the purchase was a bad idea. Maybe baiting Dean with an item of the nature was a pathetic attempt at validation…

There’s no hiding it, anyway. That’s the truth. That’s all she is: pathetic and desperate for affection. I mean, why else buy such an atrocity? why else ask Dean to get it? At the time, the plan seemed bulletproof, an assured way of confirming that she had a place in the elder Winchester’s heart that would lead him to making the sacrifice…It had been a symbol of sorts. A totem.

At first.

Now all Y/N sees when she looks at it is wasted money and a testament to her pettiness in bright gaudy colors…


Dean whizzes through the store as fast as his feet can carry him.

 Rack to rack to mannequin. He grabs a pink dress with rhinestones along the hem. A plain white one that runs to the knee and looks a little too casual for a wedding. It doesn’t matter, the elder Winchester tells himself. None of this does. None of this is real. this is fake-dress shopping for a fake couple…Granted, however, for….. a very real wedding….


The thought catches Dean like a fish-hook in the neck, and he’s reeled back to his senses. Glancing down at the options he’s gathered, none of them look terrible. Very simple. Plain, eve, like the model isn’t going to be exhibited before a bunch of people.

A sigh then leaves him and Dean settles on one of the chairs provided to sort through. He tosses out one with frills and a mint-green that he knows, despite her beautiful physique, will not look flattering on Y/N. by the end of it all,  he’s left with nothing but the pale pink that he realizes is a size too large.

With an exasperated sigh, the elder Winchester chucks it onto the shelf. He bows his head in defeat. Runs a hand through his tousled hair. Groans. He needs some air, and he’s about stand to get out of the shop, when his gaze wanders to a mannequin across the room…

And then Dean halts.


Y/N slips in and out of dress after dress, struggling out of tight corsets, sweat trickling down the back of her neck from all the work. There’s a pile of gowns on the floor climbing all the way to her knees, her mother standing outside, pestering about which one she should pick. Y/N tries to shut her out. She can’t think right now. Her body is sweaty and chafing, and this was dumb because she could always just wear the old dress she brought from home, but it’s out of the question.

And so she moves on to the next one…



The moment she comes out, Dean’s heart stops.

Standing before him in her final choice, Y/N bites her lip and furrows her brow nervously, tangling her fingers together in front of her lap. After eons of waiting, nervously tapping his fingers against the arm-rest, she’s out. Finally.

Her cheeks are dusted a feint pink and it looks like the blush is crawling further and further down her skin, breaching onto her exposed shoulders. Her skin, a haven of y/s/t dotted with freckles and spots and the littlest scars whose origin is embedded in his mind, almost sparkles in the warm lighting.

And Dean can’t help but gawk, because, damn…

The dress, strapless and deep burgundy and with a flaring skirt, looks gorgeous. Accentuating her waist and legs, it’s form fitting stunning and her bare shoulders are peeping out from behind her tresses of y/h/c. 

It looks magical; she looks magical, Dean thinks, as he tries to gather the coherence and focus to say it as she spoke.

“Well…?” A spark of hopefulness glints in Y/N’s eyes.

The elder Winchester gapes, jaw slack and eyes wide as his eyes trail from her shoulders to her legs and back up to her face. At that moment, he feels a flutter in his chest, like the beating of butterfly wings, the blink of an eye. So brief and miniscule that, if he hadn’t actively been paying attention to his feeling, he’d miss it. But he doesn’t, because how can he when this is the first time he’s seeing Y/N in such a light?

He’s so used to her hiding herself beneath jeans and tees and oversized flannels she’s stolen from his closet, in mustards and blacks and colors the shade of the earth and nature. Not that she doesn’t look good in them. She does—extremely. Only now, it’s foreign kind of beauty that Dean is witnessing, like watching a beautiful sunset from a different angle.

“Wow…” He breathes with ogling eyes. “Just….wow.”

Wow as in good?”

“More than good. Amazing, stunning. Damn, Y/N.” As soon as the words leave him Dean feels a bit ashamed by how earnest he sounds. But it’s short-lived because, then Y/N laughs and turns to the mirror a few feet away.

Her gaze slides up and down her reflection, taking in the sight as she turns and moves to try and see the dress at all angles.

“I don’t feel like me.”

“You look like you—a very dolled up and different you, sure, but still.” Dean cocks his head to the side softly. “You mean you don’t like it?”

She shrugs. He waits for an additional statement that doesn’t come. When he opens his mouth to speak, the sound of S/P/N’s voice cuts him off.


They both turn; Y/N’s face then flushes an even deeper pink as she stares at her grinning sister. They’re back, shopping bags in hand, Marilyn gleaming at her side as she gazes adoringly at her. Smirking, S/P/N steps up onto the platform, arms crossed over her chest, sizing her little sister up.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you in a dress in less than five years.” She states. “You look great.”

Y/N pulls a face. “Do I?”

“You do—right, mom? Doesn’t Y/N look gorgeous?” The elder sister asks her mother, who nods vigorously.

“You look so pretty, honey.” She says earnestly.

“Yeah, I’m even worried you might one up me at my own wedding.” S/P/N’s tone is teasing as she rests a hand on her sister’s shoulder. Y/N rolls her eyes and goes to look at her reflection once more. Her gaze is fixed on the mirror.

“So…” She starts, gathering her confidence in a heavy breath, “This one?”

Dean can tell it’s directed at him because of how her eyes dart in the mirror, and so he nods. “Definitely.”


The drive back is quiet and tranquil, the only sound filling the silence being that of the rumble of the engine. The thud of Y/N’s heartbeat; the hammering.

She feels a warmth glow in her chest.

A heat, vehement and demanding her attention and recognition as it sets the walls of her chest ablaze. A heat that, until a moment ago, she had managed to keep locked away and hidden. A vice.

She doesn’t want this; she doesn’t want to incessantly think about the way his eyes regarded her back in that shop; about the glint of awe in the rim of his green eyes when she walked out, about the way that he managed to stir up this warmth that she’d shuttered since they’d held hands in the car.

But it’s back now—fiercer than ever, tumultuous, and nothing Y/N can do can smother its flames.

Eyes set on the city whizzing by, she tries not to focus too much on it, attempts to drown out her feelings by settling her attention on the city outside. On the sound of Dean’s voice as he converses with her mum about Nebraska and the life they left behind for these two weeks; on the way he laughs when Aunt Steph throws in a line about her time in Nebraska, or on how well he’s managed to adapt to her circus of a family. And Y/N finds it astounding—she always has—how Dean does that: how he just clicks with people.

With his polar opposites, with people living lives on the other end of the spectrum. Only four days in and he’s already won their hearts over, and it makes Y/N grateful that she picked Dean to be by her side for these two weeks. (But even that isn’t enough to tame the hurricane behind her ribs.)

When they get back to the hotel, she rushes straight to their bedroom, throwing the door open and quickly heading to the bathroom.

Flicking the tap on, Y/N pools some water in her hands and splashes it onto her face. Once, twice. She then looks up at her reflection, at the harried girl staring back at her with panicked eyes, at the droplets of water slowly trickling down her face.

This can’t be happening.

She can’t be letting herself go like this, allowing a distraction as intense as these feelings for Dean to sidetrack her. She’s here on a mission; with a motive: convince. Convince them she’s doing okay as a hunter, convince them she doesn’t need to be domesticated back her in Massachusetts…

Convince herself that everything she’s telling them is the truth.

It is, isn’t it? Y/N has known, being a hunter, that the beatific suburban life is anything but an aspect of her future. She knows this; accepts this. If she didn’t, then going through the motions of everyday life would be more tedious than they already are. If she didn’t, then every time she’d look at S/P/N and Japheth and her mother and father, and Rick, and Boston and a life she once had so idyllic it was the epitome of normality, then her heart would splinter….more than it already did.

When Y/N looks at herself in the mirror, it takes her a few seconds to realize that there are tears streaming down her face, meshing with the water, disguising themselves like chameleons in the Amazon. Crap.  She reaches for the paper towels nearby, pulling one out, and dabs it onto her dripping face, when all of a sudden—

“Y/N! You in here?”

She jerks her hands away from her face, turning to the source of the voice. Footsteps sound. She quickly crumples the paper and, tossing it into the bin, exits the bathroom, finding Dean in the middle of the bedroom, holding her feather boa and the bag with her dress in one arm.

His eyes slide to her face, and the elder Winchester’s expression, formerly placid, contorts into one of disconcert. Y/N, however, doesn’t give him any time to scrutinize—she quickly approaches and takes the dress out of his hand.

“Thanks. I forgot about that.”

“Yeah, and this.” He hands her the boa; she takes it, wrapping it around her neck and exhaling heavily.

“They sent me up to get you.” Dean says. “Everyone’s downstairs waiting for you, your mum’s dying to see you in your new digs.”

Y/N glimpses at the bright salmon dress, then back at the elder Winchester, fingers still floating around her collar. “Seriously? I have to wear it?”

“Hey,” Dean raises his hands in defense. “I’m just the messenger here.”

“God…”She groans, letting her hands fall to her sides as she drops onto the bed. A labored sigh then leaves her and she shuts her eyes before she feels the mattress dip.

Dean scoots up, snaking an arm around Y/N’s frame, and she leans into it. She lets out another sigh; quieter, and Dean instead inhales.

“You really don’t like being back here, huh?”

“No…No, I don’t. That’s why I asked you to come along in the first place. I thought that you’d be a great distraction.”


“I don’t know. Because it’s you? You always mange to distrac—“

“No, I mean, what’s with the hate for Boston? It is your home.”

“Massachusetts is.”

“Whatever. Stop trying to smart your way out of this, Y/N, I’m serious.” He is; by the way his green eyes probe, looking to draw the truth out, by the soberness of his expression, by the mere silence that hangs between them as Dean waits for a response. This much is enough of a tell that he means business, and Y/N hates it.

She doesn’t want to speak; not about how she’s feeling. Not about the warmth. About Dean and their friendship. Despite her disdain towards it, she’d much rather go down and socialize in her gaudy salmon dress just to get out of this situation.

Y/N bites her lip and shakes her head, searching his gaze. “Why do you care?”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Dean counters.

“Because it’s not your problem, Dean.” Y/N snaps, like a twig bent so much it has to break, like the warmth in her chest has turned into a full-fledged fire and it’s taking hold. She then feels it, pulsing through her, a vehement bitterness because inside feels corrupted and wrong and—

He flinches, inching away. His hand slips form around her shoulders as his brow furrows, an expression of hurt taking over.

“It’s not your problem to always look out for me, to try and figure out what’s on my mind.”

“Look, I’m just trying to help out here.”

“Don’t. Don’t try to help.” Y/N can feel tears stinging in her eyes, clouding her vision, painting Dean in a blurry silhouette. “ Just because you’re playing my boyfriend, doesn’t mean you have to act like it when my family’s not around.”

And then there it is. The finishing blow, the shot to the heart.

Dean gapes at Y/N in disbelief, frozen, like he’s trying to decipher if she just said, if he’s hearing right because no, she couldn’t have really just said…

“Just…” Sighing, Y/N rests her head in her hands. Shakes it.

Dean stares at her some more, until it strikes him, and instead he feels resentment swell in his stomach bit by bit. “Wow…”

“Just go…”

He doesn’t hesitate. Rising from the bed, the elder Winchester grabs his keys from the bedside table and stalks over to the door, pulsing with irritation, face hot. He’s almost at the door when he whips back around and looks at Y/N.

Frail, vulnerable Y/N. Crying Y/N. Magical.


A surge of sadness gets him and Dean scowls.  “I really wish I was doing this just because I have to play your boyfriend.” He says.

And Y/N lifts her head, looks at him, ready to reply, but before she can get a word out he’s already out the door.


Part 5

I Love to suffer :))

Not gonna lie: writing the argument between Dean and Y/N was a bit tough for me. I’m an intense anti-Dean-angst fanatic because I hate seeing my boy in pain, but…man…I had to.Feel free to throw rocks, I understand.

If not ,however, and you happened to like this, show some love by liking, reblogging and/or following to keep updated and check out some other Dean-stuff I’ve written

Have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

do you have a klance fic rec?

I did a fic rec a while back over here! but here’s some more fics :oc

I know younger fans follow me so everything in this list like the last one is gonna have no sm/.ut or too much expl/.icit content

THIS IS…… A LOT AND I’M FORGETTING A TON OF FICS I’M CURRENTLY READING because I just read them when they update I don’t have them in bookmarks on my phone but I really should…. I think these are enough for now though, I actually left a bunch of fics out of this one because it was getting too long

if you guys want I could probably make a page of fic recs? let me know :oc

and of course there’s klance-net’s fic library (I help out with it sometimes c:)

Keep reading


[Trans] @eunhyukee44: I didn’t even imagine today would come… it still doesn’t feel real uhuhu, seriously so~~~ many people came to the site so I got really touched but I will stop tearing up now. Our ELF that waited with rubber shoes for 1 year and 9 months and also waited over night!!! I really really love you!! Really really thank you!!!!!! I really really missed you TT Now let’s only make it so we walk on flower paths!!!! I will work hard to show you a good side of me to repay for all your love and waiting so well for me so you guys should just enjoy now!!!! From all corners of the world, our international ELF that came to congratulate my discharge!!! Once again, I’d like to thank you~ The reporters that came out early in the morning and wrote good articles as well, thank you once again TT Everybody be happy!!!! I love you 💙 (c

[Trans] @eunhyukee44: Oho is that so? (Banner says “We didnt shave our heads”) (c)

2 minutes later donghae liked this post, ofc lol 

So as I mentioned earlier this week, I have decided to auction some of my Outlander inspired artwork on behalf of World Child Cancer. It is such a worthy cause and it just seems a very obvious way for me to contribute to the charity!

So there are going to be three lots - and if you so wish, you can bid on all three!

Lot A - this contains the signed Face of Hope print, plus the Magnificent Jamie Fraser print, an art-card and a wee postcard!

Lot B - this consists of the original drawing ‘Blood of my Blood’ , plus the Face of Hope print, a one-off print of Mr McTavish of the Stables, and 2 art-cards

Lot C - made up of the original drawing ‘Together Again’, plus a print of the Magnificent Jamie Fraser, and a one off print of my drawing of EW cover shoot from last year, and another 2 art-cards

The auction will run from now until the 10 September! Yeah, I’m not sure why I’ve picked that date but it seems significant somehow! 😬

So how does it work? Basically if you like the look of a lot, then DM me your offer. I will keep an eye on all the offers and give regular updates so people will know if they have been outbid!  

Once the auction closes, at 6pm UK time on the 10th September I will inform the winning bidders. They can then transfer the monies via Paypal, I will pack their art off to them and then hopefully send a lovely lot of money to WCC, with an additional contribution from me. 

I was lucky enough to send them a cheque early this year for £100 from the sale of the DollFrasers Calendars  - it would be lovely to be able to send them a similar amount or more this time! 


VN Update: Shits fucked up. Basically I first used gifs timed with audio and this worked well with what I was doing but the gifs only played once and for some reason they won’t replay. “A simple fix” I thought to myself “I’ll just make them loop and then use a simple command to cut them off at the right time” NOPE Now they played at random times in the animation if replayed with in the game. Well here’s the oh so very simple fix for that or what I like to call: “PLAN C” Using Photoshop to save each individual frame of the animation into .pngs and then using Sony Vegas to save it into a .wmv with the aforementioned audio, then converting it into a .ogv with a random website so it can run in Tyranobuilder (Ren'Py for dummies) See? simple!

reversalmushroom  asked:

Is The Clone That Got Away dead?

Actually no. No she isn’t.

First off I want to apologize for the lack of updates in the past few months. I’ve unfortunately been busy with college which took up a lot of my time. The good news is though I’ve graduated now. Yay for me!

Going back to Clone let me assure you that Diane has always been on my mind, I have a ton of stories that I want to tell, it’s just that I haven’t had much time to work on them until now. Though I’ll be honest, Clone isn’t gonna take up all of my time, unless I get enough donations via my Patreon to do so I can’t make a living working on a fan comic. Now that doesn’t mean Clone is going away, it just means I’ll also be dedicating time to finding more freelance work as well as working on other projects. In fact I’ve just recently hired to work on a webcomic for the Roan RPG website (it’s a small gig but it’s a start).

As for the future of Clone, I actually have a post finished and ready to go (which is viewable on Patreon now if you’re curious), however I want to wait and create a backlog of posts before I begin posting again (I’m aiming for either a weekly or bimonthly schedule). As I am speaking the next few updates are in the process of coloring and the next chapter script (which is the biggest and most ambitious so far) is pretty much done.

I’ll also try to tone down how much I signal boost stuff like my patreon, commissions and stuff by my other artist friends on that blog (I’ve noticed I’ve been overdoing that lately and I apologize).

Overall I want to be able to produce quality content more consistently for my fans. I am very thankful for all of my followers for sticking with me this look throughout this extended hiatus.

So until next time here’s a cute drawing of Diane in a dress.

Update #2! I tried to get a gif, but the quality was… really not great. Instead I’ve got this screenshot. The game’s going to be a side-scroller, and I haven’t made an exact count, but I think it’ll be about twenty or thirty maps that need making. I’ve got three done so far, and I’m working on the fourth, which is… easily the biggest and most complex one in the game. But it’s also the overworld map, so it gets used a lot.

I’ve also completely finished the walk sprites for all major characters and two of the four side ones! Overall I’m… kinda happy with progress so far. But it’s no excuse to start slacking off now >:C

Hey guys!

I haven’t forgotten about you all! I promise! <3
Real life things have been…very difficult, I think is the best way to describe it without going into too much personal detail. I’m hoping things will turn around soon, but for now, the blog is still sitting here! I’m working on trying to get a new laptop so I physically cannot do anything mobile to fix links or make posts (:c). I also cleared the inbox out as well. I should’ve updated sooner but, things happen sometimes.

Thank you all for still sticking around even in my absence, and I hope I will be able to fix the lack of computer issue soon! 

Originally posted by thefluffyslipper

Okay Let’s Talk About The Arms Race Weapons:

As you all may know, the Third Arms Race winners have been announced.

The stats and actual effects of these weapons are still TBA, but in the meantime I think there’s some stuff to be speculated and talked about.

For starters, holy shit. I love these weapons already! Right off the bat it’s apparent who these weapons are for.

The Bouncing Betty is a new Demo Primary and will probably deal less damage, yet reward players for bouncing grenades into enemies, with more bounces = more damage.

The Elephant’s Foot is a primary for the Heavy, and I can’t really speculate what it does by its looks. But it’s being fed by what looks like an oil drum… Perhaps some weird synergy with the Pyro? After all, the Pyro update is just around the corner.

The Scottish Sweeper is probably my favorite on this list because it sounds and looks like it’s going to be Demo’s first non-sticky launcher, non-shield Secondary weapon! I really do hope it’s a good SMG, unlike the Sniper’s… Ya know, now I’m hoping the Sniper’s secondaries also get a buff when these are implemented.

H o l y f u c k.

Okay so the Nightwatch is obviously the new shotgun for multiple classes. Not sure if the flashlight will actually work… but if so… I wonder what that will mean. Slender maps could possibly get easier!

The Councilman looks like an Australian Ambassador’s little son, who’s mom is the Enforcer. No idea what it’ll do, but it looks great. Curious what an Australium Councilman will look like.

And the Hand Cannon is my favorite of this list, because IT’S TOTALLY A SCOUT WEAPON! Look at it! It’s in the medium-range category, has the sawed-off shotgun pump and handle, and the demonan’s weapon was in the long-range section. Sooo… my guess is like a weaker version of the Demo’s cannon for the scout. Definitely gonna try this one out right away.

This is wear stuff starts getting interesting.

The knife is obviously for Spy. I don’t really care about it.

The needle is odd. I’m wondering who it’s for. My first guess is obviously Medic but… doesn’t it seem like a Spy weapon too? But Spy already has a knife, so probably not. So if it’s for Medic, what will it do?

The Totemic Tool, oh my gosh. This could be anything. I get so giddy over Arms Race releases for the engie because we don’t just not know the stats, but we also don’t know if it actually changes the engineer’s buildings! This could give him a brand new sentry for all we know!

This is the part I really made this post to discuss. It’s so mysterious.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way - New Heavy lunchbox. Yay.

Okay, the other two items here are what have my attention. The Call Man Kit LOOKS like a Soldier secondary, but as we can see in at the top, the Engineer is holding it. Now, this could just be because the Soldier is already in the photo, but I think otherwise. I bet you it’s going to replace the Engie’s PDA or, which would be REALLY great, his Destruction Device… remote… whatever it’s called. No idea what this would do or how this would work, but DAMN am I excited AS FUCK!!

The War Widget is obviously a new PDA for the engineer. This would be the first new PDA for the engineer, ever. Now, remember how the Mini Dispenser was super popular on the Workshop and still is one of the most popular weapons? Well, maybe this could be it! If the Engie’s wrench changes his sentry, then his PDA could change his dispenser! Sadly though it seems the pictures on the buttons look like his regular buildings. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility until it’s in the game!

And lastly, these are exciting!

The Generator Cart probably is for the new Jungle map(s?), because… why not? It definitely suits the style.

The Space Cart though. This implies so much. I guarantee you this means new space maps. And possibly a revival of Bot Destruction and all things space-related in TF2. So much hype!



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Mike and Harvey

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Mike (or Harvey, or both) is the student

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Ritz’s Masterlist

So, I just wanted to update my Masterlist so that I can start organizing for all of the fics that I have planned and/or have been sitting in my drafts for quite literally months. This isn’t the final draft, per say, as I’m just setting up for when I actually start posting the fics. The final draft of sorts will have links to separate masterlists that are focused on specific genres, series, etc.

*I DO NOT tolerate ANY type of plagiarism, and I claim the right to all of my original stories and ideas. If I or someone else finds out that you’ve stolen from me, I will not hesitate to take action.*

Working on several stories as of now. Be patient dearies! Should be uploading soon! Also, pardon the dust. Great things are under construction and will be coming your way soon! ;)

Key - IP=In Progress, U=Updated frequently, New=New, Hiatus=Hiatus, C=Complete, H=Humor, NS=Not Started, F=Fluff, V=Violence, A=Angst, S=Smut, M=Other Mature themes, CO=Collab, R=Requested, GN=Gender Neutral.

  • Jungkook Legitimate Drabble Series (U)

Unlike my BTS Drabble Series, this is a series of incredibly short drabbles focusing on one particular couple’s relationship not related to the BTS Drabble Series. It is listed in the order of their first meeting to where I will end the mini series. I won’t list the genre of each drabble mainly because that’s too much work, but also because I want it to be a surprise. Try guessing by the titles maybe! :)

|  I Know You  |  Sweaty Palms  |  Guppy  |  Piggy Snorts  |  Punch Drunk on Love  |  BFF  |  Retainer  |  Hi  |  On a Whim  |  Hello, Is This Your First Time With BTS?  |  New Food, Blue Food  |  Towel  |  Couch  |  Don’t Touch Me, Please  |  Night Light  |  Blister  |  Abstinent  |  Alone  |  Endearments  |  Stay Up  |  Cuddles for Dayyyysss  |  Perv  |  Snuffles  |  Talk to Me  |  Delirious  Share  Nervous Habits  |  You Wanna Bet?  |  Dizzy  |  I Wanted to See You  |  Eat Up  |  Cold Feet  |  Netflix and Cuddles  |  Flash Flood  |  Malade  |  Playground  Spring Cleaning  |  Old Ties  |  I’d Say Come to Bed, but I Like Watching You  |  The Best Team  |  I Hate Scary Things  |  Scare War  |  A Day in the Life  |  Baby, Come Back  |  Road Hypnosis  |  Shy Shy Shy  |  Tension  |  Bunk Bed  |  Sever  |  Scars  |  Snow Day  | Hugs Are Free  |  Obsessed  |  Sentire  |  Bliss  |  Muscle  Sore  |  Hide and Seek  |  I Found Your Old Blog…  |  Lullaby  |  Promise  |  Tattoo  |  Out of the Dark  |  Reaction  |  Pillow Talk  |  Hyper  |  A Place to Call Home  |  Grand Opening  |  Kink  |  When You’re Gone  |  I’m Sorry  |  Attention  |  You’re My Anesthetic  |  Hair Cut  |  Come With Me  |  Knowing Eyes  |  White Walls  |  Hold My Hand  |  Tell Me Your Fears  |  Around the World  |  No  |  You’re My Home  |  Yes  |  Surname  |  Wedding Day Jitters  |

  • BTS Drabble Series Masterlist  (U)
  1. Taehyung -

- Intro Fic: Danger  (S) (F) (~12.5k)

- All of Me (S) (F) (IP)

   2. Jungkook -

- Intro Fic: Walking On Air (F) (S) (~7k)

- First Meeting: Stop and Stare  (F) (H) (IP)

- Moves Like Jagger (S) (NS)

   3. Jimin -

- Intro Fic: Chasing Cars  (A) (F) (~8k)

- First Meeting: Pendulum  (F) (IP)

- Peacock  (S) (H) (F) (NS)

   4. Yoongi -

- Intro Fic/First Meeting: Just One Day  (A) (F) (U)   1  |  2  |  3

- For Your Entertainment (S) (F) (NS)

   5. Hoseok -

- Intro Fic/First Meeting: Love Somebody  (F) (H) (U)  1  |  2  |  3  |  

- Talkin’ Body (S) (F) (H) (Mostly smut tho) (IP)

   6. Jin -

- Intro Fic/First Meeting: Classic (IP)  1  |  2  |  3  |  …

- International Smile (S) (H) (F) (NS)

   7. Namjoon  -

-   Intro Fic: Kiss Me Slowly  (NS)

- Dressin’ Up (S) (NS)

  • If BTS Weren’t Idols/Parallel Universe Masterlist
  1. Taehyung -

- Saved by the Bell  (U) (F) (A) (S) (M)  1  |  2  |  3  |  

     2. Jin -

-  In Good Company  (IP)  1  |  2  |  3  |  …

    3. Namjoon -

- Behind Closed Doors  (IP) 1  |  2  |  3  |  …

    4. Jungkook -

- More Than You Bargained For (NS)  1  |  2  |  3  |  …

    5. Yoongi -

- On That Note  (NS)  1  |  2  |  3  |  …

    6. Hoseok -

- Like You Mean It (NS)  1  |  2  |  3  |  …

    7. Jimin -

- After All This Time  (NS)  1  |  2  |  3  |  …

  • Esoteric (Caution: kinky shit)
  1. Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook -

-  Doctors’ Orders  (M) (S) (IP)

  • Chapter Fics:
  1. Jimin -

-  Would You Like Fries With That?  (F) (S) (H) (IP) 1  |  2  |  3  |  …

      2 . Jungkook -

- Challenge Accepted  (S) (M) (V) R (IP) 1  |  2  |  3  |  …

- Primogeniture (CO) (NS)  1  |  2  |  3  |  …

     3. Yoongi -

- Fini L’heure  (NS) 1  |  2  |  3  |  …

  • One Shots:
  1. Jungkook -

-  Begin (A) (~1k)

     2.  Taehyung -

- Honesty in Soju  (F) R (GN) (IP)

  • Other BTS Drabbles:

- How BTS would Handle a Language Barrier  (F) R (A) (U)

Jungkook | Taehyung | Jimin | Jin | Hoseok | Namjoon | Taehyung

  • BTS Reaction To…

- BTS Reaction to fan having cuts  (A) R

- BTS Reaction to crush having ADHD  (F) R

- BTS React to Ex Crying on Stage  (A) R

- BTS React to Y/N Being More Dominant  (M) R

- BTS React to S/O Having Twitter Hate  (F) R

- BTS React to Their “Bigger” S/O Feeling Insecure  (F) R

More to come!!! I’ll update as regularly as possible, but I don’t have set dates that I update :)

J/C Cutthroat Fiction Round 1 Update

Our contestants have worked hard to complete their round 1 stories which were due on September 30. I didn’t post the prompts because they weren’t my original content, but I’ll update the groups on Ao3 with them at some point.

If you’d like to read the fics, they are located here:

Here’s a reminder of the prizes on offer. Not the cat. She’s mine.

Groups Alpha and Delta had a couple of people drop out between them (not unexpected, given the work load in the competition.) But all in all we now have 13 new fics in the fandom! :)
Group Alpha: @Mia-cooper, @missmil and Hester will all be proceeding to the next round.
Group Delta: @timequaked and @coffeeinanebula will both be progressing to round 2 and will be joined by @morenita326 who had signed up as a sub.

Meanwhile Group Beta: @weary-hearted-queen, @fbismostunwanted1158, @islandoflostdreams and @joyful-voyager 
Group Gamma: @jhelenoftrek, @carlynroth, @rawkfemme and @voyagercaptainkathrynjaneway 
are waiting to find out from their judges who will be eliminated from their groups.

The judges (@pixiedane and @emmikamikatze) will be posting their decisions sometime this week and I’ll let you know how we go. 

Whatever the result, all of these fics are fantastic - our judges are in a rough position!


Rewrote the way sprite intersect handlers work to be more flexible and easier to set up.

Finishing up the scripting for the first room in the game. Insert progress noises here.

Removed some unnecessary debug.

Desired FPS is now adjustable through debug settings. Use at your own risk.

Updated documentation regarding new changes to intersection handling.

Changes to dialog system coming soon. I have a good idea.

Changed some debug keybinds around to not interfere with Steam’s default shortcuts.

Advancing through text makes cute little beep boop noises now.

Stay tuned for more updates as night progresses

Ok, so wee update on my art auction, on behalf of WCC 

Lot A - is now up to an amazing $175 - thank you! 👇🏻 ( I knew that signature would work magic)

Lot B - still holding at $40  👇🏻 ( includes the original drawing ‘Blood of my Blood’ plus prints)

Lot C - happy at $50 👇🏻 ( Original drawing Of ‘Together again at Lallybroch’ included plus prints)

There is still time to bid, if you are so inclined! It’s very easy, just DM me your bid for which Lot. 

Auction ends 6pm UK time, on September 10th ( just a random date! 😬) 

Once monies are received from winning bidders via Paypal, I shall parcel the art off and send a lovely amount of 💰 to WCC, including an additional amount from me! Thank you to everyone, who has either reblogged my original post or who has bid. You are all amazing!

Home - Part 1 of ???

[This is my first fic for this particular fandom, and the first fic I have written since my senior year in high school (2003! Wow!) Since the gang revealed how the series was supposed to end and even some long standing secrets, I wanted to write a little something about what they might have gotten up to after all was said and done. I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly had fun writing it. This will likely be a multi-parter but I apologize ahead of time that I will be slow to update as I work full time, I’m married and have lots of other responsibilities. Not to mention a mini-vacation coming up at the beginning of June. So patience is the key here. But feel free to leave me comments and let me know what you think!]

Part 1 - You are here
Part 2 - Click me!

Title: Home

Summary: They did it. They had taken back their lives and finally found peace again, but Rythian still isn’t quite satisfied. Something is missing. That something, is Home.

Characters: Zoeya, Rythian, Teep, Ravs (mention), Nilesy (mention) so far. Potentially more to come? Idk.

Pairings: Zoethian (if you don’t like it you can scroll on please - I know there has been some hate lately but yo, to each their own okay? c:)

Warnings: Cute shit. Yeah that’s right. Fluff central. May update for future chapters.

You know how all traditional fairy tales end with “Happily Ever After”, but what exactly happens “ever after”? Is the story truly over? After all, the hero or heroine must have saved the day and now everything is perfect, and happy and wonderful.

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