~who gives a shit~

there were other potential solutions, is all im sayin

though i was thinking while doodling these and it occurred to me that the haystack is kind of teru in a nutshell?  instead of dealing with the underlying problem he just fronts so hard that it’s obvious to an objective observer exactly what he’s overcompensating for.  and he doesn’t have anyone who gives a shit and isn’t just afraid of him to tell him honestly that he looks silly.

and now i made myself sad

My Student Scholar’s Day presentation was so much more successful than I thought it would be. Wow. I mean WOW. I know that the amount of work and care I put into things like presentations (or, really, communication in general) suggests that, yes, my work should be “good” and not “bad”. Better than those who don’t give a single shit, at the least. But the feedback I got was seriously incredible. And not just on my outfit.

Immediately after my presentation when I sat down, the physics department chair (who is also my physics major advisor and QM professor) said to me, “I’ve never seen you present before. But you really have a knack for this. Seriously. Where did you learn to do that?” I did not have an answer for him. But he again congratulated me and shook my hand. Dr. C was impressed and shook my hand. He is the professor I want to impress most! I look up to him in almost every way! He’s a theoretical quantum physicist! He’s the best professor I’ve ever had! My #1 favorite! He is amazing at communicating course material! The best presenter I know! Ahh! Even now I’m still flustered thinking about that compliment.

My research advisor followed suit and also shook my hand. But I was so surprised and fangirl-y that Dr. C was congratulating me so highly that I honestly don’t remember what my research advisor said to me in that moment. Lol.

Then I was whisked away by some nice girl with a camera who interviewed me. She asked me who I was, my major, what my research is, how I like my advisor, how I like my college, etc. That was completely unexpected so I hope I sounded competent.

Apparently my dad was chatting with the biology department head earlier and after I was taken aside, she asked him to congratulate me for her, because she was impressed. I’m surprised she remembered me because I dropped her Cell & Molecular Biology class when I decided not to do biochem anymore.

The feedback from other students was mostly generic but positive. Interpret that as you will.

I later attended the poster session so I could see my friends’ work (and get some free food). While I was there I received a lot more congratulations from various chemistry, physics, and even biology faculty.

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we need more women let’s players 

give me ladies who play shitty games and make snarky jokes

give me ladies who play games that they know so much about that they love to infodump abt the games

give me ladies who do blind LP’s and don’t know shit about the games they’re playing

give me gay ladies who play games with their girlfriends

just, more woman youtubers in general honestly,

I have always hated the Al Ghuls as Batman villains. Why the hell would a cult of assassins led by a quasi-immortal leader give two shits about a rich nutjob who dresses up like a bat? All of Batman’s other rogues make some sense, they’re normal criminals with an abnormal schtick. A psychotic clown gangster. A gangster who looks like a penguin. A gangster who wears a black mask. A cat burglar. And if they don’t fall under this label, they’re at least local threats. Ivy, Freeze, and Scarecrow all emerged in Gotham, and never spread any further thanks to Batman.

Nothing about the Al Ghuls makes them a logical threat to Batman, why the fuck would they even remotely give a shit about this guy? And assuming they did, why is Batman a threat to them? He’s an incredible fighter but most of the league of assassins are just as well trained, if not better. And Ra’s has centuries of combat experience with none of the logical hang ups that should entail. There’s literally no logic to why the Al Ghuls should give a shit about Batman

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What would be the positive and negative implications of having the AR in .308 as the standard issue rifle of the us military?

Who gives a shit? We’re not going to see it. .308 is too heavy from a supply perspective. I highly doubt we’re ever going a standard issue rifle that fires a full length rifle round again.

awkward when i call my sideblog my “overwatch blog” when in reality it’s 90% esports, sorry @everyone who’s following me there who doesn’t give a shit abt korean overwatch teams you can unfollow me if you want I swear to god i dont care bc i dont expect anyone to interact w/ the posts anyway HSDHFJJDK

common depiction of angelica schuyler & aaron burr’s friendship: ideal business partners, mutual respect, never talk down to each other, angelica Supports aaron a lot, cinnamon rolls. 

ideal depiction of angelica schuyler & aaron burr’s friendship: Vitriolic Best Buds, you’ll think they hate each other, aaron sends her a winky face and fake dick pick of the “biggest black cock” he could find on google, angelica answers with the nude of a light skinned woman (probs her current gf, she asked permission) saying “this is how you make me feel baby ;)))” and when burr mocks about the skin tone change Angelica sends a picture of her “renewed feelings”, which is just a picture of her middle finger. They do support each other though, they just won’t tell it to each other’s faces a lot. complete and absolute sinnamon rolls, to this point they aren’t sure why they are friends but who gives a shit. not them. 

hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

badass, accomplished, intelligent leader Lance who is strong in his own right and doesn’t need to be coddled and doesn’t take shit from others AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM AND RESPECT HIM


*hysterical laughing in the distance*

psa: as a brown gay trans and certified LGBT™ i think ace people belong in the broader LGBT+ community. 
NO they dont face all the same issues if theyre het romantic and definitely shouldnt speak over the rest of us. obviously. 
However there ARE shared issues so ace people should be able to stand with the rest of us and be able to have a voice when it comes to issues they also face. And have a space in specific areas that relate to them as well. (specifically around educational issues is what i think of the most but others as well). 

also like tbh a lot of the discourse that occurs on tumblr relating to ace things is literally only occurring on tumblr like… almost all the older (and brown) lgbt people who are quite active in the community ive talked to all dont care at all that ace people are now considered part of the community. if anything many of them are happy that theres another minority among us like ‘oh cool! nice!’ 

its literally just an issue on the internet among young teenagers who are saying shitty things to each other. None of the older members worry about “straights invading gay spaces” like thats… not an issue in the broader community? Thats only a fear on tumblr from what ive seen. sooo 

ya thats my two cents as a certified brown member of the LGBT™ community. 

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Did you and Rumlow have a sexual relationship?

since brock rumlow is a helicarrier-sized douchecanoe, and there is mercy in the universe, no. we did not.
please. i do have some taste.

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy