Unanswered Questions

I still have some questions that went unanswered in the stream. Some of them might be things that end up being nothing, or maybe they’re supposed to be obvious and I’m just dumb idk Also some of these are probably super unimportant but still just questions I have.

  • Why was Mark’s YouTube Profile Picture the old one but inverted and darkened?
  • Who was writing by candlelight in that sound clip and why?
  • Why was Mark having the chef and butler investigated? Was he just paranoid?
  • What happened to Marks body? Did it get moved to that Upside Down place?
  • What did Damien mean when he said “That asshole is walking around in my body?” (this might have been touched on and I didn’t catch it)
  • So Damien and Celine used our body to get back to the real world cause they’re bodies were like destroyed? And Dark was able to change our body to look like Damien? 
  • Wilford doesn’t obey the laws of physics in the future, is that because of his time in this house or something else?
  • Does he wear the bow tie because Damien used to wear one? (even if this isn’t confirmed I’m just gonna believe it to be true cause I want the pain)
  • Why is Wilford’s mustache pink in the future? (I like to think it’s cause it was Damien/Celine’s fav color lol)
  • How does Mark from WMK relate to the Mark in ADWM or any other instance of Mark related to Wilford and/or Dark?
  • Why did the Colonel owe Mark so much money?
  • What is our relationship with Mark? I know we were friends with Damien at University, but we didn’t know The Colonel or Celine but we did know Mark cause he invited us to the party. How do we know him well enough for him to invite us to the party?
  • So is the evil that was in the house gone now? Did it leave with Dark or is it still there as well?
  • So you still looked like you when Wilf left the room. What was his reaction when he comes back and actually sees Damien and that he is seemingly alive and well? (pain)

There might be some I’m not thinking of but these are the ones I was able to remember. 

Hello lovelies,

I’m sorry, but the next part of WMK will be a little delayed. Lamia made an unexpected appearance and I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted to last night because I went on a ghost tour.

I promise it will be posted within the next few days. Thank you for your patience.

Lots of love,

Admin Tam

anonymous asked:

Favorite on-screen chemistry? (Still just Alex)

My absolute favorite is Alexander Skarsgård and Onata Aprile in What Maisie Knew, on the set, or just in general. Those two together were just sunshine & pure joy. 

When I first read that Alex was going to be in WMK, I kept asking WHY?? Why would he be in a movie based on a book written in the 1800’s about a little girl? (I had never read the novel before.) Then this photo came out of one of their first days on set:

I was instantly floored - so ready and onboard with this movie I couldn’t wait to see it.

Then this photo:

I mean, are you kidding me with these photos? And that is just them hanging on set. 

Besides Onata being one of the cutest kids ever and instantly likable, her and Alex together were almost too much.

They were so adorable at TIFF when he held her the entire time at the Q&A after the 2nd screening and she played with his necklace there too.

Plus the NY and LA screenings

They were such a delight together regardless where they were. (Including their interviews)

Plus she loved to use him as her human jungle gym

And since I know you love Lincoln, here are a few more faves with Onata/Maisie:

anonymous asked:

What about YOUR father? Yoshihiro is really putting in the effort to protect you, are you doing anything for him this Father's Day?

It wouldn’t do much to get something for a ghost. Aside from that, I think he’s happiest being able to stay by my side.

dailyhirosekoichi  asked:

Insect? Now you're just getting petty, which I guess isn't abnormal for you. What's got those good feelings cooking up all a sudden? Did you pop one off of clipping your fingernails after a week? I guess I should mention on your death bed you admitted jacking off to the Mona Lisa's hands when you were 12.

Did I say that, now…? Well; not that it matters if you know or not. Such…human…follies are behind me.

No, Hirose.

I have simply achieved my perfect, quiet life.

anonymous asked:

Please give Killer queen at least one (1) scratch behind the ears, because KQ is a good stand who diligently helps you protect yourself everyday and they deserve to be rewarded.

Killer Queen prefers under the chin. (This is slightly weird, since I can feel it, too.)

Originally a matchmaking robot for the wealthy (old west e-harmony), K-1RA accidentally had his ability to feel switched on when taken in for maintenance one day. The effects of this were subtle at first, with the only noticeable difference seeming to be an increased ability to relate to his clients, which proved ultimately helpful in gaining more of them. With time, however, this emotional capacity seemed to run haywire, with him falling in love with his clients instead of trying to set them up with matches–more specifically, falling in love with their hands. After the urges became too much to suppress, he ended up murdering one of his clients and taking their hand as a trophy.

Knowing that he would be dismantled if he was caught, he forced his way to the underground scene and had his faceplate and defining features swapped out, replaced with parts that could be passably human, programming tampered with to make him harder to track and destroyed the ones who had helped him. Now, he blends into town, passing as a “cyborg”, and continues to murder along the outskirts as he sees fit, carefully covering his tracks along the way.

(I’m probably just gonna observe the event but here’s a design! I might jump in here and there anyway haha)