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Mega Rick and morty fanart post!!! can you believe that all this is just my second time drawing them ever???? yeah! first time i drew them was like two years ago??? Currently I’m trying to get used to drawing him and explore how to represent them!



Moffat Appreciation Week Day Two: Favourite Theme: There is always a way out.

“Why does the Doctor always survive?”

“Because he always assumes he’s going to win. He always knows there’s a way to survive. He just has to go and find it.”

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Trigger warnings: Cursing, a really crude Virgil, oblivious bois

A/N: This took me like two hours to write but it was still really fun and sweet. Hope you like it! @pattson

Virgil was going to lose his goddamn mind.

Patton seemed content enough. The four of them were just chilling in the living room, Virgil curled up in Patton’s lap in the armchair. Roman sat on the couch with his sketchpad, Logan sitting at his feet with a thousand piece puzzle.

It had started twenty minutes ago. Roman had casually leaned forward to show Logan what he was working on, and they started murmuring to each other. Virgil glanced up from his phone, gazing at them flatly.

They were so dense.

Roman subconsciously brought a hand up to Logan’s shoulder as they talked over the drawing, gently rubbing. Logan leaned back into him.

After about five minutes of this, Roman groaned and dropped the sketchpad on the couch. “I need a break.” He draped his arms over Logan’s shoulders and nuzzled into his neck.

That was twenty minutes ago. They hadn’t moved, and Logan was still working on his puzzle, but he had to poorly stifle giggles any time Roman nuzzled into his neck.

Virgil rolled his eyes, leaning back into Patton’s chest. “Morons,” he mumbled.

Patton giggled. “Leave them alone.”

Roman looked up and narrowed his eyes. “Problem, Stormcloud?”

He raised an eyebrow. “When are you guys gonna-?”

“Virgil, leave them alone,” Patton scolds.

He snorts. “Yeah, alright.”

The next morning, Virgil was already awake when Roman came down the stairs. Roman frowned, watching the way Virgil stared lifelessly into his coffee.

“Didn’t sleep?”

Virgil shrugged. “Maybe three hours?”

He held back a smile, and took away Virgil’s mug. He dumped the cold coffee down the sink and started brewing a new one.

“What’re you doin’ today?” Virgil mumbled, folding his arms over the table and resting his head on them. “Fucking Logan yet?”

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Ok I’m so confused and I’m also lazy so can someone please explain?

What the hell is middle school?

Because we have primary school and we have high school and then your out.

To be more specific (in my school which is a community college, so that is KP to year 12 plus a farm in one campus in Australia)

KP (starts around age 4 or 5)

  • Kindergarten
  • Pre-primary

Primary school

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6

High school

  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11
  • Year 12

Year 7 is that weird year where you move up to the ‘high school’ area but a lot of things are still very similar to primary school and you’re mostly kept away from the high schoolers

But yeah, I don’t understand the American schooling system at all, the English school system sounds closer to what we have but I still don’t know

I’m just confused guys


Also.. what the hell is college? I always thought it was our equivalent to tafe which is another option if you didn’t want to go to uni.

But it’s not.

I am the confused

troiing  asked:

here's a story full of hope and light: you didn't win without a fight

For most of Hecate’s life, love (or what she thought was love) was something that had to be earned. Something she worked for. It was fleeting and conditional - on how quiet she was, how successful, how reserved. How well she followed rules or instructions or tradition. 

When she meets Pippa, she learns for the first time that affection (she doesn’t dare call it love) doesn’t have to be fleeting. It can last for years. It can last through good times and bad. She learns that even when she makes mistakes, Pippa stays. When she snaps, or when she’s too quiet, or when she pushes back, Pippa stays, and stays, and stays. 

But even still, she knows (or thinks she knows) that it’s still dependent on the status quo. Pippa’s friendship depends on Hecate following certain rules, certain boundaries, and falling in love (what she knows is real, deep love) breaks all of them. Will break them apart if she lets it, so she doesn’t. She leaves, with the memory of Pippa’s fond smile and the battered remains of her heart, because she can’t bear to see that affection (nothing more) fade away. A clean break, she thinks, is what she needs. What they both need. 

Except it’s been thirty years, and she still feels the same when Pippa smiles. Still feels the same warmth that spreads through her chest when Pippa touches her arm or hand; still feels dizzy when Pippa stands too close; still feels, and feels, and feels, and can’t stop no matter how hard she tries. 

She does the only thing she knows how to do - she runs. Far and fast and away. It feels ridiculous, sometimes, to run away from the fear of losing something she never had. But it’s better than the alternative, better than falling without a net, because she doesn’t realize (doesn’t understand) that Pippa’s been waiting for her to jump all these years. 

But despite what Hecate thinks, Pippa’s love isn’t conditional - it’s vast and all consuming and this time when Hecate runs she follows, shows up in the dead of night at Hecate’s door and tells her it doesn’t matter how hard she pushes, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, nothing, nothing you can say or do will make me leave you. Not again. 

Hecate knows at this point it isn’t bravery, but self-destruction that makes her say, I love you. I always have. 

Pippa knows it isn’t bravery, but hope that makes her say, I love you, too. I always will. 

[ send me a made up fic title and I’ll write you a thing ]

Some real chill PMA ukulele noodling around song thing I wrote. Literally based it on Positive Mental Attitude because I have nothing else in my brain rn and I love our community a whole bunch so. Have all my hopes and aspirations <3 @therealjacksepticeye even if you never see this - thank you for having such a positive message!!!! 

I know this song isn’t 100% accurate for me yet but I’m taking little steps to get there. I’m even training my dog to be a therapy dog so I can take her to uni with me once term starts back!!!! 

LYRICS AND TAGS BELOW - If you would like to be tagged in future songs please let me know :)))) 

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