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Context: The party is trying to talk to a Vampire who was stealing from a Morgue. The Paladin has spent the entire time arguing they should just kill them. These conversations, or something like them, followed.

Rogue: Why are you stealing dead bodies?

Vampire: (Deadpan) You mean besides needing to drink blood to stay sane? (Pause) Because I’m in debt to the necromancer mob, and they asked me to find more bodies.

Paladin (ooc): They could have just paid back the debt.

GM (Me): That’s not how the mob works, you don’t get out of debt, you die trying.

Rogue (ooc): Is that how they became a Vampire?

GM: You also notice they've got a slave tattoo branded into their flesh.

Monk (ooc): You see, we can’t kill a slave!

Paladin (ooc): (Deadpan) Yes we can.



Wow guys I love how Joseph’s route ends with him coming to terms with being gay and acknowledging that his relationship with his wife is mutually destructive & that they’d both be much happier going their separate ways. Love how Joseph’s storyline is about him reconciling his sexuality with his faith and not about how he’s a lying cheating scumbag who fools around with men and may or may not be a literal demon haha :)

the newest chapter of ES2 is the most confusing shit I’ve encountered in my entire life. what the fuck were all these people rambling about with the endless and the random ass letters and all these confusing ass names, what the fucks up with the kid waving at us goodbye when leaving la huerta, what the fuck you mean we’re all going to some island surrounded by fish that’ll eat anything, no questions asked, what the fuck you mean we just found grace and raj chilling and eating coconuts and shit, what the fuck was up with the pirate lady sailing up here like it’s no one’s business in some lil weird ass boat, what the fuck even happened this chapter I’m so lost

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This is a really stupid thought so sorry in advance lol, but… because they’re showing Tomstar flashbacks (at least I think they’re flashbacks?), what if the reason they’re bringing up how they dated is because something happened between Tom and Star which causes Marco to get jealous and that’s how he develops feelings for her?