Bearing this in mind, one of the most interesting scenes – and this was a remarkably lean, gripping episode– came when individual members of the group were asked to give a description of their skills. Carol (Melissa McBride), whom we’ve seen transition from victim to killer, heroine, and tough-as-nails fighter, described herself as a former housewife, happiest when cooking and homemaking. When she spoke about how much she missed her deceased husband, Ed, it felt as if she was drawing on old, old lies – in her previous life as a subservient abused wife, it’s likely Carol used to speak about her husband in exactly the same brightly affectionate tone. The conservative, feminine clothes she chose to adopt may have made Daryl (Norman Reedus) laugh, but it was clear that we were looking at a wolf in sheep’s clothing (or at least a wolf dressed in a blouse and cardigan).
Carol’s caution – and her inability to let go of instincts honed during life on the road – were echoed by the episode’s final scenes, in which Rick’s true intentions became clear.

Richard Brody on “Wild Canaries”:

[Michael] Levine casts himself and his wife, the filmmaker Sophia Takal, in a current-day version of a screwball comedy that owes much to Woody Allen’s “Manhattan Murder Mystery.” He and Takal (who frequently act in other people’s movies as well) are accomplished but unpolished performers, and their inescapable cinematic bedhead is essential to the movie’s ideas as well as to its charm.

Stream once and destroy: 20 great TV episodes too painful to watch twice


Six Feet Under, “That’s My Dog” (2004)

The audience is offered no relief as we watch the hitchhiker beat David, make him smoke crack, and force him to suck on the barrel of the gun, among other cruelties. The unrelenting approach gives us our own taste of David’s hopeless feeling, and even loyal Six Feet Under viewers probably hesitate to experience it again

Breaking Bad, “Ozymandias” (2013)

Everything Walt sold his soul for, he loses: the love of his family, the bulk of his fortune, and even his own final sense of self-worth when he realizes—in a heartrending moment—that he’s stooped so low as to kidnap his own infant daughter. The series continued for two more episodes, but the Heisenberg myth is definitely smashed to rubble here. 

Game Of Thrones, “The Rains Of Castamere 

What makes it even more horrific is how well writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss keep the denouement hidden, only hinting at the carnage to come in the last few minutes when the band plays the cautionary House Lannister ballad that gives the episode its title, doors slowly shut, and armor is revealed on erstwhile allies. It’s the high-water mark (or blood mark as it were) of the series, and it does justice to the source material by being nearly impossible to revisit. 

Friday Night Lights, “The Son

Though the sight of Henry’s body wrecks Matt, he manages to excavate a fond, funny memory of his father and turn it into a heartfelt eulogy for a man he never knew who made him feel abandoned and unwanted. It’s a heartrending farewell, and Gilford turns in an unbelievable performance. But for anyone who has struggled to come to grips with the death of someone they wanted to get to know but never had the chance, “The Son” hits too close to home, making one viewing enough. Full hearts? Absolutely. Clear eyes? Not a chance.

Check out the full list of TV episodes too emotionally bruising, too gory, or too awkward to watch a second time at avclub.com

The Mentalist ♦ 151 Times Teresa Lisbon

1/151 | 1x01 “Pilot”

About the episode:

  • When a golf pro’s wife and her doctor are murdered in Palm Springs, the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is called in to investigate. Patrick Jane, a detective and independent consultant for CBI, uses his razor sharp skills of observation to assist a by-the-book Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon and her team (agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt) in finding the killer. The case poses a particular interest for Jane as the killer’s calling card (a red smiley face drawn with the victim’s blood) suggests it is the famed “Red John”: a serial killer who years ago murdered Jane’s wife and daughter.

Teresa Lisbon Quote:

[To Jane on the phone] “Hey. So, you might be right about this case. Might be. Thanks for the insight. No, did I say that? I’m acknowledging the fact that you might be right, that’s all. I mean, if you wanted to come back, I couldn’t stop you! Yeah, fine, I’m asking you to come back! Because … Because you’re useful to the team! No! No, I won’t say “please”. Go screw yourself.
[Lisbon then hangs up on Jane]

Fairy Tail 422

Damn it, Loke looks just hot! What made my day was how proud Loke is of his Lucy:

I just freakin’ love his blushing and his saying “My wife”. I mean, look at him! He practically fangirls over Lucy his whole appearance. It was so cute. I couldn’t stop smiling. I know, Loke is flirtatous with basically all women but everyone should know that Lucy has big place in his heart. I could feel his love for our angel ;D

I also like the new transformation power of Lucy. The dress is not the most beautiful but the new skill Lucy gained counts. That would mean she has 9 new outfits plus the signs are visible. Similiar like in the Tartarus arc with Aquarius. *sob*Aquarius*sob*

The extra:

Lyon I’m-still-hot-as-fuck-in-my-mid-20s Vastia (´ε`*)

TWD 5x12 and why Carol's arc is brilliant

Some people (not necessarily Carol fans) have stated how her story has been told and there’s nowhere new to go for her character. While that statement always makes me giggle (because how many times have we seen Rick and Daryl in repititive situations), I am absolutely thrilled that the writers have decided to add another facet to Carol’s arc. Something entirely new and yet very much in tune with her backstory and previous character development. 

Deanna says she can read people extremely well. Who else would be as capable to put on an act as Carol? Carol, the abused wife who had to live a life of pretense every day while Ed was alive. For him, for her daughter, for family, friends and neighbours. She knows how to stay invisible, underestimated, and she’s willing to assume that role again in order to be eyes and ears. 

She keeps being one of the smartest, most pragmatic, most badass members of our group, but continues this role in a fresh, unique way. I’m loving it! Her new arc is perfect and, once again, situates her as one of the key players.

Don't let the past dictate

Gif doesn’t belong to me

  • Fandom: The Hobbit
  • Pairing: Thranduil x [royal elf/wife] reader
  • Notes: Angst, anger, traumatic past, more angst, fluff
  • Request: Anonymous - Mae g’ovannen, Elvi. Would you please be so kind to write a Thranduil x [royal elf wife] reader where she is expected to publically mourn for a sailed or fallen royal family member who secretly merits her disdain for not having treated her well in the past. The wish to settle a score with this person and not being able to do this anymore, old unhealed wounds and the feeling of being the only one to testify incidents of her past make her reckless, uneasy and thin-skinned. Thranduil watches her closely and attempts to approach her, but without result. One night, after a nightmare, she leaves to go for spiders. He follows, saves and disarms her to prevent accidental injury from her pointless blade wielding at nothing. Later, he confronts her, closes her in his arms as she wants to rampage and contains her breakdown. He comforts her with his sounding voice and his protective physical presence. He listens and promises to help her overcome or cope with time what hurts her. Thank you.
  • Word count: 1260

Want to request a fic? Read the rules and FAQ first! -> [link]

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anonymous asked:

Actually your skeptic pal 'Oliveria fan' did in fact call for benedict to 'hire a hit man' to kill his wife. There are screenshots and receipts on shitbchaterssay. You can't back away from that now, so it's not slander, and I'd suggest you watch what you and your fellow skeptic friends say in the future. There are laws against incitement to personal violence, too.

Well, I didn’t say it, so I can’t be responsible for things other people say. I can only be responsible for things I say and I don’t wish anybody harm. If you can’t difference that it’s your problem. You called out the wrong blog.


Happy Birthday John Francis Bongiovi ( 02.03.1962 )

The most wonderful man who has saved me and many other people. He inspires me with his strength, will and good heart. Jon is more than a musician and an artist,he is the kind of a human everyone should be. This man is never selfish and arrogant, don’t uses his name to make something happen easy, everything he does, he does it with his heart. Spares no money, always ready to donate and help. He Builds houses for people and feed the hungry. He is thankful to his fans and he’s always nice with them. Jon respects women and their rights He is married to his wife since 1989 (  they got married secretly in Las Vegas, so romantic ) and good father to his four children. Jon make me believe in love, in my dreams and in the humanity in humans. Jon Bon Jovi never gives up no matter what and this is why now he’s a rock icon who will be remembered. Jon Bon Jovi is an angel and I can’t imagine my life and this world without him. Happy birthday Jonny, be happy! I love you forever!

                                                                                                 - Lilly