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FFXV WEEK – 8/16 | DAY FOUR – Ravus Nox Fleuret
——- >>> What We Will Never Know (insp.)


I finally read Boys at long last bc it seemed like a fandom favorite everyone and their goldfish read, and man. For being originally posted in 2008, it stands up to the sands of time and is done so wonderfully. It really encompasses everything in a realistic way with wonderfully flawed, human characters written as realistic teenagers/young adults as well as portraying so many of the aesthetics and characterizations the fandom had pre-Days that slowly disappeared over time. 
A lot of the references to what was happening in the 90s and culture in itself went over my head, but for the most part those aren’t utterly detrimental. I also found the timeflow to be a little strange, as it felt like it was taking place over months, but it does work as drama in your life as a teenager feels like 70 years.

Goddamn, if you like a novel-long read about some queer kids in the 90s with issues they’re slowly figuring out, then by all means please read it. Possibly the best fic I’ve read in this fandom, and I’m glad I read it now as opposed to as the little 13 year old I was when it came out because I wouldn’t have been able to grasp so much of the stuff in it. I would read the warnings on the fic, as there is drug use, alcohol use, violence, (rather vague and more emotionally perceptive) sex, teenagers being shitty, and so on.

Anyway, enjoy a shitton of art of various scenes, hope nothing’s really all that spoiled for you (I tried to avoid drawing spoilers!)

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